Ergonomic Seating

Leaning Chair Primer

Lean on Me – A Leaning Chair Primer From Treadmill Desk Experts

WorkWhileWalking is currently experiencing a tidal wave of leaning chairs. The recent ErgoExpo convention brought a slew of these new products to light, and we’re up to our derrieres in testing samples. Many of the reviews we publish over the next few weeks will be of these produ…

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iMovR Tempo Sit-Stand Stool Review

With similar ergonomic adjustability as the TreadTop Chair (only lacking a full-sized back rest), the Stool offers surprisingly good comfort—whether used as a seat, or as a standing “perch”—and is ideal for office workers looking for a portable seat they can move from the cubicle…

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CoreChair Active Ergonomic Chair Review

In the world of active sitting, the CoreChair stands out by doing what the exercise ball never could: offer your core muscles a break. If you’ve used an exercise ball in the past only to ditch it after a short time, or are considering using one in the future, we recommend looking…

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Top Ergonomic chairs

Top Ergonomic Chair Reviews

In this review we're rounding out the best ergonomic chairs that promote active sitting. There are a few types to choose from and a significant amount of extra energy to burn.

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BackApp 2.0 Chair

BackApp 2.0 Active Chair Review

In a rare case of the sequel being better than the original, Back App 2.0 raises the ergonomic and aesthetic bar set by the original while still retaining the unique, active imbalance feature that made the first chair such a hit. The new Back App has slightly pared down customiza…

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iMovR Tempo TreadTop Chair Review

Typical sit-stand-walk desks can often be too wide for many prospecting users who have more restricted floor space. iMovR's new Tempo TreadTop ergonomic office chair transforms treadmill desks of any size into a fully-fledged sit-stand-walk workstation. More than any chair on the…

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Back App Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Already a hit in Europe, the Back App is making its way across the pond to challenge the Muvman and Mobis in America. Its sleek aesthetic and elegant design make this active chair a heavy contender, and earned it our coveted five star rating.

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HÅG Capisco Puls Ergonomic Chair Review

The new Capisco Puls made waves with its bold redesign, winning the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2011. It retains the same basic elements of Opsvik’s original concept, but with a pared-down design. The seat and back rest of the older model, which featured a liberal amount of p…

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Focal Mobis seat

Focal Mobis Upright Seat Review

Another winner from Focal. Investing in a Mobis stool is an easy way to get up on your feet without risking the aches and pains of a standing workday. While it takes some time to get used to a new way of working, the leaning position encouraged by the Mobis is ergonomic and relat…

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Focal Upright Furniture Mogo Chair Review

A handy, well-designed little seat. Mogos can plunk down on any surface to act as a leaning seat. A correctly used Mogo also encourages small, beneficial correcting movements from a sitter’s legs, preventing the user from becoming truly sedentary – always a bonus for those conc…

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iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Navy

iMovR Birdi Perching Stool Review

At $159, the Birdi is a well-priced, lab-tested perching stool great for active workstations. The thick, high-resilient foam also makes the Birdi noticeably more comfortable than many of its leaning stool competitors. While a no-back perching stool-style may not be for everyone, …

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Muvman Leaning Stool Review

Expect to see more and more Muvman lookalikes, and soon. This German made leaning stool has set the bar in terms of functionality, ergonomics, and appearance. Designed as a companion to adjustable-height desks, the Muvman is a logical addition to any ergonomic office. It’s never …

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Move chair

Varier Move Leaning Chair Review

The Varier Move stops just short of being a leaning chair. While it does encourage active movement, it’s far easier to sit on top of the Move than it is to use it in a leaning position. As always, you’re looking at a trade off – the Move won’t keep you as active as a Mogo or Muvm…

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Varier Active Chair Product Preview

The Active retains the Move’s contoured saddle seat, a key element of any active office chair, but adds a plush, ergonomic back rest.

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Biofit Bimos Fin Leaning Chair Review

The Fin’s a gorgeous product with a fatal flaw. The black-and-silver body looks lovely, and would do any office proud. We’re also major fans of leaning stools, as they inject a little activity into a seated workday. However, Biofit’s inexplicable decision to equip the Fin with…

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FreedMan Ergonomic Chair Review

The chair is designed to replicate standing posture as you sit. Freedman has observed in his osteopathic practice that most people have slightly different length legs, which translates to one side of your pelvis being higher than the other.

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Humanscale Ballo Active Stool

Humanscale Ballo Stool First Look

The Ballo is an active-seating stool manufactured by Humanscale, who also make the Quickstand desktop riser and the Float Table standing desk, which earned our ‘Experts’ Choice’ rating. It was created by Don Chadwick, the designer behind the famous Aeron Chair. The Ballo is a sim…

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Officemaster OM5 Ergonomic Chair Review

The OM5 represents a major departure from classic office chair design. Two years of work with a forward-thinking design team resulted in an elegant solution to the adjustable chair. The rollers in the OM5 allows “body-activated movement” as the chair shifts to conform to a seat…

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Officemaster Discovery Ergonomic Chair Review

Odd-looking, but there’s wisdom behind the weirdness. The Discovery’s unique shape helps workers avoid the insidious computer hunch position, and many here at the office have fallen in love with the scapular range of motion these chairs offer. Besides that, they have the superb…

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Officemaster Paramount Office Chair Review

One of the most practical ergonomic chairs we've seen. The Officemaster Paramount is affordable, comfortable, and very, very adjustable. Those levers aren’t just for decoration – the Paramount is among the most customizable thrones our rears have ever graced. Once past the lea…

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Officemaster Yes Executive Chair Review

Anyone interested in an ergonomic upgrade to their sitting situation should consider an Officemaster chair. Anyone put off by the exotic curves of the Discovery, or the passive adjustment of the OM5 should turn to the Yes Executive chair. While it lacks some of the more interes…

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Edge Desk (with accessories)

The Edge Desk Review

What happens when you marry an art easel to a piece of gym equipment? Something like The Edge Desk. Our review staff evaluates this unconventional workstation.

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