fully jarvis out of business

Has Gone Out Of Business?

Fully (f.k.a. ErgoDepot) has been shuttered by parent company MillerKnoll effective April 20th, 2023.

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How Many Calories Can You Really Expect to Burn Using a Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk

Mayo Clinic: How Many Calories Can You Really Expect to Burn Using a Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk?

The question of exactly how many more calories you can burn using a treadmill desk hasn’t been thoroughly understood, until now.

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WFH working from a kitchen table

What Employers Urgently Need to Know About Kitchen Table Ergonomics

With many people working from home, employers need to consider liability for ergonomic injuries has pierced the veil of the corporate campus.

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where can i find a treadmill desk store where I can try one out?

Where To Try Out a Treadmill Desk Before Buying One?

Where can you try out a treadmill desk for yourself before plunking down the cash for one?

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iMovR ZipDesk shown in white with correct office ergonomics setup

10 Ways To Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Now is the time to put effort into your workstation to make sure your office ergonomics are correct as possible to avoid problems.

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imovr brushless dc inline motors

How Brushless DC Motor Technology Is Bound To Entirely Disrupt the Standing Desk Industry

Given that more than 90% of the standing desks sold online today are built on Chinese-made, commodity-grade lifting bases, the introduction of inline brushless DC motor actuators has the potential to truly disrupt the market.

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All the easiest desks for standing desk assembly

How Difficult Is It to Assemble a Standing Desk?

We break down which standing desks are easiest and most difficult to put together, along with how much time assembly could take.

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inflation hits standing desk sellers who source from china

The Net Effect of Covid, War, Inflation and Global Supply Chain Challenges On The Office Ergonomics Market

We asked industry CEOs how prices and selection in the office ergonomics market have been affected by the economic changes in recent years.

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kitchen table ergonomics

WFH Ergonomics Survey From University of Cincinnati Is In, And The News Is Not Great

The ergonomic evaluations of home workstations identified many issues that could be adversely affecting workers over the long haul.

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holiday gift guide for standing desks

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Office Fitness

Get some ideas on what to get the office fitness enthusiast in your life, whether they work from home or at the corporate offices.

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Many ergonomists' business card graphics still depict incorrect arm positions for standing desk users

Standing desk anthropometry and Ergonomics: Why Should You Care?

Knowing how the study of anthropometry, posture, repetitive motion, and workspace design affects the user is critical to proper ergonomic design.

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iMovR Lander

How to Compare Warranties on Standing Desks

We break down what you need to know about with your standing desk warranty, and why you might not be as protected as you think.

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Herman Miller

‘Big Furniture’ Rushes Standing Desks To Market for WFH

Behemoth companies, like Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, et al, have all attempted to quickly pivot to capture the Work From Home (WFH) market.

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Legal Questions Around Standing Desks

Employers May Soon Be Legally Required to Provide Ergonomic Workstations to Workers

We've seen a recent spate of lawsuits in which very large settlements have been extracted from employers who failed to provide adequate seating.

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Bamboo standing desks

Searching For The Best Bamboo Standing Desks

Some online sellers of bamboo standing desks are promoting them as the most environmentally-conscious choice when it's the exact opposite.

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Empty offices in times of COVID 19

How COVID-19 Reshaped the Office Furniture Industry Overnight

Large furniture companies are largely shut out from selling millions of standing desks that are going to be shipped directly to employees' homes.

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Amazon reviews

Why Amazon Reviews of Standing Desks and Ergonomic Products Can’t Be Trusted

A phenomenon that we observe with great regularity with regard to Amazon reviews of office fitness products specifically is that many of them are posted before the merchandise even arrives, or after the first day of using the product, and are highly optimistic about how the produ…

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rubberwood uplift standing desk review

Searching For The Best Rubber Wood Standing Desk

Are rubberwood desk tops really "as easy on the planet as it is on your wallet"? Our experts research the marketing claims.

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junk removal service

What’s the Easiest Way to Get Rid Of an Old Desk or Treadmill?

Getting a new standing desk or treadmill desk can create a of getting rid of your old one. Figure out how to send it to its next home. 

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Fully Jarvis standing desk at standard desk height

What Is The Standard Desk Height?

What is the standard desk height and how do you find the right desk height for you? We have the answers for both standard and height adjustable desks.

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students on treadmill desks

Are Treadmill Desks a Good Thing for Kids?

Kids hate sitting for endless hours as much as adults do, if not more so. You don't have to be over 40 to feel the physical anguish of sitting too long.

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How to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Your Standing Desk Workstation in the Age of Coronavirus

How to Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Your Desk in the Age of Coronavirus

Disinfecting is killing bacteria and viruses on a surface. While cleaning is simply removing any visible dirt or matter from a surface.

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How to Buy or Sell a Used Standing Desk Converter

How to Buy or Sell a Used Standing Desk Converter

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a pre-owned standing desk converter there are several things you need to know, and our experts are here to help.

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anti fatigue mats for factory workers

Which Has Greater Impact on Relieving Foot Pain for Standing Workers – Special Shoes or Standing Mats?

We get this question from employers looking for ways to reduce foot pain, absenteeism and medical costs for employees who stand on their feet all day.

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industry standards for testing office furniture

What is ANSI/BIFMA and How Does it Relate to Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks?

While some consider ANSI-BIFMA compliance a check-off item on the punch list for buying a desk, in our experience it's only a starting point.

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remote worker standing desk home office

Can Standing Desks Really Slow Down the Spread of the Coronavirus?

Smart employers are not waiting for that first coronavirus case to crop up in their offices before reacting to the situation.

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new year resolution treadmill desk

Desk for Success: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in 2023

Once someone gets on a treadmill desk, they generally find it far easier to keep their exercise plan in place.

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treadmill for diabetes

Can You Walk Off Type II Diabetes by Working While Walking?

The correlation between Type II diabetes and weight struggles is so direct that most people consider the words “obese” and “diabetic” to be synonymous.

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UL Certified treadmill desks

How Important Is UL Certification for a Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk?

When you're buying a standing desk or any other office fitness product it's crucial to know whether it meets the entire safety standard for its category.

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merger and acquisition activity in the commercial office furniture industry

Merger & Acquisition Activity In The Ergonomic Office Furniture Industry

Ever since the pandemic merger and acquisition activity within the office furniture industry has reached a relative fever pitch.

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Convertible standing desk

Top 9 Factors to Consider When Buying a Convertible Standing Desk

Is it dual-monitor compatible? Ergonomically adjustable? We outline what you need to know to pick a great convertible standing desk.

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Published scientific studies of treadmill desk usage

New Study Claims to Illustrate the Downsides of Using a Treadmill Desk

It seems virtually guaranteed that every so often some university will publish a study negating some aspect of the benefits of treadmill desk usage.

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Treadmill desk liability issues

What Legal Departments Need to Know About Treadmill Desks

We often hear from employees of large corporations and government agencies that their legal dept put the kibosh on treadmill desks.

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Top 9 Desk Stretches to Do at Your Standing Desk or Treadmill Desk

Develop proper posture during the day using this list of easy desk stretches demonstrated by Certified Physical Trainer and MPH Victoria Lyon.

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NEAT Certification

What is NEAT Certification and Why Does it Matter for Office Fitness Furniture?

So what is NEAT certification exactly? In a nutshell, it refers to the energy we expend day-to-day through non-cardio-exercise movements.

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Treadmill desk weight

Do Treadmill Desk Weight Ratings Really Matter?

There are no industry standards for establishing the weight rating of a treadmill desk, so what's really behind the numbers, and are they real?

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epigenetics treadmill desk

Epigenetics and the Treadmill Desker

Ever wondered about the epigenetic effects of treadmill desking? Of course you have, come learn more about treadmill epigenetics.

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Pedal Power Big Rig Bike Desk

Bike Desks, Smart Desks, and More: 5 Strange and Innovative Active Workstations

The age of the active workstation is upon us yet we've crawled the web in search of new approaches to the active workday and strange workstations.

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Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

Korean Study Adds More Evidence That Exercise Doesn’t Counteract Effects of Sitting Disease

The average American office worker’s BMI is far higher than the average Korean subject in this study, and we spend even more hours a day sitting.

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low carb diet treadmill desk

Considering a Low-Carb Diet? This May Be the Ideal Time to Start Using a Treadmill Desk

People on a low-carb diets who find themselves restricted from intensive exercise and use a treadmill desk to keep healthy and toned while they diet.

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New Infographic Shows The Trouble with Sitting – and Standing

New Infographic Shows The Trouble with Sitting – and Standing

This Georgetown University School of Nursing infographic shows how both sitting and standing for prolonged periods can be hazardous to your health.

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ThermoTread Everest

Where Have All the Treadmill Desks Gone?

WorkWhileWalking discusses the current status of the Treadmill Desk. More on biomechanics, health benefits, and the future of the treadmill desk industry.

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Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

Why Standing Desks and Treadmill Desks are Essential for Remote Workers

With so many Americans opting to work from home, it is important to ensure they have workspace that is conducive to health and productivity.

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Motivational Challenges for Office Fitness

5 Office Fitness Challenge Ideas for Transforming Your Workplace Culture

So you’ve already installed standing desks or maybe even treadmill desks in your office—great first step. But you can't stop there.

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celebrities using treadmill desks

Who Are the Most Famous Treadmill Desk Users?

There are more and more celebrity treadmill desk users, because celebrities, like other successful people, have a hard time fighting sitting disease.

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energy efficient treadmill desk

Five Tips for Making Your Treadmill Desk More ‘Green’

What is the carbon footprint of your treadmill desk? We explore some power conservation tips for walking desk users to explore.

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WLFS summit

If You’re New to Telecommuting, the Work-Life Formula Summit is for You

The Work-Life Formula Summit covers a variety of topics relating to working remotely and keeping things running smoothly while doing so.

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treadmill smoothie recipe

Best Smoothie Recipe for Healthy Treadmill Desking

The WorkWhileWalking staffers tasty drink of choice for optimal health, since we're all into treadmill desking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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fully acquisition by knoll Acquired By Knoll in Unprecedented Nod to Immutable Trend Towards E-Commerce

What does the acquisition of Fully's $54M ecommerce office furniture business by $1.3B Knoll (NYSE:KNL) mean for the industry?

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Office fitness in America

Americans Rank in Bottom 15th Percentile When It Comes to Exercise

With nearly 40,000 fitness clubs in the United Stated, you’d think Americans would be in the top tier of countries measured by how much exercise they get. 

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office furniture section 179

How Does Office Fitness Figure Into Your Income Tax Strategy This Year?

Your standing desk desk or treadmill workstation purchase is almost certainly tax-deductible if you use it for work purposes.

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sitting disease and brain

How Sitting Affects Your Brain

You’ve probably already read articles connecting prolonged sitting with obesity and cancer. But how about brain performance?

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will corporate wellness lawsuits be far behind

Will Sitting Lawsuits Be Far Behind?

Employers ought to provide their sedentary workers with standing or treadmill desks for the long-term health of both their employees and their organization.

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imovr desktop lamp doven

The Hidden Ergonomic Risks of Poor Desk Lighting

Each of these new iMovR task lights provide enough illumination to eliminate eye strain and fatigue, to keep you productive and comfortable, while also providing great lighting for Zoom calls.

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standing desk abc news

A Response to ABC News Blog: Stand Up for Better Health

In an ABC News article, Dr. Marc Hamilton calls into question the efficacy of standing and treadmill desks. WorkWhileWalking responds in this blog post.

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Is it possible to lose weight using a treadmill desk?

How to Really Lose Weight with a Treadmill Desk

This is a question we get often at WorkWhileWalking, and the answer isn't as straightforward as "walk x miles a day and the pounds will melt right off."

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Migratory standing desk

Best Migratory Standing Desks

What makes a good migratory standing desk? It mostly comes down to assembly and disassembly, but personalization also comes into play.

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treadmill desk evolved from prison treadmills used for hard labor

Did the British Penal System Really Invent the Treadmill?

Today, one out of six Americans uses a treadmill regularly. But before we knew the benefits of an aerobic workout, treadmills were used to punish prisoners.

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37 Best Work from Home Gifts For Telecommuters Would Could Use Some Special Holiday Cheer

37 Best Work From Home Gifts For Telecommuters Who Could Use Some Special Holiday Cheer

Thoughtful WFH gifts that will offset the many trials of setting up a home office and embracing a telecommuting lifestyle in the pandemic era.

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Section 179 tax deduction on standing desks

Congress Just Raised the Special Tax Deduction for Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk Equipment to $510,000

If you operate a business, or earn your living working from your home office, your acquisition of treadmill desk may be especially tax deductible in 2014.

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Scared Sitless Book

Scared Sitless Book Review

“Scared Sitless” promises on the cover that you will “work happier, lose weight, and live longer” with the information and advice offered in the book. The book largely fulfills these promises. The author refers to an impressive number of scientific research articles that show how…

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Varidesk Pro Desk

4 Times When a Standing Desk is Not a Standing Desk

We've seen a trend of using "desk" and "table" interchangeably. A desk is a workstation for one individual, while a table is for multiple people to use.

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Holiday Guide: Office Fitness Gift Ideas

This holiday gift guide from office fitness industry might just give you ideas for at least to where start looking for a perfect present.

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ErgoExpo 2017 Recap

Live from Las Vegas, it's ErgoExpo 2017! Ergonomists across the globe gathered at the Paris Hotel this week for the biggest event of the year.

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ErgoExpo 2016

ErgoExpo 2016 Recap

Live from Las Vegas, it's ErgoExpo 2016! This week ergonomists across the globe gathered at Caesar's Palace for biggest event of the year.

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ErgoExpo 2015

ErgoExpo Expedition 2015

The National Ergonomics Conference & ErgoExpo, the largest ergonomic event in North America, takes place annually at Caesars Palace in sunny Las Vegas

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National Ergonomics Conference and Ergo Expo

The Road to Ergo Expo 2015

We are pleased to announce that WorkWhileWalking and WorkWhileStanding will be attending this year's Ergo Expo Show in Las Vegas.

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Ergo expo 2013

Live Report from Ergo Expo 2013

One of the most exciting new categories is the leaning chair – which places users somewhere in between a standing and sitting position.

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WorkWhileWalking and WorkWhileStanding 2.0

Welcome to WorkWhileWalking & WorkWhileStanding 2.0

We're proud to announce the launch of our new website, combining both WorkWhileWalking & WorkWhileStanding and offering powerful new tools.

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rebellion against corporate wellness financial incentives

Are Corporate Wellness Programs in for a Counter Rebellion?

Continuing to increase financial incentives through corporate wellness programs raises an organization’s risk of facing discrimination and privacy lawsuits.

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Our Top 11 Funniest Office Fitness Videos

If laughter is the best medicine then watching funny health motivation videos might be the very best therapy for breaking out of our sedentary habits.

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standing desk for gaming

Why Your Gaming Desk Should be a Standing Desk

Burning calories and preventing disease are just some of the benefits of standing. Learn what to look for in a standing gaming desk.

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NeoCon 2015

The Road to NeoCon 2015

WorkWhileWalking, the leading site for ergonomic office equipment reviews, will be attending NeoCon, the year's biggest office design trade show.

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Neocon 2013

Live from the 2013 NEOCON Tradeshow

This year’s NEOCON show, the pre-eminent national trade show for all things office furniture, had big developments for the treadmill desk industry.

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Why Every Desk Jockey and Every CEO Needs to Read Dr. James Levine’s New Book ‘Get Up!’

We review Dr. James Levine's new book "Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It." See what we thought.

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Summer Johnson Mcgee

The Faculty Treadmill

Our newest Water Cooler post comes via Summer McGee and the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read on for Summer's desking experiences.

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shaky standing desk

Why Some Standing Desks Shake More Than Others

Early generations of sit-stand, height-adjustable desks were a shaky lot, but the technology has improved stability significantly.

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Veronica Roth uses a treadmill desk.

Why Authors like Treadmill Desks

Alec Cole conducts a mini study around the WorkWhileWalking office to answer the timeless question: Can you really type on a treadmill desk?

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Thrillionth Page Cat

My First Week with My New Treadmill Desk: A Scintillating Report!

Popular romance and fantasy author Carolyn Crane writes about what she's found during her first month of treadmill desk experience.

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Insurage coverage office furniture

Employers: Do You Have Corporate Wellness Slush Fund Dollars to Use Up?

Many employers don't know it, but their health insurance carriers have free funds that employers can tap to make purchases of active desks.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Strategies for using treadmill desks and standing desks to engage employees who don't ordinarily participate in traditional corporate wellness programs.

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Libraries promoting health

How Libraries Can Have a Bigger Impact on Health in Their Communities

The pros and cons to installing treadmill desks in libraries, and advice on integration for a healthier library environment.

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being happy with treadmill desk

Do you love your treadmill desk LESS every day?

After 6 months of adopting a treadmill desk, daily sedentary time among the study’s subjects had decreased by 91 minutes per day.

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Telecommuting and Treadmill Desks

Telecommuting and Treadmill Desks – a Perfect Pairing for the War on Sitting Disease

Allowing employees to work from treadmill desks at home will drive improvements in their productivity, their health, and their job satisfaction

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Will employers stop hiring overweight workers

Will employers stop hiring overweight workers?

With many companies choosing not to hire smokers is being overweight, obese or diabetic the next criteria employers will use for refusing to hire someone?

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Something to be said for the good old days

Something to be said for the good old days

So how did we get to this place in just the span of a few decades? Let’s compare what our parents and grandparents did differently than we do today.

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NEAT certification office furniture

Complete Round Up of NEAT-Certified Products

Here you'll find the complete list of products that received the prestigious NEAT certification. NEAT-certified means it was tested at Mayo Clinic. 

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NeoCon office furnishings trade show

9 Highlights of NeoCon 2015

We spent three days sifting through Chicago’s famed Merchandise Mart building to find the latest and greatest developments in the field of office fitness.

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Work While Walking Room at Westin River North

Westin Hotels Pilots In-Room Treadmill Desks

The iMovR treadmill desk in the Westin's Work While Walking room allows guests to work at an advanced height-adjustable desk.

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Standing Desk Industry Maturation

First Signs of Maturation in the Office Fitness / Ergonomics Industry?

It’s hard to put a finger on how large this sector is but it’s clearly growing at an impressive rate, both in terms of buyers and suppliers.

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Corporate Wellness ROI

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fail to Show a Financial ROI

Despite billions spent on corporate wellness programs, adverse health trends have not reversed, resulting in steep medical costs and decreased productivity.

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How a Treadmill Desk Helped Me Win More Chess Games

Focus is a hard thing to measure. WorkWhileWalking's Ron Wiener conducts his own mini study by examining how a treadmill desk affected his chess game.

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Objection! Attorney is Clearly Suffering from Sitting Disease

Plenty of professionals are suffering from sitting disease, but lawyers may be among the most deskbound workers in any profession.

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typing while walking on treadmill

Write-Walking: Notes from my Treadmill Desk

Typing while walking was no problem at all. Mouse-ing was more of a challenge. First, the mouse tends to waltz off the keyboard tray when I start typing. So I have to move it up to the desk when I’m not using it. Second, the cursor requires precise positioning on the screen which…

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If John Wayne Walked on a Treadmill Desk

If John Wayne Walked on a Treadmill Desk

Participate in a physical activity long enough and your body will gradually change form in subtle ways, reflecting the dominance of certain muscle groups..

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how to sell a used varidesk

How to Sell a Used VARIDESK

So what's the best way to recapture some of your investment in a $400+ Varidesk? Here are some great tips from our standing desk converter pros.

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Man standing on FluidStance The Original, balance board for standing desk

How to Choose a Standing Desk Balance Board

Are standing desk balance boards good for you? Should you stand on one all day? We cover all of your standing desk balance board questions.

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Indo Board DIY balance board

How to Build a DIY Balance Board

DIY balance board project is a nice way to get a trial run of the new device and find out what to look for in a commercial product.

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SteadyType Exo ergonomic keyboard tray

The Differences Between Ergonomics and Ergodynamics

Ergodynamics takes into account that everything about standing or walking while typing is different than when users were seated at a desk.

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standing desks from china

COVID-19’s Dramatic Impact on the Office Fitness Industry, and Standing Desk Suppliers in Particular

In this article we examine the impact on both the supply side and demand side of this market multi-billion dollar market segment.

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Anti Collision Detection in Standing Desks

Anti-Collision and G-Force Detection in Standing Desks

Once a new and exotic feature on pricier models, anti-collision detection can now be found on even some of the less expensive standing desks on the market.

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standing desk and treadmill going out of business

The Standing Desk and Treadmill Desk ‘Dead Pool’

It is with no great pleasure that after many years following this industry from its nascency we have seen enough companies go out of business.

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varidesk prodesk 60 electric standing desk review

How to Buy or Sell a Used Standing Desk

Getting rid of a standing desk is easy—if you want to let it go for free. But recapturing some of your original investment becomes a bit more challenging.

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Get Up! by James Levine

“Get Up! Why Your Chair is Killing You and What You Can Do About It” by Dr. James Levine

Review of Dr. James Levine's new book, "Get Up!" which boils down his findings on sitting disease and the benefits of sitting less and moving more.

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