Quick-Install Standing Desks

imovr lander lite

Do you need a quick-install standing desk? When it comes to the prospect of assembling a standing desk we find that our readers generally fall into two camps:

  1. People who love a good DIY project, have the proper tools, and wouldn’t dream of paying for someone else to assemble their desk, and…
  2. Everyone else. This includes people who dress nicely for work, who don’t have the patience or technical skills for an “IKEA project,” and those who don’t have the proper power tools to make the job go faster.

If you fall into Group 2, these desks are for you. The rest of you dudes can go check out our DIY section and learn all about the best bases and desktops to use in constructing your ultimate standing desk.

Out of all those desks there are only a handful that you can assemble in under 20 minutes, and fewer still that’ll assemble in less than 10. Our full roundup of quick-assembling standing desks breaks them down from quick to even super fast.

The Best Standing Desks of 2023

Our expert reviewers lab tested over 100 of the most popular standing desks and ranked them by performance, value, stability and other key buying criteria.

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best standing desks

iMovR Lander Standing Desk Review

The Lander is by far the most advanced, reliable, quiet and stable standing desk in the market today. It's entirely made in the USA, assembles in minutes without tools, and boasts a sleek height controller that syncs to your smartphone, among other distinctive technological advan…

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iMovR Captain's Desk

iMovR Captain’s Standing Desk Review

If you’re tired of the typical “two legs and a slab of wood” standing desk design, the iMovR Captain’s Desk is a breath of fresh air.

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imovr lander lite

iMovR Lander Lite Standing Desk Review

The new iMovR Lander Lite fills a gaping hole in the market today. It brings premium quality and advanced technology to the mainstream buyer.

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iMovR Jaxson standing desk with computer setup by an office window

iMovR Jaxson Standing Desk Review

The first standing desk with brushless motor technology, the Jaxson disrupts the industry with a superb value for its quality and features.

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iMovR Energize Stand Up Desk

iMovR Energize Standing Desk Review

We've crowned a new king of "stand up desk" customization: 5,400 combinations of desk shape, size, and color make up iMovR's American-made Freedom Line.

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iMovR ZipDesk shown in white with correct office ergonomics setup

ZipDesk Standing Desk Review

If you need a desk as fast as possible and are willing to pay a little bit more to not have to worry about product quality, the ZipDesk is for you.

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Victor Technology high rise standing desk

Victor Technology High Rise Standing Desk

This budget friendly standing desk from Victor Technology has a single-stage, single-motor design on a cheap chipboard desktop.

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Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk

Victor Technology High Rise Mobile Standing Desk

Affordable single-leg standing desk that is on caster wheels, with one model that also has a built-in keyboard tray for slightly better ergonomics.

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The Best Quick Install Standing Desks

Need a standing desk FAST? Our experts break down the best quick-install standing desks on the market ranked by assembly time.

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The Flexispot Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk in black waits in a light room with a small potted plant resting on top.

FlexiSpot Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk (EC9) Review

Purports to be a quick and easy desk to build, and it's super cheap - but is it really?

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steelcase solo standing desk review

Steelcase Solo Standing Desk Review

We're glad to see a new entry in the slowly-growing roster of quick-install desks, plus there's a lot to be said for the motor design of the Steelcase Solo.

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flexispot theodore standing desk with drawer

FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot Theodore is an exercise in extremes. It has a couple of drawbacks, but if you can work around those then you might have a desk you'll love.

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ApesDesk Lumi Glass-top standing desk in an office

ApexDesk Lumi Glass Top Standing Desk Review

This ApexDesk Lumi Glass Top Standing Desk review demonstrates how something shoppers think will be classy and stylish can fall short when it arrives at your home. Some unique features can't make up for poor quality control and damage.

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Northread Electric Standing Desk Review

Compact and quick install standing desk with a single-stage and single-motor design made with simple and low quality construction.

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FlexiSpot Esben

FlexiSpot Esben Standing Desk Review

The FlexiSpot Esben standing desk is great if you are on a budget, need storage and aren't too worried about fine-tuning your ergonomics.

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Varidesk ProDesk 48 and ProDesk 60 Electric Standing Desk Review

Varidesk ProDesk 48 and ProDesk 60 Standing Desk Review

Varidesk enters the electric standing desk market with the ProDesk 60 Electric. You'll get solid specs and outdated features at an exceptionally high price.

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Northread glass top electric standing desk

Northread Glass Top Electric Standing Desk Review

The Northread glass top single-motor electric standing desk is a cheap option for sit-stand workstations with low quality construction.

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