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Our Story

As early adopters of standing desks and treadmill desks ourselves, we launched this site in 2013 to help facilitate faster mainstream adoption of active workstations in the American workforce. We are deeply passionate about office fitness not only because we have felt its positive health effects in our own lives, but because we believe it is the most practical and scalable way to reverse the negative trends of ‘sitting disease’ in the workplace, and in modern society in general.

A Heritage of Expert Advice and Product Reviews

As now the most trafficked expert advice and reviews site dedicated entirely to the office fitness field, we continue to expand beyond our original focus on treadmill desks with more related product categories each year. In 2015 we merged WorkWhileStanding and WorkWhileWalking together because 90% of the content overlapped (after all, a treadmill desk is just a standing desk with an office treadmill rolled underneath).

We now cover many additional product categories including standing desk converters, sit-stand tables, cycle desks, active seating, standing mats, balance boards, and all manner of ergonomic accessories (monitor arms, keyboard trays, etc.). Our rigorous testing process has earned us a reputation within the industry for deeply-researched and informative product reviews.

Looking Forward

With over one million visitors per year we continue our commitment to keeping our readers abreast of all the interesting developments in the industry, while bringing new adopters into the fold every day. We continually partner with numerous research institutions such as the Mayo Clinic to advance the understanding of how office fitness can be leveraged to improve the health of over 100 million sedentary workers, and to educate consumers and employers on its many benefits.

Our Corporate Relationships

Over the years our editorial leadership has built CEO-level relationships with most of the prominent manufacturers in the active office furniture and ergonomics industry. We leverage their collective intelligence in spotting emerging trends and then provide feedback to these companies, which ultimately helps everyone create better products.

As for our own commercial business model, we no longer have an ecommerce store attached to WorkWhileWalking, but we do earn affiliate commissions on some of the products we review—by clicking on those “Where to Buy” links, you help pay the bills to keep this website going and growing.

WorkWhileWalking was for several years owned by Office Fitness Media, a division of ThermoGenesis Group. Thermogenesis also owned iMovR, a leading innovator in the office fitness industry. When iMovR was acquired by PFHN Ventures in 2023 it once again became independent of any corporate ownership. (Learn about how we manage conflict of interest in our product reviews here).

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