What Are The Best Varidesk Alternatives?

January 10, 2023
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varidesk converter alternative

We get this question a lot, and it’s no wonder given how many thousands of people type “varidesk alternative” into search engines every month (perhaps that’s how you even got to this page). No other brand in the office fitness industry gets this many searches for alternatives; in fact few brands get any such search volume.

The primary reasons so many searches for Varidesk alternatives are 1) Varidesk spends more on advertising than any other company in our sector, 2) Varidesk prices are exceptionally high for what you get, and 3) hundreds of thousands of Varidesk users are sick of their quality, stability and range-of-adjustment issues, and are looking to upgrade for something better. (For the latter, we have a guide just for How to Sell a Used Varidesk.)

Where to begin your search for a Varidesk alternative

Standing desk converters, a.k.a. desktop risers or standing desk workstations, come in so many varieties that we had to break them up into 6 categories just to manage the dozens of lab-testing reviews we’ve published since Varidesk first created this explosive category in 2013. These categories are:

To learn about our top picks in the each of these categories just click on the links above. The two most popular categories by far and away are the Z-Lift (which Varidesk lives in) and X-Lift (similar, but lifting straight up and down instead of on an arc motion).

Thousands of people seek out “varidesk alternatives” in online searches every month, and for good reason. After lab testing dozens of sit-stand converters or staff reviewers make their top three recommendations for the best alternatives to Varidesk’s overpriced and antiquated product line.

#1 Varidesk Alternative: iMovR ZipLift

The ZipLift standing desk converter is actually a line of different models that all exhibit the following characteristics in contrast to the Varidesk models:

  • More ergonomic, with a built-in, tilting, ergonomic keyboard tray
  • Greater height adjustment range, reaching 3″ higher for tall users who find Varidesk unusable
  • Rock solid stability versus the shakiness of the Varidesk models, even at top height
  • Reliable, smooth and absolutely silent gas struts in place of the clanky, clunky springs in the Varidesk
  • Infinite height stops instead of having just 10 detents
  • Able to accept any edge-clamp or grommet-mount monitor arm
  • Lifts more vertically, without the extreme forward arcing motion that makes the Varidesks so unstable at standing height
  • Completely pre-assembled, like the Varidesks, but lighter and easier to get out of the box and set up, second person not required
  • Significantly less expensive
  • Includes a free portable anti-fatigue standing mat in the box, rather than having to pay additionally for this all-important accessory

best varidesk alternativeThere are already three models of the ZipLift, with more in development. The most popular is the ZipLift+, which is 35″ wide and ideal for up to two 24″ monitors. The ZipLift HD (heavy duty) is 42″ wide and great for dual 27″ or larger LCDs, and has a stronger counterbalance to support more equipment.

There’s even an American-made version called the ZipLift Patriot for customers who prefer to buy American-made, or just want the fancier 3D-laminated wood surfaces of this upgraded model. Coming soon is a corner-desk model, the ZipLift Corner Standing Desk Converter.

Another really cool thing about the ZipLift is that the company offers a conquest bonus of $35 if you or anyone in your organization have previously owned a Varidesk or any other make of desktop workstation. So you can easily walk away with the top-rated Varidesk alternative for at least $100 less, including a free standing mat and free shipping.

#2 Varidesk Alternative: Eureka

Eureka standing desk converters are right up there in the top quality of converters, and they even have an electric version as well. They have a wide variety of types of converters, depending on your needs, and all at very reasonable costs. They are very present on Amazon, so you can take advantage of your Amazon Prime account to get quality shipping.

  • Lower price than Varidesk for equal types
  • Reliable construction creates a products that is super stable and will last for years
  • Infinite stopping points on many models as opposed to Varidesk models that have “notches” for the limited stopping points
  • Deep work surface options so you can make sure that the screens are an appropriate distance from your face

#3 Varidesk Alternative: Ergotron

Ergotron has a high quality X-lift converter that holds our top spot in that category. They also have some post and base models for single or dual screens that can helps save wear and tear on your desktop surface.

  • Impressive stability on all their models
  • Large surface areas to ensure you can place your keyboard and mouse wherever is convenient for you
  • More aware of different ergonomic needs than Varidesk

#4 Varidesk Alternative: Flexispot

Our next favorite line of standing desk converters that runs circles around any Varidesk model is from Flexispot. All their models exhibit the following characteristics in contrast to the Varidesk models:

  • In the X-Lift category, so lifts straight up and down instead of in an arcing motion path toward the user (an extreme one in the case of Varidesk, specifically)
  • Keyboard tray is removable making it ideal for use with just a laptop and no external keyboard.
  • “Dropped” keyboard tray sits below desk height, a little better for typing comfort when seated
  • Significantly less expensive, although user assembly is required
  • Rock solid stability

FlexiSpot 12 Height SettingsFlexispot has multiple models now, including the Flexispot Compact Series (27″ / 32″) and their original Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Line including the 35″, 47″ heavy lifter, and 41″ corner models.

Like the ZipLift, the Flexispot features a five-year warranty and free shipping.

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We’ve even reviewed all their standing products, including the Varidesk ActiveMat, Varidesk Groove Standing Mat, Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker and Varidesk “The Mat” Standing Mat.

To see all of our reviews of lab-tested products in this category see our Best Standing Desk Converters Reviews.

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