Versadesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter

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Versadesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter

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MSRP / List Price

$799 and up

Street Price

$390 and up


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Lift Type


Sizes Available

36", 40", 48", and 60"

Colors Available

White, Gray, Maple, Black

Minimum Height


Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

Up to 80 lbs.

Product Weight

40 Lbs.

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Under Review...

The Versa Power Desktop Standing Desk Converter is currently under evaluation. This page includes basic product information for the moment, but look for our full review coming soon. To learn more about how we review at WorkWhileStanding & WorkWhilewalking, see Anatomy of a Review.

Note: there has been some confusion in the marketplace about the name of this product, as VersaTables, the manufacturer, is also marketing this product under the name VersaDesk Power Pro. There is also a larger version known as the VersaDesk Power Pro Corner.

Initial Observations

Electric standing desk converters are still a bit of a novelty due primarily to their cost. So far they've sold mostly to the economically-insensitive segment of the market, such as senior executives and Wall Street traders. So we were pretty excited to see an electric desktop converter for such a low price enter the market. It's a nice-looking unit with some great choices in finishes, so that's all positive. The product arrives fully-assembled.

However, the question we will try to determine in our full review process is what does the user give up in stability and safety in exchange for this low-cost design approach? The design is a "scissor-lift" which is a great way to get a lot of adjustment range with a small "actuator stroke." With an 80 lb lift rating it's probably pushing in the neighborhood of a 400 lb force, so we'll be looking at the motor rating and reliability of the mechanism. All this on an asymmetrical mechanism, which basic physics tells us will be more stable on one side than the other. Indeed, despite it's 5-star user rating, early reports on Amazon do mention wobbliness at top heights, which is another key concern our reviewers are going to take a closer look at. (See our article on why Amazon reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt.)

But our biggest concern with this product is its fully-exposed scissor lift mechanism, and consequently user safety. The scissor lift creates some pinch points that can pose a safety risk because the forces are high enough to produce serious pinch/sever injury. Being a product in an office environment (somewhat uncontrolled) with hands in close proximity, we will be looking to see if there are any sensors to detect if anything gets in the path of the lift. At least the electric switch is not a "fire and forget" type but requires the user to keep one finger on the button while the lift is in motion.

Unlike the company's marketing claims, the Versa Table computer desktop is not the "The ONLY electric powered lift on the market", it's a Johnny come lately in a field of some notable contenders, including the top-rated Winston-E, as well as the Kangaroo Pro Electric, and ErgoTech One-Touch.

If you would like to learn more about the top standing desk converters on the market, see our Standing Desk Converter Comparison Review. And be sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter to keep up to date on the latest office fitness products and industry trends.


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