Humanscale QuickStand Under Desk Standing Desk Converter Review

February 5, 2023
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humanscale under desk converter review


Review Summary

While the Humanscale QuickStand Under Desk standing desk converter offers an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist design that is easy to use and tries to fulfill and ergonomic workstation’s needs, it is quite expensive for a converter, and has a much more complex assembly than full standing desks that cost less. If you must have a converter, no matter the price, the Under Desk will look great. But be prepared to use an expensive professional installer or have the time, tools and skills to drill out a non-standard 3.25″-diamated hole in the middle of your desktop in order to install this device.

MSRP / List Price


Street Price

FS – Single Monitor Mount (5″ of manual adjustment): $1,099.00
FD – Dual Monitor Mount (5″ of manual adjustment): $1,299.00
M2 – M2 Monitor Arm Mount (Arm Sold Separately): $1,038.00
M8 – M8 Monitor Arm Mount (Arm Sold Separately): $1,038.00
MF – M/Flex Monitor Arm Mount (Arm Sold Separately): $1,038.00


QuickBuy models ship in 1-2 weeks. All other custom configured sit/stand products ship in 2-3 weeks.


5 Years, 24/7 Warranty

Lift Type

Manual Counterbalance

Colors Available


Monitor Arm Mounting Options

Made for use with Humanscale FS, FD, M2, M8, and MF monitor mounts. Other mount compatibility TBD.

Adjustment Range

Platform height adjustment: 18″
Platform depth adjustment: 1″
Monitor adjustment: 5″

Weight Capacity

Maximum monitor(s) weight: 35 lbs

Number of Monitors Supported

1 or 2


Platform width: 28″
Overall depth: 29.3″
Post attachment: 9.8″ wide x 9.8″ deep
Under Desk post: 27.4″ – 29.4″

Product Weight

Single Fixed Monitor Arm – 42.0 lbs. (19.1 kg)
Dual Fixed Monitor Arm – 44.5 lbs. (20.2 kg)
M2/ M8/ M/Flex Monitor Arm – 39 lbs. (17.7 kg)

Shipping Weight

Single Fixed Monitor Arm – 53.0 lbs. (24.1 kg)
Dual Fixed Monitor Arm – 55.5 lbs. (25.2 kg)
M2/ M8/ M/Flex Monitor Arm – 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)

Typical Assembly Time

30-90 min, depending on the installers experience and toolbox. Requires drilling out a permanent 3.25″-diameter hole in your desktop.

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The "QuickStand Under Desk" standing desk converter offers a clean and minimalist design with the lifting mechanism enclosed in a cylinder that mounts underneath the desktop. It offers a decent adjustment range with an option for adjusting the monitor separately from the work surface, which is needed for ideal ergonomic positioning of the screens you look at.
Negatives Assembly and installation is substantially more difficult than other desktop converter options. The post beneath the desk might get in the way of the legs on taller users when seated. The biggest downside is the price, which is more than many full standing desks.

Bottom Line

If the negatives of price, complex assembly, and a large post beneath the desk are not an issue, then the clean look, simple operation, and versatile adjustments will provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing sit-stand workstation. But if you are starting from scratch, we recommend getting a premium-grade full standing desk for the same money.
humanscale underdesk mounted sit stand workstation

This is a brief “first look” on the Humanscale QuickStand Under Desk Standing Desk Converter. Once we are able to get one of these adjustable height desk converters into our testing lab, we will do further testing to provide you with a more in-depth review. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up on our latest reviews and information on ergonomic office equipment like this sit-stand workstation converter.

Unlike most sit-stand converters for office desks, where the lifting mechanism is above the desk surface, whether it rest on the surface of the desktop directly or is attached to an edge or grommet hole, the QuickStand Under Desk features a post set beneath the desk that houses the lifting mechanism.

The post can be seen as both a positive or negative, depending on how you look at it. While it does seem like cumbersome equipment beneath the desk, it can be argued that it frees up some space on the desktop that might make it seem less cluttered, though we’ll leave that to the eye of the beholder. A comparable product that costs a lot less and takes far less effort to install would be something like the Ergotron Workfit-SR, which we recently reviewed in the lab.

There are also several monitor mounts that Humanscale offers to add to the QuickStand Under Desk converter, including their FS, FD, M2, M8, and MF. However, it will likely be incompatible with any other monitor mounts you might already have. When we get the product in hand, we will be able to tell better if it is compatible with other mounts.

Speaking of the monitors, this standing desk converter does offer something that you don’t see in all converters. There is a 5″ adjustment range just for the monitor, allowing you to keep your view of the screen at optimal ergonomic level whether you are sitting or standing. This is again quite similar to the capabilities of the the Ergotron Workfit-SR.

Non-trivial Installation

A major hurdle for most users will be the assembly, which requires drilling out a permanent 3.25″-diameter hole in the middle of the desktop (see instruction manual). That requires a special drill bit and a high-torque drill, and is not a trivial thing to undertake if you’ve never done it before. Not to mention if you decide you don’t like this product after you’ve installed it, you’ve got a permanent gaping hole in the center of your desk, so this isn’t really something you’re going to want to leap to purchasing without serious consideration.

humanscale under desk mounted standing desk converter dimensional details

Spendy Solution

But the biggest downside to the Humanscale QuickStand Under Desk Standing Desk Converter for most users is probably going to be its price (especially if you have to hire a professional installer as well), which is quite a bit more than most sit-stand desk converters. If you are going to spend over $1,000 on a height adjustable office workstation, you might as well opt for a full, electric, standing desk and still have plenty of money left over for other accessories like a good monitor arm.

But if you are set on a converter, take a look at our roundup of the all the standing desk converters we have reviewed.

Speaking of an accessory for standing desks specifically compatible with grommets, check out our article on grommet holes, with everything you need to know about the different ways to use them to enhance your workstation, what to look for in your grommet holes, and where to find the desks with the best ones.

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