iMovR Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Standing Desk Converters Review

July 9, 2022
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Cable management for standing desk converter


Review Summary

This kit features a patented cable chain and addresses the need for cable management for standing desk converters, which is the first attempt we’ve seen and a great idea. Cable management on a standing desk converter is key for both sanity and safety. And it can be challenging to hide the “cord spaghetti” due to the amount of slack required in cables as the work surface moves up and down. iMovR gets it right by providing high-quality, well-thought-out components that are not only much stronger than the weakly adhering components of most cable management kits, most of them are also reusable—so you can easily add or change out equipment without starting over.

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5 years on all components

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Cable spine: inner channel dimensions 1.2″ x 0.6″; feedthrough hole for plugs 1.3″

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Quality and Aesthetics
Positives This kit, specifically for X-lift and Z-lift standing desk converters, is the first of its kind on the market. The cable chain can be opened with a flathead screwdriver, meaning you don’t have to hold onto a special tool that's likely to get lost someday when you need it again. The patented cable spine has a unique mechanism that works with Z-lift converters that arc forward as they rise; something ordinary cable vertebrae spines cannot flex with. Almost all components are easily movable and reusable. The 5-year warranty is the best you'll find on any cable management kit, where most have either no warranty or only 1 year.
Negatives In relation to the price of a some cheaper standing desk converters out there, some might find this kit too expensive.

Bottom Line

The innovation of a cable management kit designed specifically for standing desk converters is a first of its kind and addresses a completely unmet need in the marketplace today. Beyond that breakthrough, this kit is excellent in its own right. The components are reusable. The cable chain looks and performs great. It's the only cable chain we've ever seen that can flex in a way that works with the forward-arcing motion on popular Z-lift converters like the Vari and ZipLift. The 5-year warranty provides peace of mind.

Finally, a Solution for Standup Desk Converters

Cable management strategies for standing desks are actually quite complicated due to the need to keep slack in the cables for up to 26″ of up-down movement of the desk, while also keeping the appearance of the workstation tidy and professional. We have an entire category of expert reviews dedicated to under-desk cable management because it’s such a common issue for our readers.

The issues aren’t entirely different for standing desk converter users, but prior to iMovR releasing this new wire management kit specifically for X-Lift and Z-Lift converters, there literally wasn’t a professional solution on the market for millions of users of Varidesk, ZipLift and other popular units. The best these users could hope for was to use a bunch of zip ties and adhesive-backed cable clips, and maybe a cable sleeve to try to make things a little tidier on the back of their standup workstations, but that’s about it.

While the vertical adjustment range of these desktop converters is only about 15″ max, Z-Lift converters have the additional challenge of an arcing motion towards the user as they are raised. So they could need up to 20″ or even 25″ of slack in their various power and monitor cables. Most “cable spines” (a.k.a. cable chains or cable tracks) don’t have a lot of flexibility to them—they generally want to travel strictly in a vertical plane. So this makes it a challenge to track the movement of a Z-Lift converter’s work surface as it changes height.

With the open frame architecture of most desktop converters, you have even less coverage and more visibility of cables than you do behind a standing desk. Plus, cables are much more prone to catching on some part of the converter’s frame or the four-legged desk underneath it. Compounding exposure to the lifting mechanism is the design of the mechanism itself. Z-lift and X-lift converters are especially rife with pinch points that could damage cables that accidentally get in the way.

So there are plenty of good reasons to invest some time and money into cleaning up all those cables to ensure a safe and sane experience at a standup desk converter station.

Cable management for standing desk converters

Enter iMovR’s Tucker Pro Cable Management Kit for Standing Desk Converters (and be sure to check out the top-rated Tucker Cable Management kits for standing desks if you also have some full-sized sit-stand desks to deal with). This kit comes with 5 reusable felt cable wrap ties, 2 mounted cable wrap holders and a pivoting cable chain. Everything you need to get the job done initially, and flexible enough to easily add or subtract devices on your workstation in the future.

Cable wrap ties

Felt cable wrap ties: These ties are a step above the plastic zip ties that are customary in other kits in that they allow you to reconfigure your cords later down the road without clipping off the ties and getting new ones. The 6.5″ L x 0.5″ W straps are easy to open, resize and close, and they won’t damage your cords like hard plastic zip ties can because they’re soft (even reusable zip ties cinched too tightly can crimp cables and damage the wires inside). Impressively these self-latching fabric wrap ties have a strain rating of 25 lbs, despite not being made of hard plastic.

Mounted cable wrap holders: The amount of thought put into even a simple item like this is indicative of what you’re getting with these kits. The wrap holders can flex and move much more effectively than plastic cable holders, so they’re equipped to handle the stresses of a desk moving up and down multiple times a day. They also you to keep your cables as tight or loose as you want. And again, they’re incredibly easy to open and add more cables down the road. Plus, they’re rated for 10,000 open/close cycles so you don’t have to worry about them wearing out in your lifetime.

Mounted cable wrap holder

The 3.25″ x 1.23″ holders can be attached to the underside of the desk with only their high-tack 3M adhesive backing or with screws, or both. While we found the adhesive backing to be more than sufficiently strong, if you’re running multiple larger-gauge cables through them and want to be sure they don’t ever fall off the bottom of your desk, screwing them in is an easy solution (and iMovR included a screw hole so you don’t have to drill your own).

Pivoting cable chain: The patented cable chain has a unique mechanism that works with Z-lift converters that arc forward as they rise (check out the video below to see it in motion).

The pivoting cable chain clamps to both the work surface of the converter and the desk then flexes and twists as you adjust the height of the converter to keep your cables out of danger.

Pivoting cable chain

Consideration for the user is again obvious in the design, starting with the fact that a simple flathead screwdriver opens the chain links instead of a special tool like other kits. That’s one less tool you have to keep around. It’s very easy to change the chain length, add cables and take cables out.


The Takeaway

This kit is a game-changer as the first real solution for cable management specifically for standing desk converters. Even beyond that fact, the kit is excellent. You’ll still see the vertically-oriented chain, but it’s attractive and much safer than a bundle of cords zip-tied together. The components are all easily reusable and adjustable. Having a strong kit that can expand and contract as your workstation does is invaluable.

We recommend this kit for anyone using an X-Lift or Z-Lift standing desk converter, especially for those with dual monitor setups and lots of cords to organize.

To bring in one observation from our review of the three Tucker cable management kits for standing desks, iMovR went about developing the entire Tucker product line in a way we don’t often see: taking the time to do it right with years of ongoing development and testing (all done in Seattle, WA). It’s clear in the details that these components are designed to a level that competitors’ much more basic, slap-dash kits can’t come close to matching. The final proof is in the pudding with the Tucker’s 5-year warranty. Most of the components and bundled kits we’ve reviewed do not carry any warranty at all, and of the few that do it’s usually only one year, and typically only on one part in the kit.

These well-made Tucker wire management system components are built to last; you won’t find a cable mount tested to 10,000 open-close cycles in any other cable management kit.

Don’t Stop Here

Cable management is an excellent place to start but it’s best to think of your ergonomic setup as a work in progress. There are always ways to improve. Check our in-depth reviews on standing desks, keyboard trays, monitor arms, ergonomic seating and standing mats.

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