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Our Story

At WorkWhileWalking, we are passionate about treadmill desks and standing desks, not only because we’ve experienced their positive health effects in our own lives, but because we believe they are the best way to reverse ‘sitting disease’ and help workers everywhere live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

A Heritage of Expert Product Reviews

Over 5 years ago, we began life exclusively as a ‘reviews’ site, pointing readers towards the best configurations of treadmill desks and standing desks in the market. Our rigorous testing and evaluating process earned us a reputation for thoughtful and informative product reviews. (You can read all about our review process here.) We thrived as readers found our content, engaged with us via phone call or chat, and either purchased an item from our online store or clicked on one of our affiliate links to a site such as Amazon.

Initially, we sold and recommended third-party products from all the best office furniture vendors, including Ergotron, Humanscale, and Focal (now Safco). But as we continued to grow, learn, and develop our understanding of the office fitness furniture industry, we became aware that no manufacturer was taking the unique ergonomic requirements of standing desks and treadmill desks seriously, and it was difficult to find reliably high-quality products.

The Dive into Design & Manufacturing – iMovR

At that point, the path towards manufacturing our own products was clear. With a formidable team of experts in treadmill design, standing desk design, office technology, ergonomics, and health care, we chose to take the plunge and move that knowledge and experience into creating the best products in the market, through our own brand, iMovR. The brand would be dedicated to providing the most ergonomically-sound and highest-quality office fitness products, including a patented SteadyType keyboard tray for better typing ergonomics and our very own office treadmill, the ThermoTread GT.

While this was an exciting development, we knew our readers were still counting on us to learn about the merits of all the most popular office fitness products and brands. We were still in an excellent position to share our expert knowledge (if not in a better one, given our new manufacturing knowledge). For this reason, we decided to continue to write and produce educational content on our blog site, WorkWhileWalking, informing readers like you about the best ways to create a healthy and active work life.

WorkWhileWalking Looking Forward

Years later, we are now a major player in the office fitness industry. We are still owned and operated by the same founders who began WorkWhileWalking over 5 years ago. And it’s still in our DNA to do the most thorough research and recommend the best products in the market, regardless of the manufacturer.

That’s why thousands of readers have come to rely on WorkWhileWalking for their office fitness needs, including major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, law firms, finance and accounting firms, publishing companies, technology companies, and other firms that employ sedentary workers seeking higher productivity and better heath. We look forward to continuing our mission to educate workers about the need for healthy, active, and ergonomic workstations.

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WorkWhileWalking is a division of ThermoGenesis Group, Inc., which also owns iMovR, a leading innovator in the office fitness industry; Treadio, which installs treadmill desk workstations in publicly-accessible facilities; and, an online office fitness retail store with a showroom open to the public in Bellevue, WA.