FlexiSpot ML2 GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter Review

April 19, 2023
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FlexiSpot GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2 in an ergonomic office in a home


Review Summary

The FlexiSpot ML2 GoRiser Standing Desk Converter is a compact and highly portable standing desk converter, and is great for that purpose, especially with the low price. But being that, it is very limited in its other capacities, such as supporting monitors and other ergonomic accessories that help make an ideal sit-stand workstation. It’s biggest problems are that it can’t be ergonomically used at sitting height (so you’ll be taking the 18 lb unit off your desk every time you want to sit) and only has a couple of fixed height settings (out of 5) that are in the standing height range for most people. And not very tall people, because its max height is only 15.9″. So it’s really a portable standing desk, not a sit-to-stand converter. Might be good for other home applications like raising a sewing machine to a more comfortable height, but for long-term use with a laptop computer, its ergonomic limitations leave a lot to be desired. The price is great, though, so if you need something portable to use once in a while for short stints it might be worth the small investment.

Best Use

Laptop-only use for individuals under 6′ in stature, and only for when standing (not ergonomically usable for sitting).

MSRP / List Price $119.99
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Ships to 48 states in the U.S. from 10 US warehouses via FedEx for free


Frame, desktop: 5 yrs
Gas spring system and other mechanisms: 3 yrs

Lift Type

Manual, X-lift

Colors Available

Black or White

Monitor Arm Mounting Options

There isn’t enough depth to add an external monitor to this workstation, much less a monitor arm

Adjustment Range

Height adjustment has five increments from 1.8″ to 15.9″

Weight Capacity

26.4 lbs


Base footprint: 21.4″ wide x 16.3″ deep
Work surface: 26.8″ wide x 18.9″ deep

Product Weight

18.26 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter ML2 is extremely portable with its compact design, ideal for a small laptop workstation, and perhaps an external mouse. Its low price makes it an easy investment for those on a tight budget, but still want an adjustable-height surface to work on. It can also be used in non-office applications like to raise a chopping board or sewing machine to a more comfortable height. Arrives fully assembled.
Negatives Being so small, this sit-stand desk converter can't accommodate external monitors or other accessories that you might want to go up and down with your desk surface. It has only 5 fixed height settings, starting at a 1.8" bottom height - which makes it too high to use ergonomically when seated (you'll want to remove it from your desk when you're done standing) - and only as high as 15.9", which will be too low for taller individuals. While it's lightweight, it also has a low weight limit and is quite shaky as compared to more bona fide (pricier) standing desk converters. Many users report stiffness in the pistons which makes it hard to raise and lower the work surface.

Bottom Line

The FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter ML2 fits a very niche need with users who want a portable standing height surface to do laptop work occasionally. Because of its pretty serious limitations in height adjustability and stability, you'll be rolling the dice on whether you can find a truly ideal ergonomic height setting (only a couple of them in standing height range) to fit your anthropometry. It can't really be used as a "sit-to-stand" converter because the base height of 1.8" makes it too high to use ergonomically in the seated position.

[Editors’ Note – This product seems to be no longer available from the manufacturer, but they have other models. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]

A Portable Standing Desk Converter that Couldn’t Be More Basic

The FlexiSpot ML2 GoRiser Standing Desk Converter is just about the most basic kind of commodity-grade height-adjustable office workstation you can get. It offers a single platform with manual height adjustment in an X-lift style. The surface of the FlexiSpot Standing Desk Converter ML2 is 26.8″ wide x 18.9″ deep, which is basically just big enough for a laptop and perhaps an external mouse, so don’t think you’ll get your multi-monitor setup to work with this unit, especially since it only supports a max of about 26 lbs (which means 13 lbs is the most it will hold if you want to maintain even lifting and lowering force from the user).

We wouldn’t actually call it a “standing desk converter,” because it’s really more of a standing-only platform. With a minimum height of the table of 1.8″ it will raise the sitting height too much for good ergonomic use. So you’re looking at something that you’ll probably want to remove from your desk when not standing. And at 18+ lbs in weight you’ll want to seriously consider whether that’s the kind of device that’ll work for you. A good standing desk converter typically won’t raise the seated keyboard height more than 1/4″ to 1/2″ off the underlying desk or countertop.

height adjustment range for goriser

Buyers should be aware, though, that this converter has set heights at which it can be used. It is not a fluid “stop wherever you want” mechanism. If one of the 4 adjustment levels does not rest where you can work comfortably while standing (each about 2″ apart), you might have to find your own way to make those small adjustments. Your best height will be between two of those five settings. And users over 6 feet in height will have difficulty using it ergonomically at all, as its top height is only 15.9″ (we like to see 19″-20″ max heights on a converter).

However, this compact size might be exactly what some people need. If you do everything on a laptop and your working situation is more fluid, where you need to pack away your office equipment at the end of the day to make room in a small apartment, or you are moving around from desk to desk in different departments, something this small and portable is ideal to make sure you have the option of sitting or standing while you work.

Aside from its capacity, the FlexiSpot GoRiser Standing Desk Converter ML2 is basically what it looks like and nothing more, and that is reflected in the price on the low end of the scale.

Should You Get It?

height adjustable work surface
While not ergonomically ideal for long periods of computer use, the GoRiser might be useful for raising other things (like a sewing machine) to a more comfortable height.

Our experts cannot recommend FlexiSpot GoRiser Standing Desk Converter ML2 for most office users, mostly based on its extreme limitations in actually improving ergonomics. Its super basic function is reflected in its cheap price, and minimal stability goes along with that. Just keep the packaging in case you decide to return the item within the 30 day trial period. Order direct from Flexispot for the best support.

On the other hand, being so basic makes it more portable than other sit-stand workstations, so it is worth considering if that is a primary criteria for you.

If your budget is a bit bigger, our experts would recommend investing in a full standing desk for optimal ergonomic workstations. Our comprehensive round-up of sit-stand desk reviews may hold the perfect standing option for you.

But if you are set on a converter, take a look at our roundup of the all the standing desk converters we have reviewed. For another choice in portable laptop workstations see our reviews of  The Lunadesk Portable Laptop Workstation and Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter. Also be sure to consider a portable standing mat to go with it for maximizing your standing comfort.

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