DIY Standing Desk Guide

standing desk guide

WorkWhileStanding and WorkWhileWalking has long been the premier site for those seeking to build their own standing desk. Definitely check out our DEFINITIVE comparison review of standalone base frames, with links to detailed reviews on all the popular models from iMovR (Lander, Freedom), Fully (Jarvis), Human Solutions (UpLift), GeekDesk, MultiTable and Autonomous, among others.

Still need more info, or some help choosing between all the desk bases on the market? Ping us in LiveChat to talk to a DIY pro!

Lander Lite DIY

iMovR Lander Lite DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The iMovR Lander is the best, but many people won’t need that much lifting capacity or desktop width accommodation. If that’s the case, the Lander Lite DIY base frame is perfect.

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DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing The Right Base Frame

We compare the different electric adjustable height desk bases available for building your very own DIY standing desk or treadmill desk workstation.

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Choosing the Right Desk Top for Your Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing the Right Desk Top

Our experts explain how each desk top type is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the price range you should expect to see for it.

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Cable management for standing desks

DIY Cable Management for Standing Desks

Cable spaghetti can be a nightmare for standing and walking workers. Follow these tips to straighten up the cables at your workstation.

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UpLift Jiecang DIY bases

Jiecang Electric Standing Desk Base Review (UpLift Desk Version)

The Jeicang is a decent option for those who want a little better reliability and durability than bottom end desks like Autonomous and IKEA.

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iMovR Lander DIY Standing Desk Frame

iMovR Lander DIY Standing Desk Frame Review

The crème de la crème of electric lifting bases, there is no better electric lift base to place under that very special custom desktop you're creating.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Standing Desk?

We break down which standing desks are easiest and most difficult to put together, along with how much time assembly could take.

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iMovR Vigor electric standing desk base

iMovR Vigor Heavy Duty Standing Desk Base Review

The iMovR Vigor is the strongest base available to DIY desk builders and it's much easier to put together than any other kitted base we've tested.

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iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base

iMovR Freedom DIY Standing Desk Base Review

The iMovR Freedom DIY base is an answer to low-cost imports, leveraging design ingenuity and a great deal of investment in robotic manufacturing.

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iMovR Studio 470 Base review

iMovR Studio 470 Electric Standing Desk Base Review

The Studio 470 electric standing desk base is bare bones simplified. With this DIY base you don't pay for what you don't need.

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ikea idasen standing desk base

IKEA IDÅSEN Standing Desk Underframe Review

In an attempt to revamp its standing desk line, IKEA introduced a bulkier, pricier desk that's slightly less underpowered than the Bekant.

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