Fitueyes 30″ Basic Series Portable Standing Desk Converter Review

May 13, 2023
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fitueyes 30 inch standing desk converter


Review Summary

The Fitueyes Basic Series 30″ standing desk converter is the cheapest option in the market for average-height individuals looking to get on their feet while working. The only thing going for it is that it is technically portable, but that also means it can’t handle a lot of weight, has a minimal height adjustment range, and isn’t a very stable mechanism.

Best Use

As a standing desk for laptop users who aren’t very tall.

MSRP / List Price $109

Free shipping to contiguous 48 states. FedEx rate to HI, AK


2 years

Lift Type

X-lift mechanism

Sizes Available

30″L x 20″D x 2.2″H

Colors Available

The unit comes in black or brown, but for just a couple of bucks more you can select from six artful mousepad designs like “Starry Night” the cover the entire desktop (available on Amazon).


Metal frame, particleboard desktop with PVC edge banding

Monitor Arm Mounting Options

As a portable unit this converter does not support a monitor arm

Adjustment Range

Height range: 2.2″-16.1″

Weight Capacity

22 lbs

Number of Monitors Supported



20″ x 30″ x 2.2″

Power Consumption


Typical Assembly Time


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Where to buy Buy on Fitueyes
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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Offers portability and a 30"x20" work surface. Super low entry point for a standing workstation.
Negatives The limited height adjustment range to 16" above the underlying desk is not sufficient for taller users, if they want to avoid strain on their arms, neck and shoulders. Quite unstable while working on it. Cheap, commodity-grade steel components from China.

Bottom Line

As a portable standing desk converter, the Fitueyes 30" Basic Series X-lift style converter offers a decent 30"x20" desktop, but little else. The cheap, commodity-grade steel componentry will strain under constant use. Its 22-pound lifting capacity is the lowest of all the converters we've ever tested (many dozens now). Its actually better used with laptops only and by those average-height individuals who won't be forced to crane their necks down to view their screen. It's basically the cheapest you can go to get a standing workstation, and the price is reflective of the quality.

[Editors’ Note – This product is no longer available from the manufacturer but may still be available on Amazon for a time. We will keep this review up for future reference and comparison.]

Fitueyes, which was founded in 2005, focuses on developing television stands. The company was likely trying to ride the wave of workers who had to make home offices during the pandemic when it designed this flimsy portable converter with very limited weight capacity and height range. Oddly, the product is no longer even featured on the company’s website and can only be found as a long listing on Amazon now (and not even in Fitueyes’ Amazon store). 

Poor Construction Quality

This Fitueyes product is a manual X-lift converter which operates with a cheap gas spring counterbalance mechanism (translation: expect it to lose its counterbalance force easily, like a bad screen door). The entire converter is constructed and assembled in China utilizing thin-gauge steel and lightweight particleboard desktop. Its affordable price tag should ring alarm bells for most prospective buyers as it is potentially the cheapest option in the converter category, cheaper even than the Uplift E3 Converter, also a non-electric, single-tier X-lift that comes a full three inches shorter and with half the weight support of better units.

Minimal Size and Limitations

At a width of 30″, this converter is compact enough to suit very small workstations. The weight capacity of 22 pounds is only capable of holding a single monitor or laptop and keyboard adequately. Its portability is its only real asset, though if you’re a taller user you won’t want to work from it too long as this can lead to neck strain. 

When collapsed to sitting height the user’s typing height is 2.2″ higher than before, not a 1/4″ or 1/2″ like you’ll find on good converter units. And that can lead to all sorts of ergonomic issues. So you really wouldn’t want to use this unit at all when seated. Better to just remove it from the desk entirely. So that’s a really big drawback.

Colorful “Mousepad” Options

This is a unique feature… Fitueyes offers six fabric mousepads with artwork printed on them that are the entire size of the desktop surface, for only a couple of bucks more if you order on Amazon.

While this does brighten up the drab underlying black or brown unit, and may improve the functionality of your mouse, it is one more thing to move around each time you pop the converter on your desk… seems like something that would get old quick.

Poor Stability

As reviewers primarily for desks and accessories to be used while working and standing/walking, we are quite particular on stability. Sadly, the 30” Fitueyes basic series converter fails to offer much in the way of stability as you type on the surface, shaking around uncomfortably while typing. 

The Takeaway

For the person looking to eliminate the prolonged sedentary lifestyle with a portable desktop converter product, this is technically an option. though not likely one you’ll want to keep using in the long run. We cannot recommend it for taller individuals as its max height reach of 16″ above the desktop will result in neck craning.

Be sure to read our comparison reviews on all the top standing desk converters in every category from X-lift to floating to electric in our in-depth roundup. And if a unit you can move around easily is what you’re in the market, be sure to specifically check out other Portable Standing Desk Converters we’ve reviewed.

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