Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter Review

December 5, 2021
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Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converte


Review Summary

Eureka’s Ultra Slim Portable Standing Desk Converter packs a sturdy X-Lift frame and silent lift mechanism into an easy-to-move device designed for laptops.

Best Use

When you’re only going to be using a laptop, and not for very long stints.

MSRP / List Price $149
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1 year warranty

Lift Type

X-Lift, unlimited height stops

Colors Available




Monitor Arm Mounting Options


Adjustment Range

Height range: 1.5″-16″

Weight Capacity

20 lbs


Main Work Surface: 30″W x 17.8″ D
Base: 24 10/16″ W x 13 14/16″ D

Product Weight

22.1 lbs

Shipping Weight

28 lbs.

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Convenient carrying handle for moving around your home or office, silent adjustment (no latching noises like competitors), unlimited stops within its height range, sturdy work surface, solid construction
Negatives Only accommodates laptops, low maximum height (16”) will work for users up to about 6’ 3”

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to single platform standing desk converters designed for laptops, the Eureka Portable is that crème de la crème contender. The sturdiest and the most sophisticated lift mechanism, Eureka Portable will keep you working comfortably all around the house or office. Its X-Lift is silent and stops at any point within its height range (as opposed to a limited number of preset height stops). A convenient carrying handle makes it easy to take into the kitchen, the living room, and back to your office. Overall our review staff was blown away by the quality of the design and construction for a product at this price point, and dubbed it the Expert's Choice for the single platform converter category.


[Editors’ Update: Due to impact from Coronavirus and supply chain disruption in China this product is sadly no longer available. We leave the original review intact here for posterity, and in the hope that Eureka is able to restore its production capabilities in the future. See our comprehensive review of the best standing desk converters for other options.]

Before we dive into the review, we should note that the manufacturer, Eureka Ergonomic Design Studios, stands apart as being uniquely capable of quickly designing and manufacturing office products. This is because 1) their parent company Designa owns a state-of-the-art robotic manufacturing plant in China, and 2) they have a large staff of talented, innovative engineers pioneering new production methods. They move from product conception to production at a rapid pace—faster than perhaps anyone else in the industry. In short time they have become a major player in the world of office fitness, producing standing desks, sit-stand converters, and gaming desks at every price level, with a plethora of exclusive features and ergonomic accessories.

The Eureka Ultra Slim Portable standing desk converter in this review is one of nine standing desk converter models Eureka produces. Along the price spectrum it is the least expensive, entry-level model, immediately below the Eureka New Generation ($249). You can see our round-up of all the Eureka standing desk converters for more details on each model.

Single Platform Work Surface Ideal for Laptops

The Eureka Ultra Slim Portable is the simplest design of all the Eureka standing desk converters we’ve reviewed. It is also the least expensive, at $149. What separates the Ultra Slim from other models is that it has a single platform work surface (with no separate keyboard tray) and doesn’t accommodate monitor arms. It is designed to simply hold a laptop on its single surface. And while most of the other converters in the line-up are light enough to move from one desk to another adjacent desk, this one has a built-in handle and is light enough to move frequently to just about anywhere.

Eureka Ultra Slim

Most other standing desk converters (especially Z-Lifts, X-Lifts, and Hovers) feature two surfaces, one for your keyboard and mouse, and another main work surface for your monitors as well as any accessories like cups, paper, and pencils. This way, you can use an external keyboard tray and mouse while keeping your monitor on a higher plane above, closer to your eye level. Generally, these are superior ergonomic devices, especially when you add a monitor arm; monitor arms keep your monitors precisely positioned and your hands at a comfortable typing angle.

Where a single platform model like the Eureka Ultra Slim can add value is for short bursts of standing during the day, when you aren’t spending too much time looking down at your screen. By injecting a few more 20 minute standing sessions into your day, you’ll benefit from improved energy, and you’ll be taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle. These single platform models sometimes offer better portability, but none are designed as well as the Eureka Ultra Slim.

Portable, Slim Design

We were impressed with how compact the Eureka Ultra Slim Portable model is when it’s lowered to its minimum height. It folds down to 1.5 inches tall so it’s still usable in the sitting position on most desks, but it’s also light enough that you can simply remove it from the desk and stow it efficiently when you’re not standing. The work surface is 30” wide and 17.8” deep, and the entire unit weighs 22 lbs—so you will have to exert a little bit of effort to move it around the house or office, but nothing an average user won’t be able to handle. For home users, it will be easy to move the unit between the dining room, the kitchen, or the family room during work-from-home days. For office users, you can have a standing desk workstation with you while traveling, at a hot desk, or just for use in common areas like conference rooms.

Eureka Ultra Slim

Quiet, Space-Saving Lift Mechanism

Never before have we seen single platform standing desk converter with a lift mechanism as robust as the one from the Eureka Ultra Slim. It has a X-Lift adjustable height mechanism that helps you make the most of any space, raising and lowering up-and-down almost silently by simply squeezing and releasing the locking handles. To unlock, just squeeze the left handle once until the brake disengages with a click; then you can adjust the work surface height. Once the left-side handle is released, the desk will be locked again immediately, avoiding any unwanted shifting, wobbling or crashing.

Curiously, while the unit has two handles only the left one releases and activates the braking mechanism. The other handle does as much as the Close Doors button on an elevator, it’s there for aesthetic balance and to make it feel more natural to raise and lower the surface with both hands, but it isn’t actually connected to the brake mechanism in any way and the desk still moves up and down smoothly without squeezing the right paddle. This shows how much thought Eureka’s industrial design engineers put into creating a friendly user experience. Again, not something we’ve seen before on any other single-handle converter, and we’ve seen a lot of them.

As an X-Lift standing desk converter, the Ultra-Slim lifts straight up-and-down, instead of arcing into your work area like Z-Lifts do. Its compactness makes it better for standing in tight spaces around the house, like the kitchen or living room. It also is very near silent during operation so as not to disturb coworkers (a problem we identified with the Stand Steady X-Elite Pro). In contrast to the Varidesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation, it can stop at literally any point within its height range, instead of being limited to a certain number of preset stops. This way you can pinpoint your precise ergonomic standing height. With a maximum height of 16” while standing, the Ultra Slim works well for users up to about 6’3” tall.

Smooth, Durable, and Stable Work Surface

This model features a durable textured matte black finish with ergonomic incline to provide the best top coating to areas most commonly susceptible to scratches or damage. The work surface also has a comfortable feel and is stain resistant (doubling as a TV dinner tray for added value!). The work surface and design is miles apart from the chintzy-looking Varidesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation (which we nicknamed the “ironing board”) and the noisy Stand Steady X-Elite Pro; the Ultra Slim is also less expensive than either of these models (at $149). Its base includes anti-slip foot pads to keep the converter in place, which comes in handy while traveling.

The Takeaway

It’s unprecedented to see such a high-end lift mechanism on a single platform standing desk converter. If you’re committed to buying a portable unit for use with your laptop alone, this is the best product we’ve seen in the category. At $149, it’s a much better value than its competitors, and at 22 lbs it is built to last. While we might wish it were a little lighter frankly we wouldn’t trade the durability, stability and attractiveness of this solid design just to save a few pounds.

That being said, for $99 more, you can jump up a level to the New Generation model that includes a keyboard tray and monitor arm compatibility for better ergonomics and a healthier standing experience in the long run. The decision really comes down to what your specific needs are, how much space you have, and what your budget looks like. This product could be invaluable to workers who travel frequently or move about in their homes, but for those in traditional offices and work stints we’d recommend move up the product line to something with more ergonomic accommodations.

If you’re looking for a converter that is larger and compatible with monitor arms, we’d suggest reading our Top Standing Desk Converters round-up review to find a workstation that suits your needs. If you’re set on using a product from Eureka, the 36” Gen2 Standing Desk Converter and Electric Sit-Stand Desk are fantastic options for a more traditional office working environment.

And to make sure you’re getting the most out of your converter, check out the iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for standing desk converters. It’s the first kit on the market designed specifically for standing desk converters.


  • Product Color: Black
  • Product Size: 30.00 W × 16.00 H × 17.80 L
  • Product Weight: 22.10 LBS
  • Weight Capacity: 20 LBS
  • Portable, folds up to 1.5″ minimum, extends to 16″ maximum


This product is backed by a 1-year warranty. That said, our staff engineers were very impressed with the mechanism and materials used in the Ultra-Slim and do not see the 1-year warranty as any reflection on the expected life span of the product.


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