Victor Technology DC300 Desktop Riser Sneak Preview

March 17, 2020

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Victor Technology DC300 Desktop Riser

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The DC300 is a new adjustable-height desktop riser from Victor Technology, a manufacturer that made a name for itself producing quality calculators of varying sophistication for a variety of purposes including financial or scientific calculations as well as everyday arithmetic. Victor now also manufactures a trio of desktop risers, with the DC300 at the top of their line. It features design elements similar to ErgoDesktop’s Kangaroo and Innovative’s Winston desktop risers, including a freestanding heavy steel base. In addition to its adjustable-height work surface, the DC300 also features an independently-adjustable monitor mount, putting it in the same category as the Kangaroo, Humanscale Quickstand, and Ergotron’s WorkFit-S and WorkFit-A.

A working prototype of the DC300 debuted at the 2014 ErgoExpo show, and we had the opportunity to try it out there. At the time, the riser was still finishing up its development cycle, but after months of anticipation, we now have a final production unit in our testing labs. Our team of experts is currently evaluating the DC300, and we’ll soon have a final review of the new riser. In the meantime, here are some of our first impressions of Victor Technology’s new desktop riser.

The DC300 comprises a large work surface that adjusts up and down with the help of a gas-assisted lifting column. To change the height you loosen the knob, raise or lower the work surface, and tighten a knob on the column to lock it in place. The gas cylinder helps lift the riser’s work surface, meaning you don’t need to use as much force as would have to otherwise. The Victor DC300 has a 15″ height range, similar to that of the Kangaroo risers. Also like the Kangaroo, the DC300 features an independently-adjustable monitor mount so that you can set your monitor to a proper ergonomic height relative to your work surface. While not a crucial component, the ability to change the relative height of the monitor quickly and easily can make the difference between a good riser and a great riser, especially where ergonomics are concerned.

The Victor DC300 belongs to a class of freestanding desktop risers, along with the Kangaroo and Winston, which features a heavy steel base plate underneath the work surface. This keeps the riser secure and prevents accidental tip over. It also makes the DC300 compatible with almost any desk surface, more so than risers that rely on a grommet- or desk-edge clamp: you also don’t have to worry about a desk clamp scratching your antique table top.

The DC300 also comes with two optional stabilization rods to place under the user edge of the work surface. We’ve seen stabilization legs before on the Kangaroo – they’re fantastic at keeping your worksurface steady and preventing your coffee from sloshing around while you type. The DC300’s work surface is an inch shallower than the Kangaroo’s (28″ x 23″ vs the Kangaroo’s 28″ x 24″) so it might not need as much support. Either way, this is one area we’ll be keenly examining while we conduct our analysis.

The DC300 comes with a full, one-year warranty. This is a little weaker than the Kangaroo’s warranty, which is one year on the gas cylinder and moving parts and two years on everything else.

We now have the DC300 in our testing labs, and are currently testing out the new riser. We’re particularly interested in how its stability scores against the Kangaroo, which also offers a stabilization leg. In the meantime, check out our Desktop Riser Comparison Page to learn more about the different desktop risers out. To keep up with all our new product reviews, expert advice and blog articles, please be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter.

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