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Whirly Board Review

The Whirly Board provides movement without inhibiting your ability to work at an adjustable height desk—it was surprisingly easy to stay balanced.

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Standing Desk Balance Board

Are standing desk balance boards good for you? Should you stand on one all day? We cover all of your standing desk balance board questions.

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The Level Balance Board

Top Balance Board Reviews

We reviewed all the popular balance boards on the market to find the best standing desk balance board in terms of quality, functionality and price.

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desk cable management

Best Cable Management Kits for Standing Desks

Beyond cosmetic tidiness, desk cable management is key for a safe and sane workstation as well. We review the best desk cable organizer options.

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StandUpDeskStore AirRise Plus

StandUpDeskStore AirRise Plus Standing Desk Converter Review

The StandUpDeskStore AirRise Plus Standing Desk Converter has a pneumatic Z-Lift design and unfortunately comes with some big flaws.

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Top Z-Lift Standup Desk Converters – Experts Review

Top Z-Lift Stand Up Desk Converter Reviews

Varidesk, ZipLift, Ergotron, and more—we've reviewed 100s of stand up desk products over the years. Find out how the top products fare.

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Overall Best Standing Desk Converters

Best Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Call it a desktop workstation, a sit-stand workstation, or a desktop riser, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ah, well, let’s step back from that a bit and just say that some of these products are on the rose spectrum while others may be closer to skunk cabbage. As always, caveat emptor, and that’s where we come in and lab test these units to find out what they’re really mad…

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Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

Reviews of 18 top standing converters models across all model types, including Z-Lifts, X-Lifts, Hovers, Post & Base, and Electric, under $350.

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Top X-Lift Standing Desk Converters – Expert Reviews

Top X-Lift Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Flexispot, Fellowes, AirRise Pro, and more—we've reviewed 100s of stand up desk converters over the years. See how the best X-Lifts fared.

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Top Electric Stand Desk Converters – Experts Review

Top Electric Standing Desk Converter Reviews

Winston-E, Kangaroo Electric, Versadesk and more—we've reviewed hundreds of stand desk products over the years. See which are the best.

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Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter Review

The Leband Electric Standing Desk Converter is likely your cheapest entry point for an electric converter, but it has some glaring flaws.

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Autonomous reviews

Autonomous Reviews

Autonomous is a big commodity Chinese player in the e-commerce segment of the standing desk industry, targeting the market from the bottom up.

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Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll standing desks

Herman Miller Nevi Standing Desk Review

Stripped to the bones in features and quality, the Herman Miller Nevi is built with low-end componentry and offered in a limited range of sizes and colors.

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Herman Miller Motia standing desk

Herman Miller Motia Standing Desk Review

The Herman Miller Motia is a vastly overpriced, severely limited offering with a sketchy delivery and installation experience for users at best.

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herman miller standing desk reviews

Herman Miller Renew Standing Desk Review

Overpriced, low-quality desktops in limited sizes and colors, arduous assembly, and a too-limited ergonomic range make the Herman Miller Renew a tough sell.

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iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base

iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base Review

The iMovR Freedom DIY base is an answer to low-cost imports, leveraging design ingenuity and a great deal of investment in robotic manufacturing.

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ergonofis Alive

ergonofis Alive Standing Desk Review

The ergonofis Alive is the most luxurious standing desk from the Canadian company. It comes with a 1.75" thick solid wood top with a live edge.

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ergonofis Sway, ergonofis reviews

ergonofis Sway Standing Desk Review

The ergonofis Sway is the most popular standing desk from the Canadian standing desk company. It has a touch screen inlay handset.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

Best Quick Install Standing Desks

Need a standing desk FAST? Our experts break down the best quick-install standing desks on the market ranked by assembly time.

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UpLift locking under desk drawer a solution for a standing desk with drawers

Best Standing Desk Storage Reviews

The one big disadvantage of giving up your old sitting desk for a new height-adjustable standing desk is losing your drawer space.

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Corner and L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews

Corner and L-Shaped Standing Desk Reviews

While all corner desks and L-desks will fit into a corner, there are significant differences between the two.

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monitor arm reviews

The Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desks in 2021

Is a monitor arm necessary? If you're planning to both sit and stand at a desk the answer is an unequivocal YES. We help you find the best one.

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ergonofis Shift

ergonofis Shift Standing Desk Review

The ergonofis Shift standing desk is the most affordable desk from ergonofis, but still comes with dual motors and an excellent height adjustment range.

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treadmill desk

The Best Treadmill Desks for 2021

When you're shopping for a treadmill desk, keep in mind they are like stereo systems—you can mix and match components, or you can buy an all-in-one system.

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Top Ergonomic chairs and top standing desk chair

Top Ergonomic Chair Reviews

Get your move on while sitting at your standing desk with these popular active ergonomic chairs. This growing list of fidgety seats will make you active. 

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keyboard tray

Best Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Reviews

Ergonomic keyboard trays overcome the innate inadequacy of desks, allowing you to type in a way that’s more neutral for your upper body.

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iMovR Lander Lite standing desk

Top-Rated Standing Desk Reviews

By far the most populous category of sit-to-stand products, electric standing desks are powered by precision, linear motor drives and easily change in height with the press of a button.

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Best Standing Mats for Office Desk Anti Fatigue Standing Mat Review

Best Standing Desk Mats for 2021

A standing desk mat is essential to any ergonomic workstation. Read our experts' reviews to find the best standing mat available.

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Best Stand Up Desks Under $400 Standing desk reviews Ikea bekant Autonomous SmartDesk 2

The Best Standing Desks Under $400

There are many budget standing desk options, but lab testing is essential since quality can vary wildly at lower price points.

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ZipDesk best compact standing desk

Best Compact Standing Desk Reviews

While 95% of standing desks sold are 30 inches deep there are times when that's just too big for your available space.

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Should I Buy a Standing Desk or a Standing Desk Converter?

What to Choose: Standing Desk vs. Sit-Stand Converter?

Our experts break down when it's best to get a standing desk vs. when to attach a standing desk converter to your old desk.

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Jarvis Albright

Fully Jarvis Albright Standing Desk Review

The Jarvis Albright is a designer desk made from maple that comes with two drawers and a shelf built into the desktop. It starts at $1,868.

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IKEA Knotten standing desk

IKEA Knotten Standing Desk Review

The IKEA Knotten is great at what it is: A piece of furniture designed for storage in a foyer. The issue is when IKEA calls it a standing desk.

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Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800 reviews

The Best Sit-Stand Desks Under $800

If you’re looking to get into a sit-stand desk on a budget, the good news is there are many options on the market to choose from.

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FlexiSpot Theodore, a standing desk with drawers

FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot Theodore is an exercise in extremes. It has a couple of drawbacks, but if you can work around those then you might have a desk you'll love.

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FlexiSpot Esben

FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot Esben standing desk is great if you are on a budget, need storage and aren't too worried about fine-tuning your ergonomics.

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iMovR Captain's Desk

iMovR Captain’s Standing Desk Review

If you’re tired of the typical “two legs and a slab of wood” standing desk design, the iMovR Captain’s Desk is a breath of fresh air.

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Many ergonomists' business card graphics still depict incorrect arm positions for standing desk users

Standing desk anthropometry and Ergonomics: Why Should You Care?

Knowing how the study of anthropometry, posture, repetitive motion, and workspace design affects the user is critical to proper ergonomic design.

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iMovR Ensign's Desk

iMovR Ensign’s Standing Desk Review

Perfected ergonomics and designer furniture panache combined? The iMovR Ensign's Standing Desk brings it all together like no other we’ve seen.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

ZipDesk Standing Desk Review

If you need a desk as fast as possible and are willing to pay a little bit more to not have to worry about product quality, the ZipDesk is for you.

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