Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter Review

May 31, 2022
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Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter


Review Summary

The behemoth of the bunch, this Eureka standing desk converter makes no bones about being big, or sturdy. Stylish blue trim adds a ‘gaming desk’ feel. Expansive work surface accommodates dual monitors up to 32″ wide each. All things considered, this is the best extra-large standing desk converter we’ve ever reviewed.

MSRP / List Price $ 499
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3 year warranty

Lift Type

Z-Lift, unlimited position stops

Colors Available

Black with blue trim

Adjustment Range

Height range: 5.5″-20″

Weight Capacity

35 lbs.


Main Work Surface: 46.00″ W × 20.00″ H × 34.57″ L
Keyboard Tray: 39 5/8″ W x 10 7/8″ – 14 6/16″ D
Base: 30″ W x 23 7/8″ D

Product Weight

68.3 lbs

Shipping Weight

87 lbs

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Extra-large work surface (46″ wide x 34.5″ deep) accommodates multiple large monitors, silent and smooth Z-Lift mechanism has infinite stops within its height range (instead of preset stopping points and loud latching noises on older models like Varidesk), deep keyboard tray easily fits a laptop for typing use, cool blue trim gives a ‘gaming desk’ feel, plenty of space for accessories and papers, no assembly required
Negatives Weighs 68 lbs and requires 2 persons to carry, smaller users may have trouble reaching the handles without leaning over the unit, no tilting keyboard tray

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the largest standing desk converter around, the Eureka 46 XL is your choice. An ultra-spacious 46″-wide work surface provides plenty of space for large dual monitors and the extra-deep keyboard tray easily holds a laptop for typing. Its pristine Z-lift mechanism is silent during the lifting process (no clanging or latching noises) and has unlimited stop points in its height range so you can pinpoint your perfect ergonomic standing height. A stylish blue trim adds a ‘gaming desk’ flair. If you want the biggest and the best, look no further than the Eureka 46 XL.


[Editors’ Update: It appears that this product is no longer available from Eureka Ergonomic. We leave the original review intact here for posterity, and in the hope that Eureka returns to its production of these products in the future. See our comprehensive review of the best standing desk converters for other options.]

The Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter in this review is the largest of nine standing desk converter models Eureka produces. Along the price spectrum, at $449, it is the most expensive, too, just above the 36 Gen2 ($399). That being said, it’s one of the top all-around performing manual standing desk converters we’ve reviewed out of several dozen new models since 2013, particularly capable of accommodating multiple large monitors. You can see our round-up of all the Eureka standing desk converters for more details on each model.

Silent Z-Lift Design with Infinite Height Stops

This 46″ XL standing desk converter from Eureka is built with a Z-Lift mechanism (using a patented gas strut), which means its frame takes a Z-shape during the lifting process. Z-Lifts arc out during the lifting process, and sometimes this can introduce instability into the unit. We’re happy to report this is not the case with the Eureka 46 XL. Its Z-Lift arc is less pronounced than say, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, and as a result, the unit is more stable. There is virtually no teeter-totter effect like you’ll see on the Varidesks. When you press down on the keyboard tray, the unit stays put; its base remains securely planted on your desk surface.

Like most Eureka standing desk converters, the 46 XL’s lift mechanism is virtually silent during use and has unlimited stopping points in its height range. In this respect, the Eureka has a major advantage over a similarly-sized competitor, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, which is limited to 11 preset stops and loudly latches into place. Not only does it give the user the ability to pinpoint their ergonomically-ideal standing position, it allows them to do so quietly, so as not to disturb co-workers. This can be invaluable for users who work in smaller or more crowded offices, or just prefer a quiet working area.

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter - Lift Mechanism
The 46 XL has a silent lift mechanism that stops at any point within its height range (20″ maximum height).

Another way the Eureka 46 XL distinguishes itself from other extra-large models is by minimizing pinch points in the frame. Whereas both the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 and the Flexispot 47″ have two sharp, exposed frame bars on either side, the Eureka model has a smooth single bar on either side. Each bar is covered at the bottom with a molded plastic exterior cap that offers additional protection from pinching risk. By making these design choices, the Eureka 46 XL has earned extra safety points.

The Eureka 46 XL’s weight capacity is about average for standing desk converters (35 lbs); we tested the weight limit, and it’s true to spec. Its height range is solid, even above average. With a 20″ top height, it will easily accommodate users up to about 6′ 7″.

This is a good time to mention our one ergonomic caveat on this unit (and the similarly-architected Eureka 36). A slight disadvantage of having such a deep keyboard tray is that it sets the brake paddles a little farther back than on smaller units. If you’re someone who suffers from low back pain AND your desktop equipment adds up to more than ~20 lbs then you might not like bending forward that much to assist the lift. This is the same knock as we have to give the Varidesk units, that also have their paddles set a bit too far back for those who are adopting a standing desk in order to get away from back issues, not exacerbate them. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives for such users, including within Eureka’s line-up—and especially their Electric Sit-Stand Converter, which requires no muscular contribution from the user at all.

Extra Large Workspace with Inverted U-Shaped Design

With a massive 46″ width and 34.5″ depth and 35 lb weight capacity, this sit-stand converter is ideal for mounting up to two 30″ monitors when using dual monitor arms and two 32″ monitors when not using monitor arms. It’s a better choice for multiple large monitors. With a work surface that is 5″ deeper than the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 (34.5″ versus 29.75″), the Eureka 46 XL creates more distance between you and your monitors, which means you won’t be stuck looking too closely at your screens like you would with a narrow work surface. To put in geeky ergonomics terms, the added depth will help you maintain a proper aspect ratio and depth-of-field when using large monitors.

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter - XL work surface
The XL’s extra-large work surface accommodates multiple large monitors, a laptop, and a legion of desktop accessories like cups, papers, and more.

The extra-deep keyboard tray and upper work surface provide ample room for a keyboard, mouse, computer and laptop, making it a great option for office workers and even PC gamers who require a larger workspace. There are even cable management holes for feeding through your keyboard and mouse cords. Plus, there’s an additional mobile device slot on the bottom-tier to accommodate a smartphone or tablet for easy storage and accessibility. During testing, we successfully used the converter to hold dual monitors, a laptop, a tablet and a half-dozen other accessories without issue.

Having an office space large enough to accommodate this XL sit-stand converter is a necessity. Keep in mind that the unit weighs 68 lbs, so portability is not a selling point. (If you’re looking for a less bulky model, see our roundup of the Top Stand Up Desk Converters | Z-Lift Models). One benefit to the shape of the workstation is the 30-degree-cut corners, which help the unit fit nicely into corner spaces and cubicles. Even with its massive size, the Eureka 46 XL still fits on 24″-deep desks. Its base is 23 ⅞″ deep. On a 24″-deep desk, the keyboard tray will overhang the front edge of the desk by about six inches.

The Eureka 46 XL is available in a sleek black polish with bold blue trim to accent the color scheme of most any office or home décor. (The PC gaming community loves the look, even though the color strip is made of plastic, not real “RGB” lighting.) The surfaces have smooth contouring all the way around and a nice feel, but we did notice that fingerprints easily accumulate on black glossy desktop, requiring the occasional wipe-down.

Keyboard Tray Provides Ample Room for Laptop

A benefit of an extra-deep keyboard tray is that you can easily place a laptop there to use for typing. If you don’t want to fork over more money for an external keyboard, or are lacking free USB ports on your computer, this could be a great option. We don’t, however, recommend using your laptop as a screen for an extended period of time. By craning your neck down at your laptop screen repeatedly, you could develop a repetitive strain injury (RSI) over time. Instead, we recommend monitor arms to keep your screens at the proper ergonomic height and distance. The Eureka 46 XL is compatible with all the monitor arms we attempted to install, including Eureka’s own models, as well as the Tempo series from iMovR.

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter - Convenient Mobile Device Holder
A convenient mobile device holder keeps phones and tablets in view for easy access during the day.

Note there is no keyboard tray tilting function on this model, which you’ll see on some top performing standing desk converters like the iMovR ZipLift+ HD. This is a demerit in terms of typing ergonomics, but to date we haven’t see a standing desk converter in the 45″+ width range that offers a tilting keyboard tray. In this respect, it’s in the same camp as the Flexispot 47″ and the Varidesk Pro Plus 48.

No Assembly Required

The Eureka 46 XL comes ready-to-use straight out of the box, with zero tools or assembly required. That being said, it weighs a hefty 68 lbs. Even the box itself is heft, adding 19 lbs of protection to make sure your unit arrives immune from the abuse that FedEx and UPS drivers and sorting equipment are famous for. We do not recommend attempting to unbox and install this unit on your own, this definitely a two-person operation. The 46 XL comes with a 3-year warranty same as the 36 Gen2, which is reasonable at this price point but shy of the five years you’ll find on Varidesk, iMovR and other competing brands.

That said, our staff reviewers agree that the quality of design and construction of these Eureka z-lift converters is exceptionally high, and the unit will likely outlast competitors that offer longer warranties. The extra 20 lbs of steel and other components that Eureka Ergonomic Design Studios uses in making the 46 XL will surely pay big dividends in the expected lifetime of trouble-free operation.

The Takeaway

Overall, the Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter is one of the top extra-large, sit-stand converters that we’ve had the privilege of testing, especially for 1) people who standing and typing for long periods of time, 2) people who want the largest work surface possible, perhaps for multiple large monitors, 3) for those who want the option to use their laptop for typing, and 4) for those who want the benefits of a high-quality Z-Lift converter (silent lift and unlimited stops). This robust and sturdy unit typifies the solid engineering and design we’ve come to expect from Eureka Ergonomic Design Studios.

For more top-notch standing desk converters, check out our Standing Desk Converter Comparison Review.

And to make sure you’re getting the most out of your converter, check out the iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for standing desk converters. It’s the first kit on the market designed specifically for standing desk converters.


  • Product Color: Black with blue trim
  • Product Weight: 68.30 LBS
  • Shipping Weight: 87 LBS
  • Overall Weight Capacity: 35 LBS

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter Specs


This product is backed by a 3-year warranty.


The Eureka 46 XL ships free from Amazon

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