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April 28, 2023
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unsit walking treadmill review

What is a Treadmill Desk?

A treadmill desk is really just a height-adjustable standing desk paired with an under-desk office treadmill, allowing you to gently while simultaneously performing tasks at your computer. When we say “walk” we really mean pacing while talking on the phone, not a cardio heart rate-inducing full-out walk. For most people, this is somewhere between 1 and 2 mph, not 3 mph or above. As we like to say here, “if you’re sweating, you’re doing it wrong.” The entire idea is to deliver more oxygen flow to the brain, not have your muscles steal all the oxygen. It’s about adding movement into your workday, not about getting exercise (you can go outdoors or to the gym for that).

Working on a treadmill desk is an ideal way to reduce your sedentary time at the office, and users find the increased focus and productivity—not to mention the increased metabolism, reduced stress, elevated mood and all the other health benefits—downright addicting. Unlike conventional exercise equipment that ends up in the garage or attic after 50 hours of use over 85% of the time, nearly 100% of people who adopt a treadmill desk never switch away from it. Companies that offer them as a benefit, whether as a shared resource for departments or on a per-employee basis, find them to not only boost productivity and lower health care costs but to improve employee satisfaction and retention as well.

But how to find the right treadmill desk for your space, your budget, your size and physical condition, and your computer configuration? We’re here to help! Over a million people a year rely on to learn about treadmill desks and standing desks, from general advice to our in-depth product reviews. So let’s dive in…

As You Begin Your Search

In this review, we compare all integrated treadmill desks that are sold as a desk and office treadmill base combo. (Shown here is an iMovR Jaxson standing desk combo’s with an Unsit office treadmill and SteadyType Exo keyboard tray.)

When you’re shopping for a treadmill desk keep in mind that you can mix and match components or you can buy an all-in-one treadmill desk system. The ones we review here in this round-up are the integrated treadmill desks that are already ideally paired. If you’re more of the DIY type and want to build your own walking workstation, check out our reviews of the Top Standalone Under-Desk Treadmills and Top-Rated Standing Desks.

At WorkWhileWalking we review a lot more standing desks and associated ergonomic accessories than treadmill desks because that’s just the reality of the marketplace, but rest assured we always test every product specifically for its suitability to the walking workstation application since we’re indelibly rooted in that history. So when you check out our round-up reviews of the best monitor arms for standing desks or best keyboard trays for standing desks know that we will always point out which products we specifically recommend for the more rigorous requirements of the treadmill desk application.

When you walk on a treadmill and then touch your hands to a two-legged standing desk the oscillations from your body sway will be induced into it, and amplified through the monitor arm and keyboard tray. This could make for a shaky experience if the components of your system are not as rigid and stable as they should be. So those are the kinds of things we’re always on the lookout for. The apt analogy here is “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere,” meaning if a product (e.g. a monitor arm) works well on a treadmill desk, it should work superbly well on a standing desk.

Other add-ons that may be necessary to truly complete the workstation of your dreams might include anti-fatigue standing mats, cable management kits, storage options, balance boards, and ergonomic seating, as well as treadmill desk specific options such as treadtop anti-fatigue mats, treadtop seating, under-treadmill anti-static mats and treadmill lubricant. We have lab tested and reviewed all the most relevant products in these categories.

Of course, if you’re looking to hack something together from a running treadmill you already have on hand be sure to read our DIY Guide on How to Build Your Own Treadmill Desk, DIY Guide to Standalone Adjustable-Height Desk Bases and our roundup of the Top Standalone Under-Desk Office Treadmill Base Reviews. Given the plethora of great commercially available treadmill desk options there are these days this isn’t as popular a path as it was ten or fifteen years ago, but we still have all the advice content for those who want to give it a try.

Our Unique Treadmill Desk Review Process

With the sheer number of choices available to consumers, it can be daunting to find the right one. That’s why we’ve done the leg work to compile the specifications and create apples-to-apples comparisons of the different products in the market today.

As we explain in our Integrated Treadmill Desk Review Criteria, when we review, we look at a number of qualities and attributes. They include:

  • Claimed user weight rating versus powertrain specifications
  • Maximum desk height
  • Desk stability
  • Noise signature
  • All ergonomic considerations
  • Customization options
  • Difficulty of assembly
  • Suitability of use in enterprise environments
  • Warranty and service terms, field reliability history

If you want to learn more about our review process in general, visit our Anatomy of a Review primer.

Two Treadmill Desk Product Categories

To separate treadmill desks into meaningful blocks for comparison, we’ve created two categories:

  1. Treadmill desks with built-in ergonomic keyboard trays (Jump below)
  2. Treadmill desks without built-in ergonomic keyboard trays (Jump below)

Why make this distinction over the addition of a seemingly minor accessory? After years of working on treadmill desks, we’re convinced that typing ergonomics is the most oft-overlooked aspect of a solid integrated treadmill desk.

Working without an ergonomic keyboard tray is potentially hazardous to your health. While walking and typing, it’s almost unavoidable to brace your palms on the edge of your desk for stability. Do this often enough, and you’ll quickly develop problems in your wrists and/or in the nerves at the base of your palms. The solution is to angle your typing downwards so that your wrists rest naturally and you neutralize any ‘anchor stressing’ pressure on your palms, working in a more ergodynamically correct position.

The best approach we’ve seen is to build a tilting keyboard tray into the tabletop itself. You lose some desktop space, but the desk stability while typing and walking will be incomparable. iMovR owns the patent on this “SteadyType” technology so we haven’t seen anything like it from any of the other standing desk or treadmill desk manufacturers, at least not yet.

The good news is that over the years iMovR has also introduced add-on keyboard trays like the SteadyType Exo and SteadyType Slide that allow you to add SteadyType to most any standing desk, leveraging the same patent. (The Exo attaches in 30 seconds to the front edge of any standing desk, while the Slide mounts on retractable rails underneath the desktop.)

The Development of the Ergonodynamic Treadmill Desk

keyboard tray for treadmill desk
A treadmill desk featuring iMovR’s SteadyType Keyboard Tray built in.

The first generation of treadmill desks generally combined a converted running treadmill with an adjustable height standing desk. While these fledgling workstations did the important work to start the active office revolution, they were not ergonomically sensible. They left a lot to be desired in height reach and stability, with some models displaying a tendency to get very shaky as soon as the user started walking or touching the keyboard.

We’re now solidly in the second generation with desks that were designed specifically for the ergonomic requirements of a walking computer user. Select iMovR desks are the only models on the market that feature a built-in keyboard tray (SteadyType®) that allows users to assume the proper ergonomic position while walking and working to avoid strain of the back, neck, shoulder, and wrist muscles.

These SteadyType-equipped desks are rock solid, where other two-legged standing desks can be quite shaky, especially if those other desks have an ergonomic keyboard tray that increases the “moment lever” on the fulcrum. Watch this video for a demonstration of the difference in stability between a SteadyType desk and any other two-legged adjustable-height desk.

In the quest for achieving the most neutral posture possible, keep in mind that conventional ergonomic keyboard trays were designed for sitting users, and thus only go to -15° of tilt adjustment. However, the highest typing productivity, greatest comfort, and least exposure to repetitive strain injury are known to be achieved at keyboard tray tilt angles of -30° to -45°. These SteadyType-equipped desks can hold onto their keyboards even at extremes of up to -85°of tilt and are typically used at 20° to 35° when standing, or 30°-45° when walking.

The iMovR SteadyType Exo ergonomic keyboard tray shown with a large amount of negative tilt.
The SteadyType Exo keyboard tray is designed to attach to virtually every known standing desk model in the market.

Such angles simply cannot be achieved by conventional under-desk mounted keyboard trays. Furthermore, conventional keyboard trays can’t even be mounted on the vast majority of standing desks because the crossbars of the desk frame interfere with the slide-in rail of the retractable keyboard tray. Hence the novelty of the SteadyType tray, and why these products get their own grouping in this comparison review. If you already have a different brand or model of standing desk you can add a SteadyType tray to it with something like the SteadyType Exo or SteadyType Slide.

A Note About Today’s Treadmill Desk Market

When we first started lab testing treadmill desks in 2012 there were only a handful of players – Steelcase, LifeSpan Fitness, TreadDesk and Exerpeutic. Steelcase didn’t invent the treadmill desk but they were the first to introduce one, at the behest of Dr. James Levine of The Mayo Clinic. The Walkstation was the first but also the most expensive treadmill desk ever introduced, and was unfortunately infamous for its poor ergonomic design and mechanical reliability issues. Lifespan came along with the first commercially popular treadmill desk models, the TR1200 being the best-selling of all time, popularized on at least eight prime-time TV shows. Until about 2018 Lifespan led the market, and attracted numerous competitors to the stage.

Over the years we reviewed many new treadmill desk challengers to Lifespan. From undercapitalized startups that flailed and died, like Some manufacturers, like Rebel Desk and TreadDesk, to major cardio fitness brands that stuck a toe in the water and exited as soon as they realized that they knew nothing of how to build an actual workstation, like LifeFitness, ProformTrueFormWoodway and NordicTrack. Sadly, most of the makers of treadmill desks that have entered the market since 2007 are now enshrined in the Office Fitness Dead Pool. In terms of mainstream viable players it’s really down to two: Lifespan and iMovR.

lifespan fitness tr1200 dt3 treadmill desk review

While the Lifespan Treadmill Desks have long been the most popular brand due to their many choices of models at lower price points, recent changes at the company have forced us to remove our buy recommendations after nearly a decade of good ratings from our expert review staff. With the founders and pretty much the entire US management team having left the company and control now in the hands of their exclusive Taiwanese manufacturing partner, prices for the Lifespan TR1000, TR1200 and TR5000 have been jacked up about 40%, while component quality has been significantly reduced to keep prices from going even higher.

lander lite standing desk with unsit treadmill ⁣The new Unsit treadmill base is 50% wider and 20%-45% shorter than typical running treadmill bases, creating twice as much usable walking area while reducing the equipment’s footprint in your office.

As we update this round-up in late 2022, iMovR has sunset the Thermotread GT—our long-time #1 pick in office treadmill bases—due to supply chain challenges. The company instead partnered with InMovement on the Unsit treadmill base, which has taken over the #1 spot. While it lacks some of the enterprise features of the Thermotread it is supremely quiet and its unique form factor delivers 50% more usable walking area while taking up less floor space in your office.

While we hope to see more competition come into the market—always a healthy thing —this isn’t something we expect to happen while the world is still recovering from the pandemic economy and global supply chain challenges. Even though treadmill desks are definitely having their moment more than ever with the work-from-home revolution it’s a tough time to get into any business that relies on the availability of steel, chips, rubber, plastic, cardboard, etc.

While there are a lot of “treadmill desks” being marketed on Amazon these are generally frauds that consumers should be extremely leery of. Chinese manufacturers of cheap home treadmills have taken to the habit of inserting the phrase into their marketing copy to win more searches, but as we describe on our reviews of products like the Walkingpad, these are not units you’d ever want to put under a desk. (There are many reasons to distrust Amazon reviews in general, but in the office fitness category in particular there are many fraud schemes on Amazon to be keenly aware of.)

Here’s another golden rule we have learned to live by… the lighter the treadmill the less durable and reliable it is likely to be. And that’s the fundamental reason that any treadmill you can buy on Amazon is likely a “consumer-grade” home running treadmill that won’t have the motor strength, frame weight, deck weight and overall rigidity to cut the mustard (you can learn about that in our primer on Treadmill powertrains; is your treadmill’s drive system sufficiently powered for walking?). The low-end torque required to pull a dead weight at 1-2 mph while overcoming the friction between the belt and the deck for hours at a time requires a lot more brawn than a running treadmill is geared for. So unless your new office treadmill is being delivered by a freight truck on a pallet, it’s likely not going to last very long.

If you want to have a little fun, take a peek at Alibaba’s Treadmill Desk Showroom to tour a veritable shop of horrors of what some Chinese manufacturers have cobbled up as treadmill-desk solutions. Basically, anything that qualifies as a treadmill screwed together with anything that qualifies as a work surface. Few of these contraptions have ever seen the light of day, at least not in this country, but it does give you some insight into how the companies that manufacture so much of the cheap crap that Americans buy from outlets like Amazon, Target, Walmart and infomercial channels come up with these short-lived, landfill-destined contraptions. The unsuspecting consumers who buy them do about as much pre-purchase research as the resellers who hock them. (Thankfully you’re not one of those people, since you’re reading this article!)

After You Click Buy, But Before Your Equipment Arrives

We recommend taking a little time to get your space properly prepared for your new treadmill desk, and to learn about the best way to ramp up your usage in our primer What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Treadmill Desk. Written and researched by users who spent a decade working on a treadmill desk, the article has many useful tips to enlighten the new user.

If you want to make sure a treadmill will work for you, you should read our article on guidance to see how you can test one out for yourself.

Still have questions? Ping us in Live Chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. Sometimes we’re all busy in the test lab, so if we’re not online we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

After you buy a standing desk or treadmill, you might also need to get rid of your old office furniture. So, make sure to read our primer on the best ways to get rid of your old desk or treadmill.

Top Treadmill Desks with Built-in Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

The following products are listed in order of their respective Experts’ Ratings, from highest to lowest.

1. Lander Treadmill Desk w/ SteadyType

Experts’ Rating: 5-Stars

There simply isn’t a more sophisticated, reliable, quiet, and stable treadmill desk in the market today than the Lander standing desk coupled with iMovR’s newest Unsit treadmill base. iMovR offers optional 6″ height extenders on all its standing desks specifically for very tall users and office treadmill users (the treadmill’s step-up height is 5″), which makes the Lander the highest-reaching and most stable desk on the market, which is essential for keeping your monitors from shaking as you walk and type. The Lander’s gesture-based height controller is intuitive and sleek and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for extra features like a built-in “health coach.” The desk comes in literally thousands of customizable choices of desk size and decor, including 24 ultra-durable 3D-laminate finishes and 38 artisan-handcrafted solid wood options. The new Unsit treadmill base is the quietest ever made, with a super hush 42.9 dB sound signature. Industry-leading warranties on both the desk and treadmill reflect the quality and durability of their components. The Lander is made in the USA and assembles in 3 minutes with no tools. The Unsit treadmill is made in Taiwan (not China) and also installs in minutes, no tools required.

Price: $4,320

Read our full review Buy on iMovR

Top Treadmill Desks without Built-in Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

The following products are listed in order of their respective Experts’ Ratings, from highest to lowest.

1. Lander Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 5-Stars

There simply isn’t a more sophisticated, reliable, quiet, and stable treadmill desk in the market today than the Lander standing desk coupled with iMovR’s newest Unsit treadmill base. iMovR offers optional 6″ height extenders on all its standing desks specifically for very tall users and office treadmill users (the treadmill’s step-up height is 5″), which makes the Lander the highest-reaching and most stable desk on the market, which is essential for keeping your monitors from shaking as you walk and type. The Lander’s gesture-based height controller is intuitive and sleek and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth for extra features like a built-in “health coach.” The desk comes in literally thousands of customizable choices of desk size and decor, including 24 ultra-durable 3D-laminate finishes and 38 artisan-handcrafted solid wood options. The new Unsit treadmill base is the quietest ever made, with a super hush 42.9 dB sound signature. Industry-leading warranties on both the desk and treadmill reflect the quality and durability of their components. The Lander is made in the USA and assembles in 3 minutes with no tools. The Unsit treadmill is made in Taiwan (not China) and also installs in minutes, no tools required.

Price: $4,320

Read our full review Buy on iMovR

2. iMovR Jaxson Treadmill-Ready Standing Desk Review

Experts’ Rating: 5-Stars

It’s hard to say what we like the most about the Jaxson desk, it has so many distinguishing features over the dozens of “ordinary” commodity-grade standing desks we’ve lab tested over the years. The ultra-reliable brushless motor technology in the base is obviously a standout, the Jaxson being the first standing desk in 24 years not to be built with brushed motors. The unobtrusive yet sleekly contoured handset is as “space age” as it gets in standing desk controls, with built-in Bluetooth, an infrared presence sensor and NFC. But it’s the overall styling that really grabs us, from the chamfered square columns to the ergo-contoured 3D-laminated tops, there are no hard edges to this desk. Where many standing desks have an industrial equipment aesthetic, the Jaxson with its warm colors and softened edges just looks nicer in any home or commercial office environment. And the industry-leading 15 year “top to bottom” warranty and 100-day satisfaction guarantee is classic iMovR. At only a slight premium in price to the most popular standing desks out there today (all of which are made in China), this American beauty is likely to massively disrupt the competitive landscape and finally give consumers the impetus to ditch the cheaply-made foreign goods.

Price: $760

Read our full review Buy on iMovR

3. LifeSpan DT5 and DT7 Treadmill Desks

Experts’ Rating: 1.5-Star

Lifespan’s entry into the treadmill desk market is literally the event that led us to start developing this reviews and advice website back in 2012. As the first commercially-produced treadmill desk offering reasonably priced, reasonable quality alternatives to the first treadmill desk (a severely overpriced one from Steelcase), we know that many thousands of our readers over the years started their foray into treadmill desking with a Lifespan Fitness TR800, TR1200 or TR5000 under their feet. The pandemic has taken many victims in the business world, too, and we’re sad to report that the once-great Lifespan Fitness product appear to have contracted a bad case of “long Covid.” The company is now wholly owned and operated by its former exclusive manufacturing partner in Taiwan, with not even a phone number for retail customers to call in the United States. Prices have been dramatically increased while the treadmill products have had their warranties completely eliminated as a “shrinkflation” tactic to maintain profit margins. (Prepare to include one of their “extended” warranty plans in your purchase price, starting at $270, if you still choose to take a chance on the company.) Specs, photography and other outward indications reveal the company’s complete lack of understanding of the ergonomics of working at a walking workstation, leading customers to set up potentially injurious desk configurations. Not surprisingly, the company’s website traffic and market share is dwindling quickly as the American senior management team that ran the company for 19 years have walked out the door, taking their deep institutional knowledge with them. We’ve had to rescind our buy recommendations across the board on the Lifespan products as for the prices Lifespan they now charge you could step up to a much higher-quality product, with a solid warranty, much higher longevity, far more extensive desk size and color options, and first-rate American engineering and customer support.

Price: $1,449

Read our full review Buy on LifeSpan

4. Steelcase Walkstation Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 1.5-Star

The granddaddy of commercial treadmill desks, Steelcase’s circa 2007 design is becoming antiquated compared to what can be purchased from top-rated walking treadmill and adjustable-height desk manufacturers. Steelcase pricing has fluctuated over the past year in response to ankle biting from competitor LifeSpan, but has remained extremely high for such outdated technology. Much better values can be had by combining iMovR or LifeSpan treadmill bases with any number of gorgeous and functional adjustable-height desks in order to achieve the perfect workstation for your needs, for at least $1000 less.

Price: $4,966 for Rectangle Shape

Read our full review Buy on Steelcase

5. Egofit Walker Pro Treadmill Base

Experts’ Rating: 1-Star

This is an unfortunate example of sham fitness marketing by a Chinese manufacturer that clearly doesn’t know that a) the average stature American couldn’t possibly use a treadmill this short and narrow, b) the five-degree built-in incline will raise users’ heart rates well into cardio range and make it completely impossible to actually type while walking, c) the 70 dB noise level is incompatible with thinking while walking much less being on a phone call. And the list goes on. From what we have already seen even before our formal lab testing is completed, this treadmill is a safety and ergonomics travesty that should probably be avoided at all costs.

Price: $399

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

Discontinued Treadmill Desks

At WorkWhileWalking we’ve been lab testing and writing reviews of ergonomic office furniture and accessories for over a decade. In that time, we have seen many of the products we reviewed fall by the wayside. This is inevitable due to the cycle of continuous improvement, with new models supplanting their predecessors. Of course in some cases products weren’t as competitive as they needed to be, or their manufacturers ran into financial challenges (which very much accelerated as a result of the post-pandemic economy).

For whatever reason, these products now fall into the discontinued category, but we will still keep their reviews published and available to read. Whether you want to know more about the desk, monitor arm, etc. that you bought years ago, need more info because someone is selling one second hand, or just want to compare current offerings with what was available in the past, these reviews will remain here for your reference.

1. iMovR Cascade Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

Combine iMovR’s state-of-the-art treadmill with one of its new Freedom Desks, and you have one of the best-valued treadmill desks around. The model reviewed here, the Cascade Treadmill Desk, incorporates SteadyType™ technology for the most sturdy, ergonomic typing experience on the market.

Price: $3,367

Read our full review Buy on iMovR

2. iMovR Energize Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 4-Stars

iMovR’s new Freedom Desk Line has already made a splash in the world of standing desks, combining American-made quality with low prices. Position an iMovR treadmill underneath one of its Energize Desks, and you have an electrifying new entrant in the treadmill desk world—one with more custom size, color and desktop shape options than any competitor.

Price: $3,042

Read our full review

3. ModTable Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 2.5-Stars

This is a bundle of two well-made but aging products, the original ModTable crank desk, and the Lifespan TR1200-DT3 treadmill base, both of 2011 vintage. Much nicer treadmill desks can be put together by using an adjustable-height desk that offers a full range of heights from sitting to walking to standing – such as any of the iMovR desk models, and more advanced, quieter, smaller, and more user-friendly treadmills like the ThermoTread GT.

Price: $1,479

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

4. ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill

Experts’ Rating: 1.5-Star

The ProForm Thinline and Thinline Pro “desk treadmill” models both fall far short of our criteria for a treadmill desk, lacking the office esthetics, work-surface stability, and ergonomic adjustability, that we expect in this category.

Price: $2,299

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

5. Exerpeutic WorkFit 2000 Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 1-Star

If you’re a small-statured person on a very tight budget who wants to use their treadmill desk for watching Netflix on an iPad then the Exerpeutic WorkFit 2000 can work well for you. However if you’re an average-sized or tall person, or if you’d like to actually be able to type on a computer while walking, this unit will give you more neck, shoulder, back and wrist pains than a bar brawl pitting you against the entire Scottish Rugby team.

Price: $820

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

6. NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 1-Star

More of a running treadmill fitted with a desk surface, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk – despite being a decent, if expensive, running treadmill – doesn’t meet the minimum criteria for an office-ready treadmill desk. If you’re searching for a new treadmill desk, look elsewhere.

Price: $1,499

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

7. InMovement Integrated Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 2-Stars

NOTE: THIS COMPANY HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS. WE LEAVE THIS REVIEW UP FOR POSTERITY. Despite its Rolls Royce price tag this product lacks a proper ergonomic design, and offers an extremely limited option of one desktop size. It’s a one-size-fits-all design that’s got even fewer options than the 2007-vintage Steelcase Walkstation treadmill desk that it imitates. Sure, there are some improvements with the embedded LCD control console and an integrated plug bar at the back edge of the desktop, but nothing remotely worth the ticket price.

Price: $4,599

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

8. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Experts’ Rating: 1-Star

Overhyped by a manufacturer with very questionable marketing practices, the TrekDesk has the fundamental problem of violating many of the basic rules of how to build an ergonomically-proper, stable, attractive and productive treadmill desk. We would caution anyone thinking of buying a TrekDesk to research it carefully, and then search Craigslist for used units. For $70 more you could purchase an adjustable-height desk and be ten times happier.

Price: $649.99

Read our full review Buy on Amazon

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