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Varidesk Soho Sit Stand Workstation Review

Varidesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation Review

With the smallest footprint of any Varidesk desktop converter, the Laptop 30 is the most compact workstation in Varidesk's catalog. Its height adjustment mechanism looks identical to the easy-to-use lever locking system of the original Varidesk and, unlike other Varidesk models, …

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Eureka Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Eureka Standing Desk Converter Reviews

If you’re looking for a Eureka standing desk converter, and you’re trying to decide among all the options, you’re in the right place. We’ve organized all Eureka standing desk converters by price. The lowest cost items come first, with simpler designs and fewer features. They grad…

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Eureka 31.5

Eureka 31.5″ Electric Sit-Stand Converter Review

If you’re looking for an electric standing desk converter and you want the most for your money, the Eureka Sit-Stand Electric is the clear winner. Rolling in at $299, this X-Lift electric has an impressive feature set, including a quiet motor, a deep work surface for larger monit…

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Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter Review

This 46” XL standing desk converter from Eureka is built with a Z-Lift mechanism (using a patented gas strut), which means its frame takes a Z-shape during the lifting process. Z-Lifts arc out during the lifting process, and sometimes this can introduce instability into the unit.…

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Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter Review

While Eureka’s 36 Gen2 may come in at a price point higher than similar products such as iMovR’s ZipLift+ and Flexispot’s Classic series, it does offer top-tier build quality that is not found on many standing desk converters. Its silent gas strut lift mechanism, deep work surfac…

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Eureka 28” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Probably the best compact corner standing desk converter in the market. Robust build quality, top notch stability, classy finish options, and precision height adjustment. The Eureka 28” Corner Standing Desk Converter is our highest-rated desk converter for placing on small corner…

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Eureka Sit Stand New Generation Converter

Eureka Sit-Stand Desk New Generation (31B) Review

We normally only see this feature on higher end standing desk converters—it’s unprecedented territory for a $199 standing desk converter.

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Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converte

Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter Review

The Eureka Ultra Slim Portable is the simplest design of all the Eureka standing desk converters we’ve reviewed. It is also the least expensive, at $149. What separates the Ultra Slim from other models is that it has a single platform work surface (with no separate keyboard tray)…

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Flexispot Alcove Riser M7C

Flexispot M7C 35” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot M7C is a X-Lift (Single Lift) standing desk converter, which means its lift mechanism makes an X-shape as it raises, and it features a single lifting arm. Flexispot’s classic series is also an X-Lift design, but they are Dual Lifts, meaning they feature two lifting …

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FlexiSpot Desktop Riser

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot Desktop Workstation is actually a series of four standing desk converters made by Chinese office fitness manufacturer Loctek—the M1 (27"), M2 (35"), M3 (47") and M4 (41" Corner Cut). These converters offer extraordinary stability, work surface space, and value for t…

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Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Like its relative, the Versadesk Power Pro, the Power Pro Corner looks good from a glance at the specs but has issues that detract from the overall impression. Particleboard construction and high-pressure laminate surfaces aren’t associated with lifetime quality guarantee, and th…

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VIVO Corner Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V000VC) Review

Impossible for us to recommend if you’re looking for a durable, high-quality desk converter. Concerns include product length of life, stability with heavy monitors, enough space for mouse work, and too many pinch points in the frame. Worth checking out higher quality, slightly mo…

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VIVO Electric Corner Standing Desk Converter Images

VIVO Electric Corner Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V000VCE) Review

A low-cost entry into the growing field of electric standing desk converters, the VIVO Electric Corner Desk Riser combines value and ease of adjustability.

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MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter Review

MountIt is primarily a brand for low-cost wall mounts and monitor arms. Its latest standing desk converters are similarly inexpensive, but we urge strong caution before purchasing.

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Standing Desk Converter Autonomous SmartDesk Mini

Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Desktop Workstation Review

Autonomous probably figured their millennial audience will be wowed by the cool factor of electric, and won’t likely research how much more assembly effort and success risk the Mini might entail. Our advice? Stick to the more ergonomic, proven models already out there, and recogn…

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