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Best Made in USA Standing Desks Reviews

The Best Made-in-USA Standing Desks

When it comes to standing desks and standing desk converters, nothing beats made-in-America for component quality and overall value.

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Should I Buy a Standing Desk or a Standing Desk Converter?

What to Choose: Standing Desk vs. Sit-Stand Converter?

Our experts break down when it's best to get a standing desk vs. when to attach a standing desk converter to your old desk.

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Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800 reviews

The Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800

If you’re looking to get into a sit-stand desk on a budget, the good news is there are many options on the market to choose from.

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Vivo V001G standing desk converter

Coming Soon: Vivo V001G Standing Desk Converter Review

A review of the Vivo V001G standing desk converter is coming soon! This standing desk converter is 25" wide and can lift 17.6 lbs.

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Cable management for standing desk converter

iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Standing Desk Converters Review

The iMovR Tucker Pro kit addresses the need for cable management for standing desk converters, which is the first attempt we've seen and a great idea.

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best varidesk alternative

iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter Review

The ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter is extremely stable and rock steady. It has tremendous height range adjustability, with infinite stops.

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iMovR ZipLift Corner 42″ Stand Up Desk Converter Review

The key benefit of a corner stand up desk converter is to make use of space that would otherwise be underutilized, or not used at all. 

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Ziplift+ HD stand up desk converter

iMovR ZipLift+ HD Stand Up Desk Converter Review

The ZipLift+ HD has three grommet holes for infinite monitor arm options and is rock-steady at the full 20"+ height extension.

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iMovR ZipLift Patriot Standing Desk Converte

iMovR ZipLift Patriot Standing Desk Converter Review

The ZipLift Patriot is a made-in-America standing desk converter by iMovR, based on the highly successful ZipLift+ design.

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ZipLift Standing Desk Converter

Top 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Convertible Standing Desk

Is it dual-monitor compatible? Ergonomically adjustable? We outline what you need to know to pick a great convertible standing desk.

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varidesk converter alternative

What Are The Best Varidesk Alternatives?

Thousands of people seek out "varidesk alternatives" in online searches every month. After lab testing dozens of converters, we pick our top three.

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Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Electric Standing Desk Converter Review

See what our experts have to say about the stability, design, and overall quality of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 in our comprehensive review.

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Varidesk Exec 48 Desktop Converter

Varidesk Exec Series Review

The Exec 48 is specially designed for taller users, solving the problem of inadequate height that's plagued Varidesk since day one.

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upliftdesk e7 standing desk converter electric review

UpLiftDesk E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter Review

Despite excellent weight capacity and an attractive keypad for changing height, the UpLift E7 lacks flexibility in important ergonomic spots.

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Varidesk Cube Plus Review

The Varidesk Cube Plus standing desk converters are built to fit tight cubicle spaces. A smart, though pricey, ergonomic solution for your workbench.

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Eureka Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Eureka Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Learn more about all of Eureka's standing desk converters in this comprehensive review. We've organized each Eureka Standing Desk Converter by price.

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Eureka 31.5

Eureka 31.5″ Electric Sit-Stand Converter Review

If you’re looking for an electric standing desk converter and want the most for your money, the Eureka 31.5" Electric Sit-Stand Desk is a clear winner. 

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Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter Review

Looking for the largest standing desk converter around? The Eureka 46 XL is your choice, with its spacious 46″-wide work surface.

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Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter Review

If you want a standing desk converter manufactured to the highest quality standards and with impressive features, the Eureka 36 Gen2 is a top contender. 

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Eureka 28” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Probably the best compact corner standing desk converter in the market. Robust build quality, top notch stability, and precision height adjustment.

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Eureka Sit Stand New Generation Converter

Eureka Sit-Stand Desk New Generation (31B) Review

No other standing desk converter in the $199 price range offers the feature set of the Eureka Sit Stand Desk New Generation.

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Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converte

Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter Review

The Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Standing Desk Converter packs a sturdy X-Lift frame and silent lift mechanism into an easy-to-move device.

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Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini Review

If you're strapped for space and in need of a standing desk converter, the Ergotron WorkFit Z Mini is likely one of the best choices available.

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Flexispot Alcove Riser M7C

Flexispot M7C 35” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

A single X-Lift frame may normally cry quality concerns, but the Alcove M7 series from Flexispot is a durable and sturdy fleet of desk risers.

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Flexispot Compact Series 27″ / 32″ Review

The Flexispot Compact riser series come in two modest sizes: 27" and 32". Get the scoop on how they perform in our in-depth, lab-tested review.

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FlexiSpot Desktop Riser

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot Desktop Workstation is actually a series of four standing desk converters made by Chinese office fitness manufacturer Loctek.

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varidesk alternative

iMovR Cadence Express Standing Desk Converter Review

Looking for great adjustability and an aesthetically pleasing design? The iMovR Cadence Express standing desk converter does it all for a competitive price.

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alternatives to varidesk

iMovR Cadence Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

The iMovR Cadence Pro workstation’s “hover” design retains virtually all of your desktop real estate and maximizes mobility.

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Humanscale QuickStand Eco Standing Desk Converter Review

The Humanscale QuickStand Eco is a beautifully designed standing desk converter that unfortunately fails in a couple of fundamental ways.

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fully cooper standing desk converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

Fully's Cooper standing desk converter is a well-made product that features an available bamboo top and a smooth X-lift mechanism.

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