DIY Standing Desk Guide

DIY standing desk

Looking to take on a DIY standing desk project?

First, you’ll need to decide about your frame. Check out our full in-depth roundup of DIY standing desk base frames for more information. While the DIY instinct is often to get the cheapest component possible, we recommend spending a little more here. Upgrading from a commodity frame to a premium frame may cost more but it will pay off with a quieter, faster, heavier-lifting, more reliable standing desk that has a better warranty and longer “stroke” (total distance between the lowest and highest desk setting).

It’s also important to define your expectations from a DIY standing desk. As standing desks get cheaper and cheaper, it makes less sense to build one for the sole purpose of saving money.

A DIY standing desk is an excellent choice if you will be investing a lot of time and/or money in either making a special desktop or having one custom-made, if you would get a lot of satisfaction from building your own, etc.

Second, you’ll need to decide about your desktop. We have a full breakdown to help you choose the right desktop for your DIY standing desk. We cover the pros and cons of all the materials you might consider, including MDF, powder coat, 3D-laminate, reclaimed wood, hardwood, veneer, plywood, etc.

There are important distinctions to know, especially when it comes to products like solid wood, reclaimed wood and bamboo that aren’t always what they seem. If you’re putting in the time and effort for a DIY project, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from your components.

Check below for all of our DIY-related articles. You can also find more information on DIY standing desk converters, DIY cable management and DIY treadmill desks by reading our full breakdowns on the subjects.

Vivo standing desk converter

Vivo Reviews

VIVO is a heavy player in the standing desk industry with its assortment of sit-stand desks, standing desk converters, and other “ergonomic” office accessories. However, like most other Asia-based manufacturers, VIVO focuses on selling cheaper products in higher volumes.

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How Brushless DC Motor Technology Is Bound To Entirely Disrupt the Standing Desk Industry

Given that more than 90% of the standing desks sold online today are built on Chinese-made, commodity-grade lifting bases, the introduction of inline brushless DC motor actuators has the potential to truly disrupt the market.

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Choosing the Right Desk Top for Your Standing Desk

DIY Standing Desk: Choosing the Right Desk Top

Our experts explain how each desk top type is manufactured, its pros and cons, and the price range you should expect to see for it.

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How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Standing Desk?

We break down which standing desks are easiest and most difficult to put together, along with how much time assembly could take.

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Cable management for standing desks

DIY Cable Management for Standing Desks

Cable spaghetti can be a nightmare for standing and walking workers. Follow these tips to straighten up the cables at your workstation.

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