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Work While Walking LogoThere’s no question the standing desk and treadmill desk revolution is taking workplaces and home offices by storm. Millions of standing workers and hundreds of thousands of walking workers have already experienced the health benefits and productivity boost from sitting less and moving more. Whether you’re a lifelong health addict trying to stay fit without losing precious work time, or someone who is struggling with being overweight or other ailments caused from many years in front of a computer, treadmill desks are fast becoming recognized as the most effective tool for combating “sitting disease.”

While 80% of our readers and are only interested in a sit-to-stand desk right now, more and more are graduating to a treadmill desk, as well. Present in medical labs since the 90’s, only in recent years have treadmill desks become practical and affordable for every desk worker. With all the new choices in the market, more confusion than ever exists around brand reliability and what equipment configurations are best. Product quality runs the gamut from hazardously flimsy to literally being “built like a tank” – and priced likewise. When it comes to equipment you’re going to use for several hours a day, quality design and construction really matters. This is why we created WorkWhileWalking.com: To evaluate treadmill desk equipment and collect user feedback on treadmill desk performance. Read all about our rigorous, expert product evaluation process.

We’re continually adding helpful information and advice for office fitness enthusiasts – everything from how to build your own treadmill desk to best practices that’ll keep your productivity high and the potential for discomfort or injury (from improper ergonomic settings and/or repetitive motion syndrome) as low as possible.

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This organization was formed by a group of individuals who are passionate about treadmill desking not only because we’ve experienced its positive effects on our own health, but also because of the potential to have a lasting and widely-scalable effect on the population of workers everywhere. Our team includes experts on treadmill design, office technology, ergonomics and health care. It is our goal to promote well-being and wide-spread adoption of treadmill desks by only recommending the best products from the most reputable manufacturers.

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Full Disclosure

WorkWhileWalking is a division of ThermoGenesis Group, Inc., which also owns iMovR, a leading innovator in the office fitness industry; Treadio, which installs treadmill desk workstations in publicly-accessible facilities; and SitLess.com, an online office fitness retail store with a showroom open to the public in Bellevue, WA. In the interest of transparency, you will find the following disclaimer accompanying every review we write about an iMovR product:

*Full disclosure: iMovR and WorkWhileWalking have mutual ownership interest. However, we can assure our readers that we expose the good and the bad of every product, regardless of any financial connection we may have to the manufacturer. 

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WorkWhileWalking became the most trafficked website for office fitness enthusiasts one product review and advice article at a time, but we’re not just a blog site. We partner with the world’s only retail stores and trialing centers devoted to office fitness products. Everyone you reach at WorkWhileWalking by live chat, phone, or email is an experienced user of all the products we review, or can put you in touch with the best in-house expert – we’re here to help create the right solution for your needs.

And that’s why thousands of readers have to come to rely on WorkWhileWalking for their office fitness needs, including major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, law firms, finance and accounting firms, publishing companies, technology companies and other firms that employ sedentary workers who are seeking higher productivity and better heath.