Humanscale QuickStand Lite Height Adjustable Workstation Review

January 22, 2023
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Humanscale Quickstand Lite Height Adjustable Workstation


Review Summary


In Humanscale’s typical flair for high design, the new QuickStand Lite is a looker. But the beauty is skin deep. In attempting to offer a lower priced product to compete with the massive number of new sit stand desk converters on the market, while retaining the fancy finishes that Humanscale customers expect, they left out too many of the ergonomic features one would expect at this price point. Still, this is going to be a very popular product, no doubt, because of its sleek, minimalist styling.

MSRP / List Price $ 589

Most resellers include free shipping


Five years

Lift Type

“Hovering” monitor arm style. Base can be edge clamp or grommet.

Colors Available

White with gray trim, or black on black

Minimum Height

Laying flat on your desk

Maximum Height

20″ work surface adjustable range, 5.5″ monitor adjustment (vertical), 40″ radius

Weight Capacity

Single Light Duty Model: monitor weight up to 11 lbs
Single Heavy Duty Model: monitor weight from 12 to 22 lbs
Dual Standard Crossbar Model: 2 monitors up to 24″ width each – combined weight up to 22 lbs
Dual Wide Crossbar Model: 2 monitors up to 27″ width each – combined weight up to 22 lbs

Maximum Monitor Size

Dual Standard Crossbar Model: 2 monitors up to 24″ width each (19.5″ diagonal)
Dual Wide Crossbar Model: 2 monitors up to 27″ width each (21.5″ diagonal)

Number of Monitors Supported

Standard configuration is single monitor, but a crossbar can be added for dual monitors.

NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic


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Quality and Aesthetics
Positives Featuring award-winning design (2016 Red Dot Best of the Best) this second entry in the standing desk converter category from Humanscale stays true to their form over function approach. It's sleek and elegant, and would look quite handsome atop any desk.
Negatives The biggest miss, ironically, is that this leading manufacturer of ergonomic adjustable keyboard trays has once again left keyboard tilt and keyboard drop out of the equation. In essence the QuickStand Lite is little more than a monitor arm with a flat horizontal keyboard work surface welded to it.

Bottom Line

Humanscale doesn't know how to make ugly products, and they love winning design awards, but we don't see ergonomic awards in the future for this product. While less expensive than the original QuickStand it lacks many features that can be easily found in competing products for the same money or less. That said, Humanscale's stellar reputation for design and manufacturing quality virtually assure its success in the marketplace.

The world has long known Humanscale for its high-end monitor arms and adjustable keyboard trays. In 2013 it entered the office fitness market with the chi chi FloatTable adjustable-height desk, one of our favorites in the instant-changing, counterbalance mechanism category. In 2014 it entered into the burgeoning new category of height-adjustable workstations (a.k.a. desktop risers, or standing desk converters) with the QuickStand, an ultra-elegant design that was also quite pricey.

Despite its high price the original QuickStand height-adjustable workstation has enjoyed raging sales success in the corporate market, according to the company, and we don’t find that surprising at all. Where companies like Ergotron have long dominated healthcare settings, Humanscale has long dominated in law offices, Wall Street firms, and other corporate dominions where a lot of money is put into interior design.

Quickstand lite desk converterNot to leave well enough alone, Humanscale wanted to respond to criticisms of the QuickStand’s high pricing with a new, lower-cost version of the original, dubbed the Humanscale QuickStand Lite. While they can declare Mission Accomplished – the Lite is nominally less expensive – the new design does not improve on the QuickStand’s minimalist ergonomic adjustability. Yes, the new price is lower, but competitors have since introduced many more products in this price range, many with far greater ergonomic adjustability and more impressive features.

If aesthetic design is what you mostly care about, and long periods of computer use are not a requirement (e.g. as a workstation to set up in a showroom or lobby for very light use) you won’t find another arm this pretty for this price. But a value leader it is not.

What You Get When You Marry a Monitor Arm with a Keyboard Holder

The Humanscale QuickStand Lite falls into a different category of adjustable height workstations than the QuickStand. Where the original QuickStand was a prettier version of Ergotron’s venerable Workfit-S, the new Lite model is a “hovering” design, going after Ergotron’s equally venerable Workfit-A. As such the Humanscale QuickStand Lite is basically a monitor arm that clamps to the back of the desk, with a fancier mounting plate attached to the top of it that also extends down to present the user with a flat surface to place their keyboard and mouse upon.

Other products in the hover category now include the iMovR Cadence Adjustable Height Workstation (discontinued), Cadence Express (discontinued), Cadence Plus (discontinued), and the ESI Climb Adjustable Height Workstation, both of which have a lot more adjustability than either QuickStand model. While the Climb leans more towards the Ergotron industrial/metallic aesthetic, the Cadence had a fresh styling and multiple color options that stands up well side-by-side with the QuickStand products, and gets you a lot more features for the money.

Ergonomic Adjustment Shortcomings

We’ve said this before when reviewing adjustable-height workstations… we simply can’t understand why companies that are known for making high quality adjustable keyboards trays have rushed to market with new desk converters that completely lack any keyboard tilt angle adjustment. At least with many of the contenders in this category the keyboard tray is “dropped” below the desk surface by four to seven inches, rather than just laid flat atop the desk. For a height adjustable workstation in this price range we find it more than a bit puzzling.

No doubt theHumanscale QuickStand Lite will still fly off the shelves, just as its predecessor did, creating yet another successful product for this highly successful and rapidly growing, global manufacturer of ergonomic products. That’s how much their brand reputation for manufacturing quality and aesthetic design factors into the equation.

That said, here’s what the full range of adjustability looks like on the QuickStand Lite:

humanscale quickstand lite dimensional specifications

Bottom Line

When you could by a height-adjustable workstation with greater height adjustment range, an adjustable drop and adjustable tilt on the keyboard platform, a monitor mount that can tilt, pan and rotate, a second work surface platform, a much wider radius, and heavier duty construction all for under $600 we’re a bit challenged in recommending the Humanscale QuickStand Lite even at its new reduced price, for all but the very most aesthetically sensitive consumers. Good thing for Humanscale, there are a lot of them out there.

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