X-Lift Standing Desk Converter

Top X-Lift Standing Desk Converters - Expert Reviews

X-Lifts may be the second most popular type of stand up desk converters in the market. They lift straight up and down, eliminating a slight weakness of their (more popular) Z-Lift cousins, which lift up and out. Lifting straight up and down saves space and eliminates the ‘teeter totter’ effect that comes from a device that arcs out into the standing position. However, we haven’t yet seen a model with a tilting ergonomic keyboard tray, and you’ll want to be careful not to pinch your fingers in the frame.

Humanscale QuickStand Eco Standing Desk Converter

The Best Standing Desk Converters

Call it a desktop workstation, a sit-stand workstation, or a desktop riser, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ah, well, let’s step back from that a bit and just say that some of these products are on the rose spectrum while others may be closer to skunk cabbage. As a…

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Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converte

Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Sit Stand Desk Converter Review

The Eureka Ultra Slim Portable Standing Desk Converter packs a sturdy X-Lift frame and silent lift mechanism into an easy-to-move device.

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FlexiSpot GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2 in an ergonomic office in a home

FlexiSpot ML2 GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter Review

This simple standing desk converter offers a range-limited manual operation in an X-lift style and is light enough to be considered portable

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VariDesk Laptop 30

VariDesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation Review

With the smallest footprint of any Varidesk desktop converter, the Laptop 30 is the most compact workstation in Varidesk's catalog.

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fitueyes 30 inch standing desk converter

Fitueyes 30″ Basic Series Portable Standing Desk Converter Review

The Fitueyes 30” basic series standing desk converter is offers a portable solution for mainly laptop users who are looking to escape the sedentary lifestyle they've fallen accustom to.

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Ergotron WorkFit TX Standing Desk Converter Review

We’ve got little to knock, just the fact that we would have liked to have seen a steeper maximum tilt angle on the ergonomic keyboard tray.

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Eureka Sit Stand New Generation Converter

Eureka Sit-Stand Desk New Generation (31B) Review

No other standing desk converter in the $199 price range offers the feature set of the Eureka Sit Stand Desk New Generation.

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FlexiSpot Desktop Riser

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot Desktop Workstation is actually a series of four standing desk converters made by Chinese office fitness manufacturer Loctek.

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fully cooper standing desk converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

Fully's Cooper standing desk converter is a well-made product that features an available bamboo top and a smooth X-lift mechanism.

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Halter ED-258

Halter ED-258 Standing Desk Converter Review

Halter's ED-258 features an extra-deep lower tray to hold your laptop. However, this standing desk converter isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Review

Stand Steady's X-Elite Pro is a standing desk converter with a simple X-lift design. However, the simplest solution isn't always the best.

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Fezibo series H sit-stand workstation in white

FEZiBO Standing Desk Converter Series H Review

This standing desk converter offers manual operation in an x-lift rising style with minimalist features and commodity-grade quality.

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Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter Review

The Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter is likely your cheapest entry point for an electric converter, but it has some glaring flaws.

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fitueyes 32 inch 2 tier standing desk converter

Fitueyes 2-Tier 32″ Standing Desk Converter Review

The Fitueyes 2-tier 32" standing desk converter is compact enough to suit your needs especially if you don't have an exceptionally heavy, dual-monitor set-up. Its weigh capacity of 33 pounds (and the 32" desktop) is limiting of larger size monitors. But the construction quality l…

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