Custom Branding Options for Standing Mats

January 2, 2023

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Standing Mats Have Come a Long Way, and So Have Custom Branding Options

When we first started reviewing anti-fatigue mats for standing desks years ago, most offerings were just cheap kitchen and bath mats that lost their buoyancy after a year and weren’t comfortable to work on for more than about 45 minutes.

Today, true standing desk anti-fatigue mats made of 100% polyurethane that you can work on all day are not only the norm, they come in hundreds of size and color combinations. Many, especially those made in the USA, come with lifetime warranties. (Learn more about the quality parameters in our primer on how to identify quality in standing mat products.

While the number of deployed standing desks that have no standing mat likely number in the millions, an increasing percentage of anti-fatigue mats are being sold together with new standing desks, as corporate wellness managers figure out their tremendous health and productivity benefits.

A Great Way for Employers to Spread the Love

All large employers want their employees to feel that they really care about their personal welfare. Unhappy or uncomfortable employees are harder to retain and expensive to re-recruit. Not only do the vast majority of large organizations have corporate wellness programs today, but standing desks have become the #1 fastest growing HR benefit according to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), with more than half of companies now offering active workstations to any employee. Some will even foot the bill to have one in your home.

So what better way to strengthen that feeling that employers care—and boost the promotion of corporate wellness at the same time—than to distribute anti-fatigue mats to all standing desk users in the enterprise with the company logo or some simple messaging imaged tastefully on the mats themselves?

Face it, we’re a logo crazed society. Especially in fields like tech where probably the majority of employees are walking around either with their employer’s branding on their clothes or some other brand or insignia they have a connection to. Just look around you at all the branded baseball caps at a sports event and you’ll probably find less than 10% without a logo of some sort, be it for their favorite team, favorite car or favorite fly fishing lure brand. Most offices are drab, so adding a some (tasteful) colorful flair can never be a bad thing.

New Imprinting Technology is Finally Cost Effective

Historically very few organizations went for this kind of custom branding on their standing mats because of the high costs. Setup fees of $1,000 were common with earlier technologies, not including high per-piece costs, meaning you really had to buy a lot of standing mats to justify it. And if you wanted your logo etched into the mold you’d have to buy a minimum of 2,500 mats. Some of the technologies, like laser etching, wouldn’t allow for any colors, either.

Fast forward to 2019 and all that has changed. You can now get a durable, full-color imprint of your logo, insignia or short message printed onto standing mat for as little as $40 per mat—with no minimum order quantity and zero setup charges. All you need is an image of at least 300dpi in a standard file format. As with most things, bulk order discounts are available.

That means even a small software startup with five dudes at standing desks could afford to have their company logos imprinted onto their standing mats, to build esprit de corp and create a future coveted early employees’ collectors item. Not to mention the fact that the standing mats—which come as small as 18”x22”—are a lot less likely to get “liberated” from the office if they’re clearly marked as company property.

Round-up Review in the Works

You’ll already find more in-depth, lab-tested reviews of standing mats on our site than anywhere else—we’ve been at this for a really long time. Now we’re in the process of re-contacting all the manufacturers of standing desk mats to find out what they currently offer in custom-branding options, including all the details like minimum setup fees, per-mat costs, image area sizing options, color options, mat size and color options, etc., to see how they compare. We’ll add program details below as they become available.

Note: for somewhat obvious reasons custom branding options are not available, at least yet, from any of the manufacturers of calculated terrain mats. The graphic imaging equipment needs a flat surface to work with.

iMovR EcoLast


The first custom-branded standing mats we have seen enter the market with no minimum order quantity and no setup fees are now available from iMovR on their EcoLast line of American-made, premium standing mats. We have been using their custom-branded mats for some time now and have been very impressed by the full-color image quality and the durability of the direct printing on these already top-rated office standing mats.

With seven mat colors and five mat sizes ranging from 18”x22” portable mats to 24”x72” bench-length mats, there are 35 possible mats to choose from in their standard offering (and more options if you want to go even more custom than that).

Small orders ship in 10 days. Larger bulk orders may require 14-30 days to produce. For all the details visit the EcoLast Custom-Branded Standing Mats page at

Imprint CumulusPRO

Imprint Cumulous Pro Custom Brand Standing Mat

If you’re willing to wait 90 days for offshore product and don’t mind a lower-quality standing mat Imprint does offer a low-cost, custom branded standing mat option in its CumulusPRO Commercial Grade line. With a minimum order of 100 mats these 24” x 36” x ¾” mats will run you only $75 apiece, plus freight.

There is only one mat size and color (black) to choose from. So these are not very fancy or customizable, but the Chinese-manufactured CumulousPRO “9100” is the cheapest deal around for a custom-branded standing mat. Visit to fill out a custom quote request message.

The Takeaway

The technology for imprinting logos and messages on standing mats has come a very long way over the past five years as manufacturers have tried to respond to demand from marketing and HR departments for lower cost, more vivid colors, and greater survivability. To be certain they’ve now reached a point of affordability for most companies, even in handful quantities.

Stay tuned here for the full round-up review once we get all the information and testing samples in from the other standing desk mat manufacturers that offer custom branding. Sign up for our free newsletter to stay abreast of all our office fitness product reviews.

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