Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand Review

October 17, 2022
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Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Stand


Review Summary

If you want to have the option to stand while working but don’t have a large budget, this laptop stand is an intermediate solution. It is better than other standing desk converters in that it can accommodate some taller users as it can extend up to to 20 inches above the desk surface. However, since you can’t add a monitor stand, the range is limited in how high it can actually place the display, which can hurt your neck after extended use. It’s pretty neat to have a removable mouse pad if you aren’t going to use the touchpad on the laptop, but the one that comes with the converter isn’t really big enough for comfortable mousing

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Home Office

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Regular, XL

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Aluminum and Plastic

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Maximum Height



11″ x 16.5″ x 1.2″

Product Weight

3.66 lbs

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Expert Rating
Positives Built-in cooling fans keep your laptop from overheating. Highly adjustable for various levels and positions.
Negatives Plastic legs give it a bit of a wobble. Adjustment is complicated, as it requires reconfiguring 6 individual joints. Instructions lack the part on mouse pad assembly.

Bottom Line

This laptop stand is an intermediate standing solution for those who’d like to try a standing desk or cannot stand for prolonged periods of time and requires a cheaper unit. Extending up to 20 inches, it can accommodate quite tall users, but the lack of a monitor stand compatibility restricts that range. The removable mouse pad is a welcome addition, but the one that comes with the original unit is too small for a hand-sized mouse.

Editor’s Note: The following is a “forensic” review. We have not yet had the opportunity to test the Executive Office Solutions Laptop Stand in our labs. When we have been unable to obtain a review unit from the manufacturer and when there is demand from our readers for information on the product, we evaluate publicly available information that the manufacturer and users of the product have provided online. We then apply our extensive experience evaluating similar products and make an informed projection of how well this product will stack up against other products in its category. As soon as we are able to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product or learn new information about it, we will update this review. Learn more about our review process at Anatomy of a Review.

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Executive Office Solutions portable laptop stand

A laptop stand is a great way to test whether a standing desk is something you’d want to use. Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table is particularly useful when it comes to working from your kitchen, your garden, or even your bed. There are many different height and position adjustments, if you care to reconfigure six individual joints every time.

While it satisfies average user needs, this laptop stand isn’t for full-time standing use, as it has no monitor compatibility or a keyboard tray. The mouse pad that the original unit has is too small for a hand-sized mouse. And the edge stopper that disallows the laptop to slide off the stand puts strain on the user’s wrists and forearms.

Because it’s made of plastic and aluminum, which is inherently lightweight, the stand doesn’t provide much stability and easily slides around the tabletop. If you have an expensive heavy laptop, you might want to look at other products.

Most reviews report favorably about the product, however, some users find it difficult to assemble and install the mouse pad without instructions. The original mouse pad size may be too small if you’re using a hand-sized mouse.

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