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If “sitting is the new smoking,” think of the Office Fitness Club as your smoking cessation support group. Tap into the expert knowledge from our community of ergonomics and ergodynamics experts, and gain other membership benefits as well. Best of all, it’s entirely free to join. 

Office ergonomics has been a science basically ever since the first person found out that sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day makes your body angry at you. And since that realization, people have been coming up with ways to adapt their workstations to better fit their personal anthropometry and provide a comfortable working environment to maximize their health and productivity.

Technological innovation in the industry is constantly evolving, with countless new products coming out every year claiming to boost your ergonomics score. Our expert review staff tests all these products to help consumers figure out which ones really work as advertised, as many commodity manufacturers engage in flimflam marketing designed to separate you from your money without delivering the goods.

As a member of the Office Fitness Club you’ll be able to easily stay abreast of the latest in workplace ergonomics, rather than having to remember to come back to WorkWhileWalking every so often to check out what’s new. Our periodic newsletter emails are chock full of information you’ll love. 

  • See the latest reviews in over 20 related product categories, from standing desks and office treadmills to monitor arms and keyboard trays
  • Read our most recent blog articles on topics ranging from technological advancements in office fitness, newly published scientific research, industry news, and pro tips on how to get the most out of your investment in ergonomic equipment. 
  • Get inspiration on how to make your home or workplace office not only a haven of health, but a pimpin’ post of productivity.

And speaking of “delivering the goods,” Office Fitness Club members gain access to exclusive deals from prominent participating brands on all sorts of office fitness gear.