DIY Standing Desk Guide

DIY standing desk

Looking to take on a DIY standing desk project?

First, you’ll need to decide about your frame. Check out our full in-depth roundup of DIY standing desk base frames for more information. While the DIY instinct is often to get the cheapest component possible, we recommend spending a little more here. Upgrading from a commodity frame to a premium frame may cost more but it will pay off with a quieter, faster, heavier-lifting, more reliable standing desk that has a better warranty and longer “stroke” (total distance between the lowest and highest desk setting).

It’s also important to define your expectations from a DIY standing desk. As standing desks get cheaper and cheaper, it makes less sense to build one for the sole purpose of saving money.

A DIY standing desk is an excellent choice if you will be investing a lot of time and/or money in either making a special desktop or having one custom-made, if you would get a lot of satisfaction from building your own, etc.

Second, you’ll need to decide about your desktop. We have a full breakdown to help you choose the right desktop for your DIY standing desk. We cover the pros and cons of all the materials you might consider, including MDF, powder coat, 3D-laminate, reclaimed wood, hardwood, veneer, plywood, etc.

There are important distinctions to know, especially when it comes to products like solid wood, reclaimed wood and bamboo that aren’t always what they seem. If you’re putting in the time and effort for a DIY project, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from your components.

Check below for all of our DIY-related articles. You can also find more information on DIY standing desk converters, DIY cable management and DIY treadmill desks by reading our full breakdowns on the subjects.

iMovR 3D laminate variety

The Best Tabletops For A Standing Desk

Our experts explain how each tabletop type is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the price range you should expect to see for it.

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DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base

We Lab Test The Best Standing Desk Bases

We compare the different electric adjustable height desk bases available for building your very own DIY standing desk or treadmill desk workstation.

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iMovR 3D-Laminated Desktops for Standing Desks

The state-of-the-art in laminated work surfaces, iMovR's 3D-laminated desktops work great on both sit-stand and fixed-height desks and come in thousands of variations.

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Do Weight Ratings on Electric Desks Really Matter

Do Weight Ratings on Electric Desks Really Matter?

When it comes to weight ratings on electric desks, the simple answer is that “you get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get.”

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Autonomous tabletops

Autonomous Smartdesk Surface for Standing Desks

The Autonomous tabletops will get to your door quickly if you need you desk top right now, but their higher cost and lower quality don't really match up to make a good choice for sit-stand or fixed-height office desks.

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iMovR Jaxson standalone DIY lifting base review

iMovR Jaxson DIY Standing Desk Base Frame Review

The first standing desk base with brushless motor technology, the Jaxson disrupts the industry with a superb value for its quality and features.

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VIVO Table Tops for Standing Desks

Standalone tabletop for fixed-height or sit-stand office desks, made in China.

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imovr brushless dc inline motors

How Brushless DC Motor Technology Is Bound To Entirely Disrupt the Standing Desk Industry

Given that more than 90% of the standing desks sold online today are built on Chinese-made, commodity-grade lifting bases, the introduction of inline brushless DC motor actuators has the potential to truly disrupt the market.

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VWINDESK Bamboo Tabletops for Standing Desks

Standalone bamboo tabletops for standing or traditional office desks.

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Kaboon Universal Desk Top for Standing Desk

A very nice looking though still commodity quality table top for standard and standing desks in work or home offices.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Standing Desk?

We break down which standing desks are easiest and most difficult to put together, along with how much time assembly could take.

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Lorell Tabletops for Standing Desks

Standard commodity-grade tabletops for Lorell desk furniture, including their standing desks.

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uplift laminate colors

UpliftDesk Tabletops For Standing Desks

The Uplift standalone tabletops offer quite a wide variety of desk top options in size, color, and material for a replacement or DIY standing desk project.

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iMovR Studio 470 Base review

iMovR Studio 470 Electric Standing Desk Base Review

The Studio 470 electric standing desk base is bare bones simplified. With this DIY base you don't pay for what you don't need.

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MultiTable Tabletops For Standing Desks

Commodity-grade tabletops for standing desk DIY or replacement

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UpLift Jiecang DIY bases

Jiecang Electric Standing Desk Base Review (UpLift Desk Version)

The Jeicang is a decent option for those who want a little better reliability and durability than bottom end desks like Autonomous and IKEA.

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Fromann Table Tops for Standing Desks

Commodity-grade desk surface for DIY fixed-height and standing desks.

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ikea idasen standing desk base

IKEA IDÅSEN Standing Desk Underframe Review

In an attempt to revamp its standing desk line, IKEA introduced a bulkier, pricier desk that's slightly less underpowered than the Bekant.

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ProgressiveDesk Table Tops for Standing Desks

These are some of the cheapest tabletops from Canada that you can get, and the quality matches the low price.

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VIVO Standing Desk Frame

VIVO DIY Standing Desk Frame Review (V102E)

The VIVO Standing Desk Frame has all the issues of an extremely cheap standing desk frame, without being the cheapest standing desk frame.

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Fully Jarvis Tabletops For Standing Desks

Standalone tabletops in high-pressure laminate and bamboo versions, mostly intended as replacements for failed tops.

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iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base

iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base Review

The iMovR Freedom DIY base is an answer to low-cost imports, leveraging design ingenuity and a great deal of investment in robotic manufacturing.

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FEZIBO DIY Stand Up Desk Frame

FEZiBO DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The FEZiBO Stand Up Desk Frame does not have good performance or a real warranty. It is the most underpowered and lightest frame on the market today. Commensurately, it is also cheaper than any other frame we’ve tested.

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Bamboo standing desks

Searching For The Best Bamboo Standing Desks

Some online sellers of bamboo standing desks are promoting them as the most environmentally-conscious choice when it's the exact opposite.

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Best Solid Wood Standing Desks Reviews

The Best Solid Wood Standing Desks

What exactly should you expect when you're buying a "real wood" desktop? We're here to help you sort through the options.

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StandUpDeskStore L-Shaped

Stand Up Desk Store L-Shaped DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The Stand Up Desk Store L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame is outfitted like a bargain standing desk, but doesn't have the price to match such underwhelming details.

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StandUpDeskStore Dual-Motor

Stand Up Desk Store Dual-Motor DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The Stand Up Desk Store Dual-Motor DIY Standing Desk Frame aims to fit into the middle zone of standing desk frames, but it doesn't quite hit the mark.

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StandUpDeskStore Single-Motor

Stand Up Desk Store Single-Motor DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The Stand Up Desk Store Single-Motor DIY Standing Desk Frame looks to fit into the middle zone of standing desk frames, but it doesn't quite hit the mark.

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rubberwood uplift standing desk review

Searching For The Best Rubber Wood Standing Desk

Are rubberwood desk tops really "as easy on the planet as it is on your wallet"? Our experts research the marketing claims.

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iMovR Vigor electric standing desk base

iMovR Vigor Heavy Duty Standing Desk Base Review

The iMovR Vigor is the strongest base available to DIY desk builders and it's much easier to put together than any other kitted base we've tested.

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