Executive Standing Desks

Executive Standing Desks

An executive standing desk is sought out by those who need ample surface area and ample storage space, two things that the vast majority of standing desks lack.

Of course calling a height-adjustable desk an executive desk also implies a bigger price tag, usually starting at around $2,200 for the smallest ones, and going up to as much as $13,300 at the very largest and most luxurious. And so right there is the most immediate distinction from ordinary, less expensive standing desks: executive desks always feature elegant solid wood surfaces.

Sure, we’re used to seeing these desks in corner offices or the “fish bowl” executive suite at the company offices, but increasingly we’re seeing them going into high end home offices, as well. Like donning a bespoke, hand-tailored Savile Row suit, sitting at such a luxurious desk is positively transformative.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that working at a gorgeous desktop boosts your sense of confidence and wellbeing, and subtly changes the way you conduct yourself in meetings or on Zoom calls, and even how you carry yourself throughout the work day.

We’ve felt it ourselves every time we’ve had the pleasure of sitting at one of these executive standing desks, it’s really quite a remarkable sensation. A sensation we can all relate to whenever any of us have had the opportunity to put a tuxedo for a wedding or an amazing evening gown for a charity event.

Whether you’re looking forward towards a more empowered version of yourself in your glass-walled executive suite office, or while working from home in your cashmere PJs with the fireplace crackling in the background, a proper solid wood executive standing desk is going to elevate your mood.

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