TreadTop Seating

TreadTop seats are designed to be usable at both a standing desk and on top of an under-desk office treadmill. To be used on top of a treadmill these seats have to be extremely stable, and have to have a base that will not damage the integrity of the tread belt.

At WorkWhileWalking we’ve conducted a highly detailed lab review of every treadtop seating option on the market today, all of which you can find below.

Note that if you’re looking for a treadtop seat the very first filter you should use in your search is the diameter of the base. Most legitimate office treadmills have a belt that’s at least 20″ wide, and will accommodate most of these chairs and stools.

However, some of the junky “walking pad” units made in China get as narrow as 14″ (not really usable as an underdesk treadmill but definitely marketed as one) and most of these treadtop seats will not fit on them. On the other end of the spectrum we have the McHale StableChair which has a 26″-wide base and the only office treadmill wide enough to handle it is the iMovR Unsit with it’s 30″-wide belt (for which it was specifically designed).

imovr treadmill desk with Energy Treadtop Stool

Treadtop Seating Options

The best ergonomic stools and chairs for use atop an office treadmill base

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iMovR McHale TreadTop StableChair Review

Comfortable treadtop chair made specifically for the Unsit treadmill with a stable construction and ergonomic support.

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imovr energy treadtop stool

iMovR Energy Stool Review

An active seating stool that's great for standing desk users as well as safe to use "treadtop" on an office treadmill

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iMovR Tempo Stool

iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair, the iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool offers surprisingly good comfort.

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iMovR tempo chair

iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair Review

More than any chair on the market, the iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair is perfectly suited for use at any sit-stand-walk station.

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QOR360 Ariel Active Seat Review

Ergonomic office chair that is ideal to pair with a standing desk or treadmill desk to keep your core engaged and your spine properly aligned

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EffyDesk BohdiStool-swivel-office-chair-black-balance-activesitting

EffyDesk BohdiStool Standing Desk Stool Review

The EffyDesk BohdiStool is an active seating option for standing desk users especially if they also have an office treadmill.

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BackApp 2.0 Chair

BackApp 2.0 Active Chair Review

The BackApp 2.0 active chair improves on the original, in terms of looks and ergonomics, while keeping the active seating features.

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Move chair

Varier Move Leaning Chair Review

Review of the Move Active Chair from Varier. Varier's active seating options help keep workers mobile even during chair time.

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Muvman Leaning Stool Review

The iconic Muvman leaning stool helps extend time spent on your feet, while still allowing you to settle back down when you need a rest.

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