Kangaroo Sit Stand Workstation Review

January 1, 2023
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Kangaroo Sit Stand Workstation with Optional Side Extensions


Review Summary

The Kangaroo sit stand workstation can’t be beat for convenience. A wide range of style and price options round out this product line. It’s easy to set up, has precision monitor and worksurface adjustment, features a variety of optional upgrades, and is the most stable workstation we’ve reviewed. We’d fully recommend going down under if you’re after a sit stand workstation.

MSRP / List Price $ 499
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Kangaroo products ship in 3 – 4 weeks


Kangaroos come with a decent warranty – 5 years for their steel frames, and two years for the rest of the ‘Roo.

Lift Type

Gas-Assisted Manual Lift

Sizes Available

Kangaroo: 28″ W x 24″ D
Kangaroo Jr.: 24″ W x 18″ D

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives One of the few options that actually allows a user to convert a regular sitting desk into a sit-stand workstation. No installation necessary, Kangaroo risers simply sit on top of an existing desk. Independent monitor and keyboard platform adjustment makes this one of the most ergonomic desktop riser options.
Negatives The stabilizing removable leg is a sadly necessary evil – it’s less than aesthetically pleasing, and a little irritating, but definitely helps keep the Kangaroo from rocking too much.

Bottom Line

Rock solid and steady, the Kangaroo is a strong contender among desktop risers. Its unbeatable combination of high adjustability, remarkable lifting strength, and unbeatable stability, raises the bar for desktop risers. Its relatively low entry price, coupled with fantastic performance specs and its wide variety of available options, makes it a compelling choice for users of almost any need and budget.

The Sit Stand Workstation

Kangaroo Sit Stand Workstation with Optional Side Extensions

With the growing body of research demonstrating the dangers of too much sitting, more and more employers are seeing the benefits of giving their workers the option to stand while they work. Stand up desks have long been the most effective tool to encourage employees to get out of their chair, but few offices have the time and labor to replace all of their desks.

The sit stand workstation, which converts existing fixed-height desks to standing heights, is an easy alternative to a brand new desk. However, these devices, also known as desktop risers, are not without their own disadvantages. Most obvious is the relatively smaller work surface. Stability is also a concern: When compared to the rigidity of both standing and fixed-height desks, these smaller devices have a greater tendency to shake as you type on them. An exception to this rule is Ergo Desktop’s Kangaroo. This sit stand workstation offers a wealth of customization options that modify the available work space, and presents its own ingenious solution to a more stable work surface.

Set it Down, Raise it up

It really is that easy. Out-of-box assembly is fairly simple, and installation is as easy as setting the Kangaroo down on a suitable desktop, where a solid, non-scratch base provides a nice compromise between heft and desk preservation. For a more hands-off process, the Kangaroo can also be shipped fully-assembled, so you’re ready to start your new standing lifestyle right out of the box. Once installed, the Kangaroo’s keyboard and monitor platforms rely on gas-assisted springs and a little bit of human intervention to slide up and down to appropriate heights.

The Kangaroo’s shape is specially optimized for corner desks and cubicles. Both its base and work surface are trapezoidal, to better fit into a workspace’s corners. The steel base has a smaller footprint than the work surface, so you can maintain as clear an area on your desk as possible. Its central adjustment column, positioned in the back, is likewise unobtrusive and won’t get in the way during use. And with its 28″ x 24″ work surface, the Kangaroo provides plenty of its own space for your work.

Kangaroo Adjustable Desk Stabilization Leg
Kangaroo sit stand workstation stabilization leg

Adjustability is where the Kangaroo really shines. Its 16″ adjustment range allows users of nearly any height to work comfortably between sitting and standing. Also, Kangaroo sit-stand risers have independently moving monitor mounts, unlike the Varidesk, which doesn’t come with any monitor mounts, or the Winston Workstation, whose monitors are fixed in place on the mounting column. And oh my does this extra bit of mobility help. We always recommend pairing an adjustable height desk with a mobile monitor arm. The reason? If you’re going to work ergonomically, then you need a good bit of space between display and keyboard. One old office hack to solve this is to type with your keyboard in your lap – but that’s not exactly feasible for standing workers. The Kangaroo lets you find the perfect amount of space between monitor and keyboard, protecting your wrists and neck from strain.

Also impressive is the Kangaroo’s lift capacity, which can support monitors up to 34lbs. We don’t expect most users to need that kind of lifting power, but it’s a reliable indication of the Kangaroo’s capabilities.

Sit stand workstations, particularly ones that rely on an adjusting column in the back, have a tendency to shake as you apply force to the work surface. It’s an inconvenience we’ve noticed on the Winston Workstation, the Humanscale Quickstand, and the Workfit-A. Kangaroo’s solution is to prop the front edge of its work surface with an adjustable stabilization leg. This support does add an extra step to the adjustment process, and it certainly isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done more than any other riser on the market. With the stabilization leg installed, we could even lean on the work surface without worrying about the cup of coffee resting on top.

We would advise some caution to the truly tall. Older complaints that the Kangaroo couldn’t be used by anyone over 6’2″ are a little outdated – new ‘Roos can stretch unmodified for anyone up to 6’5″. Taller than that? Never fear, a separately sold keyboard riser can get everything shipshape.

Sit-Stand Workstations of All Sizes

Ergo Desktop’s product line is comprised of a wide variety of offerings for users with different needs. Most users will find that the standard Kangaroo model will work well for them – it’s basic, full-featured, and an extremely solid product. Upgrading to a Kangaroo Pro nets you a swiveling VESA mount for your monitor, which is a more secure mounting method than the standard ‘Roo’s monitor shelf. And the Kangaroo Elite will leverage you dual monitor capability on swiveling VESA mounts, with each monitor adjusting independently. But why stop there if you can add another monitor to the total, and make it three with the Kangaroo Tri-Elite?

There’s even an option for a hybrid solution, called the Hybrid Kangaroo, which combines a laptop platform with a VESA monitor mount so you can use your laptop screen as a second monitor. And if smaller is better for you, you can try one of the junior options, but they carry less weight than their larger siblings. If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and want the most lifting capacity, (not to mention an extra dose of panache), Ergo Desktop offers a motorized Electric Kangaroo which, among other upgrades, can lift up to 150 lbs!

Ergo Desktop also offers a variety of accessories for ‘Roo-lovers. Keyboard extensions are available for both standard and junior models, and increase the work surface’s depth. Detachable side work surfaces, each 11.5″ square, can greatly expand working area. wherever you want, and extra stabilization legs can help keep these new add-ons secure. And don’t worry Mac users: Ergo Desktop has a Kangaroo for you! Mac-compatible Kangaroos (called MyMac’s) come in both standard and pro options.

And to make sure you’re getting the most out of your converter, check out the iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for standing desk converters. It’s the first kit on the market designed specifically for standing desk converters.

Price Options

Kangaroo Height Adjustable Desk Price
Kangaroo Elite: Dual VESA Mounts
28″x24″ Worksurface
Kangaroo Pro: Single VESA Mount
28″x24″ Worksurface
Kangaroo Pro Junior: Single VESA Mount
24″x18″ Worksurface
Dual Kangaroo: Dual Laptop Surfaces
28″x24″ Worksurface
Kangaroo: Single Laptop Surface
28″x24″ Worksurface
Kangaroo Junior: Single Laptop Surface
24″x18″ Worksurface
Hybrid Kangaroo: Side-by-Side VESA and Laptop Surface
28″x24″ Worksurface
MyMac Kangaroo: Designed for iMac (27″) and Cinema Display (27″)
28″x24″ Worksurface
MyMac Kangaroo Pro: Designed for iMac (24″, 27″), Cinema Display (24″,27″,30″), and Thunderbolt
28″x24″ Worksurface
Kangaroo Accessory Price
Keyboard Extension for Junior Models $59.00
Ergo Bubble Mat $37.00
Detachable Side Work Surfaces $29.00
VGA Monitor Extension Cable $13.00
Stabilization Leg $25.00
100x200mm VESA Mount Adapter Plate $29.00


Kangaroos also come with a decent warranty – 5 years for their steel frames, and two years for the rest of the ‘Roo.


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  • Kent October 20, 2015

    I have the Wallaroo and am very happy with it. Plus, the customer service at Ergo Desktop was superb. They answered my questions promptly by email and also on the phone. A part was omitted in the original package and they overnighted it to me with a letter of apology. Very professional operation.
    The transition from sitting to standing is very smooth and easy. I got the Wallaroo instead of the Kangaroo Pro (difference is easy adjustments to monitor height) since I did not think that adjustment was worth the extra cost. Have not been disappointed in my choice.
    The Wallaroo has the same pivot and swivel for the monitor that is on the Kangaroo Pro, a feature I do use.

    A great product.

  • Mike June 6, 2014

    I’m very impressed with Kangaroo Hybrid Ergo standing desk and service quality. From the first contact to full setup it’s been brilliant.
    I emailed questions and got timely, informative replies. I requested the build be done by the company and when I received it I was up and running in no time.
    The quality is really impressive. I was doubtful of how sturdy this would be when in the standing position but with the support leg it’s great. Steel/aluminum/wood all great quality.
    I have the Hybrid and love having the laptop and extra screen.
    I don’t like standing all the time and the transition from sitting to standing is quick and easy.I also especially like that it slides around and can be moved to other desks in my house.
    A great product and worth the money. I spend a lot of time on a computer with my job and this gives me great flexibility.
    Great quality product and fantastic customer service.

  • Nikki February 12, 2014

    I’m very pleased with my Kangaroo desktop. I love that I still have the ability to sit occasionally and more importantly, that I can rotate my screen to face visitors in my office.

    The adjustment is very smooth and doesn’t require a lot of effort if you put push on the rear base, as described in the instructions.

    Unfortunately, I cannot pivot my screen up and down without using a tool. So, the rotation and movement of this system is a little less flexible than your standard monitor mount.

    The desk is sturdy and I never worry about loading it up with phone, work supplies, coffee mug, etc. FYI: I always use my stability arm, just to be safe.

    The artificial wood surface is appealing and it blends in well with my desk.

    Although it’s pricey, this is worth the splurge if you want a controvertible desk. I would gladly purchase one again, if necessary.