High Supply Standing Desk Converter

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High Supply Standing Desk Converter

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Colors Available


Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

up to 80 lbs

Number of Monitors Supported

2 (27")


Work surface: 36" W x 22"D
Keyboard tray: 24.25" W

Product Weight

51.5 lbs

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Heavy duty. High weight capacity. 100% money-back warranty. Low price.


Lifting mechanism issues. Cheap pressed wood. Keyboard tray has a tendency to fall off.

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A low price attracts a lot of buyers looking to try a standing desk on a budget, and many are left satisfied with the purchase. Those who run into issues mainly report keyboard tray falling off the desk. Just like its competitors, this converter comes sans a monitor arm, which doesn't make for great ergonomics.

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Editor’s Note: The following is a “forensic” review. We have not yet had the opportunity to test the High Supply in our labs. When we have been unable to obtain a review unit from the manufacturer and when there is demand from our readers for information on the product, we evaluate publicly available information that the manufacturer and users of the product have provided online. We then apply our extensive experience evaluating standing desk converters and make an informed projection of how well this product will stack up against other products in its category. As soon as we are able to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product or learn new information about it, we will update this review. Learn more about our review process at Anatomy of a Review.

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High Supply is one of the Amazon’s storefronts that carries too few products to warrant its own website. One of three of its products, however, has become a hit. Owing to its low price and high weight capacity, the stand up desk converter, named after every relevant keyword, is an alright deal...if you’re lucky.

A low price attracts a lot of buyers who are looking to try a standing desk on a budget, and many are left satisfied with the purchase. Those who do run into issues with the keyboard tray have had success with glue and epoxy. Note that like with any other converter, you will need a monitor arm to be able to adjust the height of your monitor in a standing position.

High Supply Sit Stand Desk

Great weight capacity makes this standing desk converter a sturdy workstation, especially if you’re working with more than two monitors. While the work surface is pretty much standard 36 inches, the great weight limit allows users to mount up to four monitors on a single 20-pound steel stand.

Considerably lower quality than some competitor products. It’s got the same generic particle board desktop as every other converter out there, having no other special features.

While it got mostly positive reviews, some users consistently report on two major issues: cheap pressed wood that doesn’t hold in the screws well and the lifting mechanism issues that make it too difficult for some users to operate. Among smaller design drawbacks—the keyboard tray is non-tilting and too small for big keyboards.

You should be extremely careful during installation as not to strip the wood to ensure the screws hold. Otherwise, your keyboard tray may fall off the desk. And if you were unfortunate enough to get a unit with the lift issues, it may be easier to return it altogether and buy a new one (not necessarily from a different brand), because the replacement cylinders don’t always help to resolve the issue. Easier being a relative term, as the converter weighs slightly more than 50 pounds.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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