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Top Standing Desk Converters | X-Lift Models


X-Lifts may be the second most popular type of stand up desk converter in the market. They lift straight up and down, eliminating a slight weakness of their (more popular) Z-Lift cousins, which lift up and out. Lifting straight up and down saves space and eliminates the ‘teeter totter’ effect that comes from a device that arcs out into the standing position. However, we haven’t yet seen a model with a tilting ergonomic keyboard tray, and you’ll want to be careful not to pinch your fingers in the frame.

X-Lifts are usually a bit less expensive than Z-Lifts (at least upper end Z-Lifts), but keep in mind you’ll have no built-in way to adjust your monitor height for when you stand. Without a monitor arm or monitor post, you’ll be craning your neck down to see your monitor(s) while you stand. Adding a monitor arm of some kind will add to the cost, and make an X-Lift more comparable in price to a Post & Base model (which come with a built-in monitor post), for instance.

One more point on X-Lifts before we get into the reviews. Unlike some Z-Lifts, the X-Lifts we’ve reviewed do not have lift mechanisms with brakes for stopping at precise heights. They have spring-aided lift mechanisms with gas struts, and limited height settings. They latch into place when you adjust the height, and depending on the model, this makes some noise. Enough to bug your coworkers? Depends on the product. Our reviews discuss this and more in detail.

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Best Stand Up Desk Converters (X-Lift) by Ranking
Best Stand Up Desk Converters (X-Lifts, Single Lift) by Ranking
Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying X-Lift Stand Up Desk Converters
-Do You Use Dual Monitors?
-How Noisy is the Unit?
-Is It Ergonomically-sound?

Best Stand Up Desk Converters (X-Lifts) by Ranking

Stand Up Desk Converter
Pros/Cons Price

1. Flexispot Classic

Flexispot Desktop RiserRead Our Full Review


  • Four models—27″, 35″, 42″(corner), or 48″ wide work surfaces
  • Extra deep work surfaces ensure proper viewing distance from monitors
  • Solid stability at all heights
  • Straight up-and-down motion saves office space


  • No tilting keyboard tray; some assembly required
Starting at $269

2. Halter ED-258

Halter Sit-Stand Desk ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Wood grain HPL work surfaces are a nice alternative to solid-color competitors
  • Arrives fully assembled, so you can use it right out of the box


  • While the converter has an advertised weight capacity of 44.1 lbs, we found that it could not even hold 40 lbs.
  • A combination of weak counterbalance pistons and cheap handles makes the ED-258 very difficult to lift
  • The handles were of exceptionally poor quality—unfinished, and attached to the frame by a single (bent) screw with no nut
Starting at $200

3. Varidesk Laptop 30

Varidesk Laptop 30Read Our Full Review


  • Miniscule footprint makes it better suited for compact workstations than other Varidesks
  • Improves upon original Varidesk models by adding ‘lowered’ keyboard tray


  • Ill-equipped for long-term use, thanks to its lack of ergonomic customizability
  • Extremely low 10 lb. weight capacity
  • Very few height settings, making it difficult to find your ideal position
Starting at $175


Best Stand Up Desk Converters (X-Lifts, Single Lift) by Ranking

Inherently less stable than X-Lifts with dual bars, these models have the benefit of being less expensive. Many are popular on Amazon, but we generally cannot give our full recommendation. They are generally low quality with unstable work surfaces, and are nearly impossible to make ergonomically-sound.

Stand Up Desk Converter
(X-Lift, Single Lift)
Pros/Cons Price
3. Fellowes Lotus

Fellowes Lotus Desktop RiserRead Our Full Review


  • Compatible with dual monitor arm kit for improved ergonomics
  • 22 different height settings
  • Most stable work surface for an X-Lift, Single Lift


  • Weighs 50 lbs and is cumbersome to move
Starting at $370

2. AirRise Pro

AirRise Pro Sit-Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Multiple color and finish options
  • Less quality complaints than other devices in this price range


  • Users report difficulty lifting due to weak counterbalance force in lifting mechanism
  • Low maximum height (15.5″) makes it unusable for workers over 6’0″
Starting at $159

3. Stand Steady X-Elite Pro

AirRise Pro Sit-Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Lightweight, simple, and sleekly designed


  • Ergonomically insufficient due to lack of a keyboard tray and incompatibility with monitor arms
  • Extremely noisy during height adjustment
  • Overpriced for what it does
Starting at $170

* Please note Amazon prices may vary as per vendors’ discretion.

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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying X-Lift Stand Up Desk Converters

Keep these points in mind as you’re comparing X-Lifts.

Do You Use Dual Monitors?

Like Z-Lifts, some X-Lifts are better able to accommodate multiple monitor setups than others. Here’s a quick list of specs to consider if you want an X-Lift to hold more than one monitor:

  1. Work Surface Width
  2. Weight Capacity
  3. Counterbalance Force

You’ll see each one of our detailed reviews tackle these aspects one by one, but here we’ll make a quick note on “Counterbalance Force”. X-Lifts come equipped with an air piston that aids in lifting the device up and lowering it down. Without these you’d be stuck lifting the whole weight of your device (monitors and all) up and down, which would put a hefty strain on your back (and be simply too much to lift for some people).

On cheaper X-Lifts, you’ll see tiny, inexpensive air pistons that aid little in the lifting process and basically put the burden of lifting on you alone. These will likely break sooner than larger, high quality pistons, and the issue is exacerbated when you’re adding multiple monitors. That’s why it’s so important to choose a unit with strong counterbalance force if you’re planning to put a lot of weight on your converter. We’ll assess each unit’s counterbalance force in our detailed reviews (as it’s not usually an advertised spec).

How Noisy is the Unit?

Unfortunately, noise is a concession you’ll have to make if you choose to go with an X-Lift. These units use spring lift mechanisms with gas struts as aids, but none of them have the braking system you’ll see on a high quality Z-Lift. This means X-Lifts will make some kind of noise (some worse than others) when latching into place at their predetermined height settings.

Is it Ergonomically-sound?

We’ve already mentioned monitor arms are not included with most X-Lifts. They will be an extra cost. As for tilting ergonomic keyboard trays, we haven’t seen any X-Lifts to date with this key feature. A tilting keyboard tray correctly emulates a proper ‘neutral’ position for your arms and wrists to rest at while you type and stand.

If you want more items to consider when purchasing a desktop riser, see our article Top 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Converter.