ESI Climb Desktop Riser Preview

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ESI Climb Desktop Riser Preview

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The Climb is a new adjustable desktop riser from ESI. It consists of an articulating arm assembly affixed to a rear- or side-mounting base. We got a chance to preview the upcoming riser at the 2015 NeoCon trade show and we’re excited to review the product in the future. Until then, here’s what makes the Climb a unique riser.

ESI Ergonomic Solutions is a manufacturer of ergonomic office products, established in 1988. They offer a pretty sizeable catalog: Their product line includes desktop risers like the Climb and the Lift, as well as keyboard trays, standing desks, and other office fitness accessories. In their decades-long history, they’ve manufactured office devices for corporate and medical-industry customers.

Anyone familiar with a monitor arm should feel right at home with the Climb, which resembles a large, articulating arm with a a desk surface. It comprises a 23.5″ x 10″ main work surface, with a 23.6″ x 8.7″ keyboard platform suspended underneath it and a VESA-capable monitor mount above. In terms of both looks and function, it’s similar to Ergotron’s Workfit-A desktop riser. However, one of the Climb’s unique features is its locking pneumatic adjustment mechanism. As opposed to the Workfit-A, which uses a counterbalance system to maintain its work surface’s “buoyancy”, the Climb has a lever underneath the keyboard tray that’s connected to the arm with a Bowden cable. Pressing the lever allows the riser to adjust in height, and letting go locks the arm in place. We’ve seen this feature before on the Winston Workstation, and look forward to seeing how it performs on the Climb.

The Climb desktop riser is a very new product in ESI’s line, so it’s not yet available for purchase at this time. We look forward to getting our own review unit in the future, to see how its adjustment mechanism fares against the older WorkFit-A model. Be one of the first to read our final review when it goes live by signing up for our monthly newsletter. To learn more about desktop risers and see what’s out there, check out our Desktop Riser Comparison Review.

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