Ergotron WorkFit-SR Dual-Monitor Standing Desk Converter Review

September 14, 2022
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Ergotron WorkFit-SR with dual screens
Fully assembled, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR looks like a stylish and useful addition to any office.


Review Summary

If you need a standing solution for a fixed-height desk or counter that you can’t remove and replace with a bona fide full standing desk, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor Standing Desk Converter may be just the thing for you, as long at the rest of your equipment is compatible. It provides a solid and secure working surface at sitting or standing heights, with a very clean look enabled by built-in cable management. So as long as your monitors aren’t too big, your desk too small, or your height too tall, the WorkFit-SR offers an ergonomic solution for many offices. However, it’s not inexpensive. In fact you could buy a premium quality, even American-made, height-adjustable desk for the same money.

MSRP / List Price $749
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5 years

Lift Type


Colors Available


Adjustment Range

Work surface can reach up to 18.25″ above desk height. Monitors can be adjusted within a 5″ range relative to the work surface.

Weight Capacity

25 lbs

Maximum Monitor Size

Maximum outside width of display is 24.5″ (62 cm) when display is 2″ (5 cm) thick. Accommodates most displays with screen-size up to 24″ as well as some displays with screens as large as 26″. Actual allowable width of displays will vary depending on display thickness.

Number of Monitors Supported

Only sold in a 2-monitor version

Product Weight

41.5 lbs

Shipping Weight

59 lbs
Box dimensions: 24.75″ x 14.25″ x 40.75″

Typical Assembly Time

30-45 min

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Clean look with built in cable management that keeps the work space clear. Smooth movement between sitting and standing and sufficiently stable even at highest setting. Ergo-contoured worksurface user edge. Up and down monitor adjustments move together for fast switching from sitting to standing and back. Straight forward assembly in 30-45 minutes. Solid packaging survives shipping well. Organized parts packaging keeps things well organized during assembly.
Negatives Takes some time to adjust the tightness of the edge clamp to reduce movement at top and desk bouncing at bottom. No locking mechanism makes it easy to lower the surface with accidental pressure. Very limited monitor size compatibility. Not made for desks shallower than 30". Won't reach high enough for optimal use for very tall users. Small working surface requires keyboard to be off center.

Bottom Line

The Ergotron WorkFit-SR serves the purpose it was meant for and does so to satisfaction for most users. It addresses the ergonomic needs of someone that needs a sit-stand solution to add to their fixed-height desk, even addressing several ergonomic issues other manufacturers often ignore. Compatibility is an issue, so shoppers will want to ensure that they make sure their desk, monitors, and common use will match this post-and-base converter. At its price point, it could be a viable option to buy a full standing desk with monitor arm instead.

Familiar Design for Post-and-Base Standing Desk Converter

⁣Fully assembled, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR is a stylish and useful addition to any office.

If you have been in the business of ergonomic office furniture for a while, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor standing desk workstation may look very familiar. It is virtually the same thing as the Humanscale Quickstand and Quickstand Eco. While all converters in the post-and-base category are comparable, the WorkFit-SR and Quickstand designs are so similar that we can’t help but stand one against the other. The Eco was a lower-cost version of the original, but was much inferior to the Quickstand.

Interestingly, Ergotron filed a lawsuit against Humanscale because of the design similarities of the Quickstand in their angled post and friction movement to the original WorkFit-S. This resulted in a patent license, and now Ergotron has the SR, which we believe is an even better design.

In a general comparison of brands overall, Humanscale tends to have under-engineered products that are overpriced (interior designers pick them more than ergonomists do), while Ergotron invests more into creating quality products at more rational prices, with better overall ergonomics.

Sleek and Stable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

One of the first things our team noticed about the WorkFit-SR is how clean it keeps the workspace. It offers convenient cable management for any screens, keyboard or mouse that you use, with easy-access covers that conceal cords from virtually every angle. The only thing you’ll want to ensure is to follow the installation instructions to make sure that your cables still can reach your monitors at both sitting and standing heights.

Built-in cable management ensures a clutter-free working space.

The movement between different heights are pretty smooth as well. If you set the resistance at the appropriate level for the weight of equipment on the workstation, transitioning between positions is simple and straightforward by just applying force on the surface. So you can go between each position quickly and quietly.

One of the great strengths of this product is the built-in dual monitor arm (it doesn’t come in a single-monitor version, unfortunately), which moves independently of the work surface with its own 5 inches of adjustment range. Where most post-and-base converters either have a fixed height difference between the monitors and the keyboard surface that is set during assembly, or have ridiculously complicated methods of changing that height “delta” each time you switch from sitting to standing, the design of the Workfit-SR gives you complete and instantaneous control.

This is super important ergonomically because when we stand our lower spines stretch out and so if we don’t adjust our monitors up we’ll end up craning down at the screens and generating neck strain with prolonged use. Having a 30° tilt ability on the dual screens adds even more to adjustability for proper ergonomic positioning in special situations.

And beyond that, for a dual monitor system, we love that the monitors can move straight up and down together. Too often we see dual monitor arms or other similar accessories where you have to move each screen by itself, making it difficult to get back to the right position when changing between sitting and standing. Most post-and-base converters we have seen are primarily for one screen, so this is nice to see for dual monitor users

One of the most important issues for any sit-stand desk solution is stability. The Ergotron WorkFit-SR rates quite well in its stability given what it is. There is minimal movement in the work surface when it is lifted to a standing position as long as it is clamped on tightly enough. There is a slight wobble, but that is to be expected in any product that has a significant weight lifted up into the air with only one attachment point at the base. Their Constant Force Technology helps make height adjustments a positive experience.

Another bonus to the design of the WorkFit-SR Dual Monitor workstation is an ergo-contoured “waterfall” edge at the front of the work surface. This makes it much more comfortable to rest arms or wrists against while you work with a keyboard or mouse. It is especially useful if you have an ergo-contoured edge on your actual desk, making an attractive parallel converter surface for a fixed-height tabletop.

Putting the WorkFit-SR Together

Assembly of this standing desk converter from Ergotron is pretty straightforward and easy, at least considering it as a post-and-base converter. There are other styles of standing desk converters (most typically in the Z-lift and X-lift categories) that are much more simple and can often be used right out of the box with zero assembly.

The instructions included in the box are clear and easy to follow, but if you add their assembly video, it is even easier to puzzle out. In total, it took our reviewer about 25 minutes to assemble alone, though this didn’t include dealing with the cable management or making full adjustments for the weight of the attached items, which can take some fine tuning. If you include everything, it would likely take around 30-45 minutes to get it fully functioning to be used regularly. We agree with Ergotron’s recommendation of having two people help lift the weighty post and secure it in place on the desk.

One thing we would like to point out is the packaging. Like every other Ergotron product we have tested in our labs, the WorkFit-SR has excellent packaging that can survive virtually any trip through FedEx or UPS. Then the screws and other small parts are packaged in a way that makes organization extremely easy through the assembly process. Each part has its own little labeled bubble so when you see a needed part in the instructions, you can go right to the line of connected packets and find what you need.

The only real downside for the assembly of the Ergotron WorkFit-SR is that you’ll have to use some of your own tools, which you hopefully have. You’ll need a Philips head screwdriver, 10mm socket wrench, and measuring tape. When there are full standing desks that you can assemble without tools, we look forward to products that make installation that much easier for users.

The Ergonomics of the WorkFit-SR Might Be Perfect For You, Or Not

The biggest critique to the performance of the WorkFit is the same that we give to the Humanscale Quickstand. They don’t have a locking mechanism to ensure that the worksurface stays in place as you work. A lot of people might lean on their desk surface if they come to a point of reading in their work, putting more weight on that surface.

The WorkFit-SR, like most post-and-base converters gets calibrated for the weight of the equipment attached to it, so that it takes as little effort as possible to move up and down. It is very easy to add more weight that will exceed that calibrated threshold and lower the surface unintentionally. A locking mechanism would fix that issue while adding minimal steps for adjustments between sitting and standing. Other styles of converters, like Z-lift types lock in place to make if very stable to work on a surface that stays at your ideal standing position.

As we mentioned above, the Ergotron WorkFit-SR does provide a stable work surface for a post-and-base converter. However, to get it to work right, it did take some more fine adjustments of the clamp. Originally, we tightened the clamp as tight as we could, which increased the stability at the standing positions, but in the sitting position the front of the worksurface bowed up far enough from the desk that it would bounce against it with slight typing movements. 

So, we loosened the clamp, which fixed the sitting position issue, but became more wobbly at top. In the end, with some trial and error, we found the sweet spot of stability and secure resting spot at the bottom with light pressure from resting wrists. It’s a small hassle, but needed for optimal performance.

Configurations like this may be necessary for taller users when the screens won’t quite reach eye level.

There are other limitations we noted on the WorkFit-SR that buyers will want to consider before making their final decision. Since this is a dual-monitor setup, the size of monitors it supports will be limited since they will be sitting on the horizontal rail. You cannot use two monitors over 24” on the diagonal. Most monitors available these days are much wider than your average 24 inch screen. (And even this specification is a bit wonky… the official Ergotron language on this is: “Maximum outside width of display is 24.5″ (62 cm) when display is 2″ (5 cm) thick. Accommodates most displays with screen-size up to 24″ as well as some displays with screens as large as 26″. Actual allowable width of displays will vary depending on display thickness.

Weight is another limiting factor for the WorkFit-SR. Adding both screens and anything you put on the surface together, Ergotron says to not exceed 25 lbs. This isn’t really all that much weight. But when the screens are limited so much in size, adding a keyboard and mouse isn’t all that much either. You’ll have the rest of the fixed-height desk for any heavier gear you need to work with, like the CPU.

The compatible desks are another issue that might limit how usable WorkFit-SR is. It is set to be adjusted for desks between 30” to 36”. We happened to test it on a 30” desk, so it worked out, but there are plenty of desk tops that are as shallow as 24” deep, which would leave the WorkFit hanging out over the edge awkwardly.

While the work surface can hold a keyboard and mouse easily, the keyboard is off center from the screens while working. Making it a bit bigger would have been helpful.

This converter might also not work for users that are especially tall. At its highest, the level for comfortable typing could work well for someone perhaps about 6’2″ tall (but this may vary based on your personal anthropometry). If you’re much taller than that, your wrists and neck are going to feel it.

One last small critique of the WorkFit-SR is on the size of the surface it provides. It really isn’t big enough for standard keyboards with a mouse. Technically you can put both on there, but you will then be standing off center from the junction of your two monitors while you type. This might not bother all users, but if you think it would aggravate you, it is something to take note of.

Can the Ergotron WorkFit-SR Really Fit in Your Office?

Bringing all these features, aspects, and critiques together, our experts find the Ergotron WorkFit-SR to be a completely adequate product. It does what it says it does, and pretty darn well. When it comes to its possible limitations and downsides, shoppers will need to determine how much they care. 

Do you have bigger screens or ones that will fit? Will you lean on the surface while standing? Is your desk between 30” to 36” deep? Are you 6’2″ tall or shorter? Do you care about typing on a keyboard that isn’t centered on the screens? If none of those possibilities or compatibility issues bother you, this might just be the converter for your more ergonomic office.

If you are set on a this kind of design, be sure to read over our roundup of the best post-and-base style standing desk converters we have seen.

Other kinds of converters might be better for your situation, and our list of the best overall standing desk converters could help you find what you need.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend over $700 on a converter like this one, you might just be better off buying a full standing desk with a quality monitor mount that has even more versatility. Check out our list of full standing desks in that range and monitor arms to see if you’ll prefer that option.

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