Basic Support Table Jack Review

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Basic Support Table Jack Review

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Lift Type


Colors Available


Monitor Arm Mounting Options

Not compatible

Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

30 lbs

Number of Monitors Supported

2 (21")


Main Work Surface: 32" x 22"

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Basic Support’s Table Jack is a sleek and simple way to elevate your work surface. No assembly required. Positive reviews on Amazon give the product a good reputation.


A desktop riser without a keyboard tray will never be ergonomically sound—either your keyboard will be too high, or your monitor will be too low. No matter the quality of this product, it won’t be ergonomically sound.

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Basic Support’s Table Jack is a popular no-frills standing desk converter. A pneumatic lift mechanism lets you elevate the Table Jack up to 16” above the surface of your desk, and is recommended for users up to 6’3”. However, you’ll find no keyboard tray, and attaching a heavy monitor arm to the back seems unrealistic, so this type of product is not really suitable for an ergonomic workstation.

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Editor’s Note: The following is a “forensic” review. We have not yet had the opportunity to test the Table Jack in our labs. When we have been unable to obtain a review unit from the manufacturer and when there is demand from our readers for information on the product, we evaluate publicly available information that the manufacturer and users of the product have provided online. We then apply our extensive experience evaluating standing desk converters and make an informed projection of how well this product will stack up against other products in its category. As soon as we are able to conduct a hands-on evaluation of the product or learn new information about it, we will update this review. Learn more about our review process at Anatomy of a Review.

Key Facts

  • Basic riser with no keyboard tray
  • No assembly required
  • Pneumatic-assisted lift
  • Supports two monitors (no monitor arms)

The Table Jack: Ergonomically Insufficient

There’s something appealing about a no-assembly, no-frills work surface that you can raise or lower with ease. Maybe the simple and chic looks of the Table Jack caught your eye—it looks less intrusive on your desktop than a more standard converter with a keyboard tray. With no assembly required, it’s little wonder that it’s become a popular choice on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the simplest solution isn’t always the best one. Foregoing a keyboard tray means you’re guaranteed to strain either your neck (by looking down at your monitor) or your elbows (by reaching up for your keyboard.) You’d ideally have a keyboard that’s positioned below the surface on which your monitor stands. A monitor arm would alleviate this issue—unfortunately, the Table Jack is not really built to support monitor arms. And at the (frankly absurd) price of $150, this product doesn’t even seem like a sensible buy over no-name competitors which feature keyboard trays.

We speculate that this product’s popularity has to do with its ease of use, looks, and perhaps its build-quality, but it’s tough to say without getting our hands on one. Unfortunately, no matter how good these aspects are, they can’t make up for the ergonomic disaster that is a lack of keyboard tray and no monitor arm support. If you plan to use your converter for typing, look elsewhere.

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