Fitueyes 2-Tier 32″ Standing Desk Converter Review

May 10, 2023
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fitueyes 32 inch 2 tier standing desk converter


Review Summary

Fitueyes has produced several non-electric standing-desk converters, and the 32-inch two-tier converter checks the box for a workstation that is pretty compact but large enough for two smaller monitors. It requires just a little assembly, attaching the second tier to the main frame, and is relatively easy to operate. The design might appear sleek, but cheap thin-gauge metal and particleboard construction in China likely won’t last all that long for most users. Its height range is suitable for pretty tall individuals. But if you want to make a truly ergonomic workstation with a monitor arm, you might not find it compatible with most arms out there.

MSRP / List Price $139

Free within contiguous 48 states.


2 years

Lift Type

X-lift gas piston



Sizes Available

Top surface: 31.5” x 24.2”

Colors Available

Black, brown, white


Thin gauge steel and particle board top

Adjustment Range

Top surface height range: 4.3″-19.8″

Weight Capacity

33 lbs


Main work surface: 31.5″ x 15.7″
Keyboard tray: 31.5″, 9-1/2″ added depth from upper tier, 3-3/4″ below upper tier
Base: 30.6″ x 18″

Product Weight

27 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Assembly involves attaching the keyboard tier to the main deck with four screws making it a fairly easy set-up for a two-tiered product. The converter is compact enough for those that have a smaller workstation if necessary but still big enough for two smaller screens if their stands can both fit on the upper work surface. Non-electric manual operation means no cables and makes it virtually noiseless. Simple to operate, and available in three colors. 19-3/4" height range is adequate for even taller users.
Negatives Keyboard tray is lifted 1" off main desk surface when collapsed down to the seated position, which can bother users with wrist and elbow pain. Compatibility with a truly ergonomic and sturdy monitor arm is doubtful given the limited size and weight limit. The X-lift design can be problematic if components wear down or the load is over capacity, and the cheap construction and materials pretty much guarantee that this will happen right around the short 2-year warranty if not sooner. Many users have commented on the failure of this converter to perform as it should.

Bottom Line

The Fitueyes 32” 2-tier converter is a compact option for users who have the smaller workstation and want to get up out of their chairs. It is capable of holding a large monitor like an iMac or a dual monitor set-up with smaller displays, or laptop plus monitor. Its X-lift design is powered by dual gas spring pistons and doesn’t require much force to lift or lower if the weight of the objects is roughly half of the unit's weight capacity, at least until it starts to fail. It's a "get what you pay for" situation, and it is a very cheap converter, so you can tell that the overall quality is pretty poor. The best aspect is that it does have a pretty significant height range that can accommodate many taller users.

[Editors’ Note – This product is no longer available from the manufacturer but might still be on Amazon for a time. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]

Fitueyes Makes Standing Desk Converters?

fitueyes two-tier 32
⁣The dual-tier design of this standing desk converter from Fitueyes does reach to a decent height for taller users.

Fitueyes is a Chinese company that specializes in TV stands and TV furniture, but made a foray into the standing desk converter business with some very cheap, and very crude standing desk converter products. It’s clearly not a focus for the company as you won’t find these converters on their website or even in their Amazon store except by typing them into the search bar. Our best guess is that Fitueyes was trying to ride the WFH wave but ever since that slowed down they’ve gone back to their roots in TV furniture.

Nevertheless, their converters were, and perhaps still are, big sellers on Amazon. This may be winding down, though, as they appear to have removed the products from their navigation menus.

Low Construction Quality

If you look at the reviews for this manual X-lift standing desk converter on Amazon, the majority of them are 5-star reviews. We have a whole article on why you can’t trust Amazon reviews and how you can try to get the truth out of them.

When you look at some of the more detailed and thoughtful reviews (in particular, after receiving and using the product), it is apparent that the quality of the construction and materials is not what you want in a long-lasting office product. Many reviews point out how it failed after only a year or two. The cheap gas spring counterbalance mechanism will lose its counterbalance force easily after multiple uses, requiring the user to use more and more muscle to raise and lower the platform.

This level of quality is also apparent in the price and the warranty. It is honestly a really low price for a standing desk converter – so low that it should ring alarms. They had to cut costs somewhere, and that is really going to start a decline in quality, like with the cheap particle board work surfaces. The warranty is only 2 years, which seems to be about when they fail anyway. It really isn’t all that long compared to higher quality units that garner better ratings from our review staff, but typical of most Chinese manufactured standing desk converters.

Not Completely Ergonomic

When it comes to ergonomic benefits, we are very critical of the products we review, because there’s a lot of “faux ergonomics” out there, in particular with products made in China. If you look at this converter at face value, there are the obvious benefits.

The dual tier design does help a little bit in ergonomics in a way, at least when you are standing. Lots of people don’t know it, but the height of the monitor in relation to your eyes can cause significant neck strain after long hours of use if it isn’t correct. The standard ergonomic guideline is that the top of your monitor(s) should be at the 0° sightline from your eyes. When we change positions from sitting to standing, our lower spines are no longer bent at a 90° angle, and therefore the relative distance between the keyboard and the top of the monitor gets larger. If you want to avoid this problem altogether, you’ll need an articulating monitor arm, though this converter may notsupport a proper one with its weight limit and stability issues.

One of the biggest ergonomic problems with this converter is pointed out by several users, and by our experience with similar products, is where the keyboard lays at the sitting position. The keyboard tray sits just high enough that you can’t rest your hands in an optimal position for ergonomic typing. It isn’t quite as bad as some that sit two inches or more off the desk surface (like the Fitueyes 30” Basic Portable Standing Desk Converter that sits 2.25” above the desk), but it will still hurt your wrists after sustained use. 

Another issue is the “ergonomic” shape of the keyboard platform, which isn’t in any way more ergonomic but may cause it to be difficult to fit both a full-sized keyboard and a decent-sized mouse pad next to each other, so be sure to check the dimensions before buying (quite a few users report that this is a problem for them.

Converter Stability Issues

Like many of the typical products we review that come out of Chinese factories, the Fitueyes 32” Dual-Tier standing desk converter has issues with performance, apart from the durability issues noted above.

One of the primary needs of a standing desk converter is stability. If the surface and monitors start to wobble and shift the minute you start typing, this could seriously eat into productivity. Many users noticed this issue with the converter, which resulted in a bad experience overall.


fitueyes two-tier 32
⁣This standing desk converter can be a cheap solution to get people on their feet while they work in an office environment, but it might not last too long.

The Fitueyes Two-Tier 32” Standing Desk Converter might not be the bottom of the barrel for standing desk converters, but it is in the bottom “tier.” In comparison to the other Fitueyes 30” basic standing desk converter, this converter does have more room and two levels. So, if that is worth the price increase while still getting the same problems with reliability, ergonomic limitations, and more, go for it. We don’t recommend it though. If you want a converter that helps your standing desk workstation more than that, you’ll have to spend a bit more, but you’ll get a better-designed and more reliable product.

Be sure to read our comparison reviews on all the top standing desk converters in every category from X-lift to floating to electric in our in-depth roundup. And if a unit you can move around easily is what you’re in the market, be sure to specifically check out other Portable Standing Desk Converters we’ve reviewed.

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