Eureka 31.5″ Electric Sit-Stand Converter Review

May 31, 2022
  • Lab tested

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Eureka 31.5


Review Summary

This is unprecedented price territory for a quality electric standing desk converter. We’ve seen $299 before (like the Autonomous SmartDesk Mini) but they pale in comparison in technology, structural stability, quality of components, durability and overall value. This new unit is bound to dethrone the Varidesk Electric.

MSRP / List Price $ 299
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3 year warranty

Lift Type

Electric, X-Lift

Colors Available


Monitor Arm Mounting Options

Any edge-clamp monitor arm with no more than 2.4″ of draft required.

Adjustment Range

Height range: 5.8125″-19.125″

Weight Capacity

50 lbs.


Main Work Surface: 31.50 W × 5.80 H × 27.50 L
Keyboard Tray: 30 1/4″ W x 12″ D
Base: 29 7/16″ W x 18 3/16″ D

Product Weight

41.89 lbs

Shipping Weight

59.5 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Unprecedented price point for its quality and features, ultra-quiet lift, unique buffer design keeps lifting process smooth while lowering to a sitting position, deeper work surface is better for large monitors, X-Lift lifts straight up-and-down to save space at your desk area, electronics stowed underneath work surface for better protection, tablet holder and usb charger built-in
Negatives Just available in black, l-bracket connecting keyboard tray has slight flex (barely noticeable)

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an electric standing desk converter and want the most for your money, the Eureka Sit Stand Electric is a clear winner. Rolling in at $299, this smooth and quiet lifting X-Lift electric has a deep work surface for larger monitors, all the electronics stowed cleanly underneath the work surface, and a unique ‘buffer system’ that ensures a smooth transition to the sitting position (unlike competitor models which violently collide into the desk surface during the last inch of movement). An impressive 19” max height fits users up to about 6’ 6”, and it also comes with a convenient mobile device holder for tablets/phones and a built-in USB charger. Our top pick in the under-$500 electric standing desk converter category.

[Editors’ Update: It appears that this product is no longer available from Eureka Ergonomic. We leave the original review intact here for posterity, and in the hope that Eureka returns to its production of these products in the future. See our comprehensive review of the best standing desk converters for other options.]

The Rise of the Electric Standing Desk Converter

In previous years, high-quality electric standing desk converters were much more expensive than manual units—so much so that it usually made sense to just go with a full standing desk if you had the option (i.e. your desk wasn’t a “built-in” you couldn’t remove). Before, if you wanted a quality electric standing desk converter, you had to pony up for the likes of a Winston-E, coming in at over a thousand dollars. Or, if you wanted cheap, you had to suffer through the quality problems inherent in a slip-shod model like the Autonomous SmartDesk Mini at $299 (now defunct).

One of our favorite electric sit-stand converter workstations until now has been the only Varidesk model that ever performed well in laboratory testing, the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Electric. This new unit from Eureka is set to de-throne the Varidesk electric, and not just because it costs only $299 as compared to Varidesk’s $499. Ironically, the two units were designed by the same engineering team and are built in the same factory in Foshan, China. That $200 difference? All mark-up and TV advertising for Varidesk… save your money and buy the more updated unit direct from the manufacturer.

For the first time, buyers no longer have to compromise on quality to get a low cost electric standing desk converter. Over the past couple of years we’ve been predicting that manually-operated stand converter will slowly go the way of the crank car window, as new electric models offer more features and better value. As more and more users adopt big panoramic LCDs or dual, if not triple LCD displays, the spring and gas pneumatic manual models just won’t have the lift capacity these users really need, or may see their counter-balance strength degrade over time. No longer prohibitively expensive, it just makes more sense to invest in a more future-proof electric unit unless you have some really good reason not to.

Space-Saving, Super-Quiet Lift Mechanism

The Eureka Electric fits into the electric standing desk converter category as well as the X-Lift category, given the architecture of its frame. As an X-Lift, one of its key benefits is that it lifts straight up-and-down; there is no arcing forward like you’ll see on Z-Lifts. For those tight on space, you won’t have to take a step backwards into your cubicle area while you’re standing.

Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter - X-Lift Straight Up and Down
The Eureka Electric’s frame is an X-Lift, which means it lifts straight up-and-down instead of encroaching in upon your desk area.

One distinguishing feature we noticed right away is how quiet the motors are during the lifting process. Compared with the Versadesk Power Pro, which makes a loud whining noise, the Eureka-designed model operates at a subtle hum. Many office workers want to avoid disrupting their coworkers. If that’s a concern for you, the Eureka Electric is as noiseless as any electric standing desk converter we’ve ever lab tested.

Another feature setting this unit apart from competitors is that all its electronic components are housed underneath the main work surface. This protects them against damage during regular use and keeps the unit free from unnecessarily exposed components—not to mention keeping dust out of the motor works. There is no need for an old-school, coiled telephone cord connecting the hand controller and the motor like you’ll see on Versadesk Power Pro. To add to the modern feel, a blue backlight shines behind the up/down buttons.

The Eureka’s lift mechanism boasts an impressive 50 lbs weight capacity, which is plenty to support a dual monitor arm plus LCDs and all your other desktop accoutrements. Its weight rating is about 20 lbs higher than what you’ll find on the average manual standing desk converter but keep in mind that the actual counterbalance force is usually half of a converter’s max weight capacity, so more like 15-20 lbs. So the 50-lb rating on this electric model actually triples the lift capacity as compared to a manual mechanism. And with a maximum height of 19 ⅛”, (about average for standing desk converters), it enough to accommodate users up to 6’ 6”.

One more note on the lift mechanism is its speed; the Eureka Electric takes about 15 seconds to move throughout its entire height range (~1 inch/second), while the Versadesk moseys up at a leisurely pace, taking 20 seconds to adjust over a similar height range. It isn’t a speed demon by any account, but it’s faster than most, and it won’t leave you feeling impatient waiting to sit or stand. The few that are slightly faster than theEureka are also way noisier, not worth the savings of a second or two in transit speed.

Unique Buffering System Makes Smooth Transition to Sitting

An issue inherent in all Z-Lift and X-Lift models is that gravity has more leverage during the last inch or so of lowering. On manual lift models, this means the user has to expend a little more effort to slow the descent. On electric models, the story can be different. As we noted about the Versadesk Power Pro, its work surface drops downwards precipitously during its final inches of descent, making a fairly violent collision with the desk surface.

To solve this basic physics problem with the X-frame, the engineers at the Eureka Ergonomic Design Studio developed an innovative mechanical component to employ on both its electric model and its manual Eureka New Generation Sit Stand Converter model. As the unit lowers, a rubber stopper or ‘buffer’ as they call it, makes contact with the frame an inch or so before final contact with the desk surface. The motor then slows down and the rubber stopper gracefully lowers the unit until it comes to a rest. The result is an elegant solution that keeps the entire height transition completely smooth.

Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter - Buffer System
An innovative ‘buffer system’ gently stops the unit as it lowers to the sitting position; this is an improvement upon competing models like the Versadesks, which drop quickly to the desk surface.

Work Surface Accommodates Large Monitors

The Eureka Electric has a relatively deep work surface, which aside from providing more room for desktop items also makes it more comfortable to view large monitors. At ~27.5” deep, there is a healthy amount of distance between you and your monitors. For reference, the Varidesk Pro Plus Electric comes in a bit deeper (32 ¼”), but the Versadesk is shallower (23.5”).

Without a monitor arm holding up your monitors, the Eureka Electric can accommodate either one monitor up to 32” or two monitors up to 21” each. However, with a monitor arm, which we highly recommend for more ergonomic positioning of your monitors, you can hold up to two large 30” monitors.

Do be aware that not all monitor arm models will fit on the back of your Eureka 31.5″ Electric Standing Desk Converter. There is about 2.4” inches of depth between the back edge of the work surface and the crossbeam that supports the work surface. We tested a variety of monitor arms, and Eureka’s proprietary brand fits perfectly—so does iMovR’s Tempo Lite. Many other arms were unable to clamp properly due to this shallow draft. Still better than the Varidesk’s even shallower draft (and why Varidesk had to create their own cheesy monitor arms to fit), but not as free-and-clear as models like the ZipLift that are completely free of obstructions. (Most Z-lift designs do not suffer this common problem of X-lift frames.)

Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter - Monitor Arm Compatible
A variety of monitor arm models are compatible with the Eureka Electric; it can hold up to 2 x 30″ screens using a dual monitor arm.

You won’t have to be afraid of overloading your Eureka Electric; its 50 lbs weight capacity is plenty to hold a dual monitor arm and dual monitors, as well as the rest of your desktop accoutrement, like keyboard, coffee cup, and mouse.

The black finish on the work surface does leave a trace of oil from fingerprints, a problem you’ll find ameliorated with the stipple finishes of some competing models, like the ZipLifts. We found the fingerprints were nothing a cloth rag and a little cleaner couldn’t easily wipe away.

Other Niceties

Work surface extras include a convenient USB charger in the center of the backlit up/down switch, and groove for holding your phone or tablet at the front edge of the work surface. You can keep your mobile device charged and visible during the workday.

Like many desk converters, the Eureka Electric comes ready-to-use right out of the box with zero tools or assembly required. The 42 lb device is remarkably light compared to other electrics and even some of Eureka’s larger units like the 36 Gen2 and the 46 XL, but the packaging is no less robust, weighing 17 lbs itself. We love the attention that Eureka Ergonomic Design Studios pays to professionally engineered packaging and ensuring the best possible customer experience.

And to make sure you’re getting the most out of your converter, check out the iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for standing desk converters. It’s the first kit on the market designed specifically for standing desk converters.

New for 2020: Electric Corner Version

Addressing the constant demand for converters that can work well in a cubicle corner, Eureka have recently introduced an identically-priced version of the original unit featuring chamfered corners for a perfect fit into the corner of a desk.


The basic specifications such as height range, lift capacity, stability, etc., are all the same but the new shape of the work surface offers the versatility of also working well in corners. Compare to other corner units in our round-up for Corner Standing Desk Converters.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for an electric standing desk converter and you want the most for your money, the Eureka Sit-Stand Electric is the clear winner. Rolling in at $299, this X-Lift electric has an impressive feature set, including a quiet motor, a deep work surface for larger monitors, and an innovative ‘buffer system’ that ensures a smooth transition to sitting (unlike competitor models that collide violently with the desk surface). Its impressive 19” max height fits users up to about 6’ 6”, and it’s backed with a 3-year warranty. Overall, the Eureka Ergonomic Electric Sit-Stand Desk is our top pick in Standing Desk Converters Under $350.

For more top-notch standing desk converters, check out our Standing Desk Converter Comparison Review.


  • Product Color: Black
  • Product Size: 31.5 W × 5.8 H × 27.50 L
  • Product Weight: 41.89 LBS
  • Shipping Weight: 59.5 LBS
  • Overall Weight Capacity: 50 LBS
  • Supports dual monitors up to 30″ with monitor arm attachment sold separately

Eureka Electric Standing Desk Converter Specs


This product is backed by a 3-year warranty.


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  • makenbaccon December 7, 2020

    It seems this model has gone out of production. Do you have another recomendation?

    • admin December 7, 2020

      Yes, unfortunately this very popular unit was a casualty of coronavirus impact in China earlier this year. In the electric category the Versadesk unit is not as nice but it is functional, and the Varidesk unit is a solid product but substantially more expensive. Beyond that the ZipLifts are still the top-rated converters, though not electric. See our category round-up review for more details