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Monitor Arm Category
SteadyType Exo ergonomic keyboard tray

The Differences Between Ergonomics and Ergodynamics

Ergodynamics takes into account that everything about standing or walking while typing is different than when users were seated at a desk.

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monitor arm reviews

The Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desks in 2021

Is a monitor arm necessary? If you're planning to both sit and stand at a desk the answer is an unequivocal YES. We help you find the best one.

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types of monitor arms

What’s the Difference between Gas Piston and Metal Spring Counterbalance Mechanisms in Monitor Arms?

The most significant internal difference between different models is whether they are built using air cylinders or compression springs.

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Can I Mount My iMac on a Monitor Arm?

Part of the appeal of an iMac is that it’s a complete functional computer in and of itself—as soon as you buy it, you can use it without worrying about setting up a peripheral monitor. While this design may be iconic for its ease-of-use, it causes headaches in our modern world of standing desks (or more specifically, neck aches)

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imovr zipview monitor arm reviews

iMovR ZipView Single-Display Monitor Arm Review

Uncommonly robust features and high quality construction for a monitor arm in this price range, with a 10-year warranty to match.

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iMovR Tempo Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm review

iMovR Tempo Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm Review

The iMovR Tempo Heavy-Duty monitor arm is well-made, easy-to-install, and operates with a smooth and silent gas-assisted lift mechanism.

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imovr zipview dual monitor arm

iMovR ZipView Dual-Display Monitor Arm Review

Our top value pick for mounting dual monitors on standing desk converters, as long as your monitors weigh 17.6 lbs or less.

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Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm Review

The Ergotron LX is rigid enough to keep your monitors still during even the most intense walking treadmill sessions.

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iMovR Tempo Light Single Monitor Arm Review

The iMovR Tempo Light Single Monitor Arm is a high-quality product that provides ample ergonomic adjustability for the vast majority of users.

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iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm Review

The Tempo dual LCD monitor arm is one of the best, most versatile dual-mounting solutions available for standing desk users.

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Ergotron LX Sit-Stand

Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Review

The king of the Ergotron monitor arm line, the LX Sit-Stand has a wide range and capacity to give standing desk and treadmill desk users more options.

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Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm

Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm Placeholder

The Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm is designed to be a "command center" and accommodate anywhere from two to eight monitors on a single system.

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