MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter Review

December 5, 2021
  • Forensic Review

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Review Summary

MountIt is primarily a brand for low-cost wall mounts and monitor arms. Its latest standing desk converters are similarly inexpensive, but we urge strong caution before purchasing. Quality issues and design problems abound. The 48” Corner is impaired by a puzzling gap between the keyboard tray and your tabletop while in the seated position, among other issues.

MSRP / List Price $ 210
Street Price

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MountIt comes with a 5 year warranty on all parts

Lift Type

Z-Lift frame

Colors Available

Black, White


Wood and steel

Monitor Arm Mounting Options


Adjustment Range

Height range: 6.75″-16.5″

Weight Capacity

33 lbs.

Number of Monitors Supported

2 x 27″


Work Surface: 48″ W x 33″ D
Keyboard Tray: 39.5″ W x 7.5″ D
Base: 26″ W

Product Weight

54 lbs.

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Expert Rating
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Most inexpensive corner desk converter we’ve reviewed
Negatives Very short maximum height (16.5”), keyboard tray does not rest flush with tabletop surface in the seated position (large 1 ¾” gap), requires time-consuming assembly, weak counterbalance mechanism makes it difficult to lift heavy monitors, unit may slide around on tabletop while lifting with heavy monitors, only 8 preset height settings

Bottom Line

The MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter may be tempting due to its low price point, but you’ll likely be buying a replacement in a few months’ time. A series of fatal flaws include a large 1 ¾” gap between your keyboard tray and your tabletop in the seated position, making typing highly uncomfortable. A weak counterbalance mechanism makes lifting heavy monitors nearly impossible, and the unit is reported to slide around your tabletop while lifting. We highly recommend exploring other low-cost options, including Eureka’s 28” Corner model.

MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter Review

Editor’s Note: The following is a “forensic” review. We have not yet had the opportunity to test the MountIt Corner in our labs. As soon as we are able to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product or learn new information about it, we will update this review. Learn more about our review process in Anatomy of a Review.

Deep Corner-Shaped Work Surface

The MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter is a corner standing desk converter, and that means it is designed to fit in the corner of your desk surface. Its worksurface is angled towards the back, which means it can rest farther back into the corner of your desk, saving work space. Corner desk converters often have deeper worksurfaces than other models, and the MountIt Corner is no exception; including the keyboard tray, it comes to 33” deep, which is an advantage for those with large monitors. Creating more distance between you and your monitors can make for more comfortable screen-viewing.

Z-Lift Mechanism

The MountIt Corner 48” is also a Z-Lift model, which means its lift mechanism takes the shape of a “Z” when raised. We’ve reviewed a MountIt Z-Lift before and didn’t have very positive things to say. Unfortunately, this model suffers a similar fate; the least expensive of all the corner standing desk converters we’ve reviewed, the MountIt Corner is also the poorest performing.

MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter Lift Mechanism
As a Z-Lift, the MountIt Corner Desk Converter arcs towards the user as it raises to standing height. It is limited to 8 height settings.

Troubling Design Issues

We have a few main gripes about the MountIt Corner (which are echoed by customers from Amazon). First, the keyboard tray does not rest flush with the desk surface in the seated position. In fact, there is an enormous 1 ¾” gap between the bottom of the keyboard tray and the desk surface. This gap means you have to lift your arms and angle them up to type on the keyboard tray. Needless to say, this is terrible ergonomic posture and will lead to serious wrist strain and potential repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) over time. To compensate for the gap, you’ll have to raise your chair up higher than normal. Raising your chair up may bring your feet up off the ground, and this creates a new set of postural problems.

MountIt Corner Desk Converter - Gap
Notice in the seated position how there is a large gap between the bottom of the keyboard tray and the desk surface.

Second, the lift mechanism (which is a gas-assisted lift with 8 preset height stops) has a weak counterbalance force. This may sound like technical jargon, but a weak counterbalance force has practical consequences. While the advertised lift capacity is 33 lbs., this is misleading; it does not work with the same efficiency at 10 lbs. As it does at 25 lbs. When you stack heavy monitors on the surface (or a dual monitor arm), the lift mechanism does not help you lift much of the weight. You’re stuck hoisting up nearly the full weight of the unit on your own.

To make matters worse, since the frame is a Z-Lift, you have to lean over the unit to lift it up and outwards. This motion causes you to lean over the unit, lifting with your back to raise it to standing position. Ironically, the device you bought to help your back problems will in fact exacerbate them. Users have also complained that while lifting with heavy monitors, the unit has a tendency to slide around on the desk surface, forcing you to stabilize it and reposition it each time you move to the standing position. We’ve seen this sliding effect before on the Halter desk converter. The moral of the story is that these cheap quality desk converters aren’t able to handle heavy weight like their higher quality counterparts. If you’re using dual monitors or a large single monitor, we highly recommend looking at sturdier units.

MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter
A weak counterbalance force makes the unit difficult to lift with heavy monitors on top.

Lengthy Assembly Process

The last gripe we want to mention about the MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter is the fact it requires assembly, and not quick assembly. Most desk converters arrive pre-assembled straight out of the box. Those that do not, like the Flexispot Classic series, only require attaching the keyboard tray. The MountIt Corner, on the other hand, requires substantial assembly; it took one customer an hour to put together. For the price, perhaps customers are willing to go through this lengthy assembly, but even other inexpensive corner units, like the one from Eureka in this price range, are completely pre-assembled, and, we should add, built to much higher standards. It also weighs a whopping 54 lbs. so make sure you have a helper while you’re going through the installation process.

The Takeaway

Overall, we cannot recommend the MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter. While tempting due to its low price, there are too many mechanical issues and design problems to warrant a purchase. A quick perusal of reviews on Amazon reveals that customers are upset with 1) the awkward gap between the keyboard tray and the desk surface, 2) the difficulty in raising/lowering the unit, and 3) the fact assembly is required, and quite a pain to complete. If you’re looking for a quality low-cost corner desk converter, we recommend checking out our comprehensive round-up review of the best corner desk converter units.

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MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter Specs



The MountIt Corner Standing Desk Converter is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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