FEZiBO Standing Desk Converter Series H Review

July 10, 2022
  • First Look
Fezibo series H sit-stand workstation in white


Review Summary

This standing desk converter is as cheap as it gets, in every sense of the word. While it does provide decent size options, and limited colors as well, it shares the concerns of other commodity-grade sit-stand workstation converters manufactured in Asia that are popular on Amazon solely because of their price – quality. “You get what you pay for” is the name of the game when keeping the price this low for ergonomic office equipment.

MSRP / List Price $130
Street Price

30″ x 15″: $129.99
34″ x 18″: $159.99
37″ x 18″: $189.99
42″ x 18″: $209.99


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Lift Type

Manual X-Lift

Sizes Available

30″ x 15″
34″ x 18″
37″ x 18″
42″ x 18″

Colors Available

Rustic Brown

Adjustment Range

Top platform: Adjusts from 4.5 to 19.3 inches high

Weight Capacity

37.5 lbs

Number of Monitors Supported

Space for one or two monitors, depending on size and weight


30″: 15.7″D x 30.5″W x 4.5″H
34″: 17.8″D x 33.5″W x 33″H
37″: 17.9″D x 37.3″W x 19.3″H
42″: 17.8″D x 42″W x 4.9″H

Product Weight

30 to 37 lbs, depending on the size selected

Typical Assembly Time

10 minutes

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The FEZiBO Standing Desk Converter Series H provides a sit-stand office solution at an extremely low price point. Three color schemes and four sizes are offered.
Negatives Aside from the questionable quality of components and construction used in this Chinese-made converter, the FEZiBO H Series computer workstation offers no way to adjust monitor height without monitor arms, which will may be difficult to mount because of interference with the lifting mechanism attached underneath. The manual lever is also located a ways back from the front of the converter, increasing stress on your lower back and shoulders when making height adjustments. Many users have reported short lived components - especially the counterbalance pistons - which have a tendency to leak oil onto the desk before losing strength and ultimately failing entirely. The product is manufactured with thin steel and very wide tolerances in the track mechanism, leading to substantial instability when typing while standing up. Surface area is minimal compared to other units on the market, and even though the keyboard tray is 31" wide, its "ergonomic" shape makes it difficult to use large keyboards and still have room for a mouse pad.

Bottom Line

FEZiBO is one of the highest-volume sellers of ergonomic desks and accessories on Amazon, because their products are generally extremely cheap, meaning "you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get." While functionally adequate the very poor component quality and loose manufacturing tolerances on this dirt-cheap, Chinese-made standing desk converter is worrisome in terms of the durability and stability of the desk. FEZiBO is one of those "remote control" companies that has a US mailing address in Las Vegas but no phone number, so all support is by email, and many customers have complained about lack of response on warranty issues.

This is a brief “first look” review of the FEZiBO Standing Desk Converter Series H, one of the most popular units sold on Amazon these days. Once we receive the test unit in our evaluation lab we will conduct thorough testing and update this page with our usual in-depth review. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up on our latest reviews and information on ergonomic office equipment like this sit-stand workstation converter.

A rudimentary desktop converter

The Series H sit-stand desk converter is a manual X-lift standing workstation with a keyboard tray on a separate level. The keyboard tray does not have any tilting capability so you’ll likely be using it with your elbows at a 90-degree angle when standing.

With four different size options, users are likely to find one that will fit their needs and can support one or two monitors. Small edge-clamped monitor arms and power modules may possibly be used with this standing desk converter, but interference with the mechanism underneath will limit where those options could be mounted. Speaking of options, there are three different colors to choose from, which isn’t all that many, but black, white, or brown will likely fit many different aesthetics.

At a reasonable price for what it offers, the FEZiBO Standing Desk Converter Series H offers exactly what it says it does, but not much more. Buyers be aware that it is a “get what you pay for” situation in a commodity-grade standing desk converter manufactured in Asia.

They call it an “Ergonomic Computer Workstation” but how ergonomic is it?

Our first ergonomic bugaboo is that the lifting mechanism lever is also not in the best position. You will have to reach a significant distance over the keyboard platform to make any height adjustments, potentially difficult for some users who are getting a standing desk in the first place because of low back pain or shoulder injury. Because you need to keep squeezing the handle while lifting or lowering the unit, and particularly if you have more than about 16 lbs of stuff on the converter, this will be an awkward posture you’ll be in when adding lifting or down-pushing effort to change from sitting to standing postures.

To be ergonomically ideal, any sit-stand workstation will provide a way to raise the monitor when in the standing position so that your neck does not have to crane down to see the screen that was at a height more comfortable for sitting. An articulating monitor arm could fix this if it is compatible with the sit-stand converter, but as we said, interference with the lifting mechanism may make it hard for a lot of monitor arms to even attach. This is something we’ll thoroughly examine using popular monitor arm models once we get the unit it for lab testing.

Generally speaking, an overall better option would be to get a full standing desk or a more robust desktop converter that can handle the best monitor arm setup for you.

Concerns over component quality, manufacturing tolerances and overall stability

In a “first look” review we scan through thousands of available reviews on a product like this and look for consistency in consumers’ reports. For many reasons you can’t trust most ratings on Amazon – even if they aren’t rifled through with fake reviews posted by the seller, one-time buyers of an ergonomics product like a converter or desk or monitor arm haven’t seen many others to compare to. That’s why you’re reading this review by experts who’ve lab tested dozens of products in each product category, for more than a decade. But in the case of the FEZiBO Series H computer workstation, we’ve found exceptional consistency in users’ comments, even within the 4-star reviews (which we rely on the most because there’s always a reason the customer didn’t give the product 5 stars).

And those consistent reports boil down to the fact that this unit is built as cheaply as humanly possible, using low-quality components that can fail fast, with very thin metal, thin wood, and loose manufacturing tolerances. In the best case, this translates to a shaky typing experience. In the worst case this translates to leaking counterbalance pistons (dripping oil on your desk) that can quickly fail altogether, preventing the desktop from ever lowering again. Not much thought was given to cable management or pinch hazard, either, so many users complain about keyboard, mouse and monitor cables getting in harm’s way or at least being unsightly (using a wireless keyboard and mouse will help in this regards, as may using a professional cable management kit for standing desk converters).

Another “remote control” company

Like many of the big volume sellers on Amazon, FEZiBO is a “remote control” Chinese manufacturer that has nothing more than a website and mailing address in the US. The address is a Chinese-business strip mall in Las Vegas where their company name isn’t even in the building directory. There is no phone number on their website, all pre-sales and post-sales support is conducted via email. Many customers on Amazon complain that they could never get a response from the company when their product ultimately failed. Reviews on FEZiBO’s website are all curated 5-star (we expect that), but their Q&A section illustrates the difficulty in even communicating with Chinese representatives for pre-sale and post-sale support. Because of this customer service deficiency, if you do decide to buy from FEZiBO, we recommend going through Amazon for better service.

But if you are set on a converter, take a look at our roundup of the all the standing desk converters we have lab tested.

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