Top Sit-Stand Desk Converters – Post & Base Models – Experts Review

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Top Sit-Stand Desk Converters – Post & Base Models – Experts Review

There are a couple primary benefits to buying a Post & Base sit-stand desk converter.

  1. They come with a monitor post built-in so you don’t have to buy a separate monitor arm to keep your monitors at the right ergonomic height
  2. They generally use gas lift mechanisms that are extremely quiet to adjust–no risk of annoying coworkers while your unit clicks into place

Don’t be turned off by their high price tag right away. The reason these units are so expensive is because they have the benefit of a monitor post built-in. If you choose a Z-Lift or an X-Lift for instance, you’ll pay less for the unit itself, but you’ll have to fork over a couple hundred more dollars to get a high quality monitor arm that provides the same level of ergonomic bliss.

One thing you’ll want to consider when purchasing a Post & Base sit-stand converter is the way it handles your monitors. Can you adjust your monitors up or down on the monitor post? That’s important for finding your sweet spot while standing versus sitting. Can you adjust them back and forth for focal depth adjustment? That’ll keep you from leaning in to see your monitors. And of course, can the unit handle more than one monitor? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in our detailed reviews below.

Table of Contents

Best Post & Base Sit-Stand Converters by Ranking
Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying a Post & Base Sit-Stand Converter
Do You Use Dual Monitors?
How Noisy is the Unit?
Is It Ergonomically-sound?

Best Sit-Stand Desk Converter (Post & Base) by Ranking

Sit-Stand Desk Converter
(Post & Base)
Pros/Cons Price

1. Innovative Winston

Winston Sit-Stand Desk ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Can support as many as 4 monitors
  • Easy, elegant adjustment method
  • Sports a high weight capacity
  • Locking air cylinder keeps work surface stable


  • Cannot adjust monitor height relative to the work surface, meaning ergonomic fine-tuning is limited
Starting at $679

2. Ergotron WorkFit-S

Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Desk ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Sleek, efficient design with easy setup
  • Smooth and quiet glide motion
  • Stable work surface and monitors


  • Cheap plastic keyboard tray
Starting at $499

3. Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

Varidesk Pro PlusRead Our Full Review


  • No installation required
  • Independently adjustable monitor and keyboard platforms for better ergonomics
  • Extraordinary stability (with “kickstand” device)


  • “kickstand” device can be cumbersome to manage
Starting at $399

4. Ergo Desktop Wallaby

Ergo Desktop Wallaby Sit Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Budget-friendly and incredibly easy to set up and use
  • Unobtrusive and lightweight, with an affordable pre-assembly option to make it a breeze
  • Newly redesigned with a mounting column so users can now install their monitors to a more ergonomic height than the old model


  • Unlike the Kangaroo, the Wallaby does not have a secondary gas-assisted lift system for monitors. Adjusting the height of the monitor relative to that of the work surface is doable, but tricky
Starting at $278

5. Right Angle Helium

Right Angle Helium Sit-Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Made in America
  • Easy, one handed adjustment mechanism
  • Steel stabilizer rods help make the workstation sturdy


  • Exposed screw-heads and fingerprint-collecting work surface
  • Monitor height adjustment is precarious and lacks its own counterbalance mechanism, discouraging users from standing of making them settle for neck strain
Starting at $460

6. Humanscale QuickStand

Humanscale QuickStand Sit Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Sleek, modern aesthetic
  • Depth-adjustable work surface not found in most Post & Base models


  • Platform floats 1/4″ above the desk in the lowest height setting
  • Overly stiff monitor height adjustment
Starting at $749

7.Humanscale Quickstand Eco

Humanscale Eco Sit Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • An ultra-clean design combined with high-quality components give the Eco an overall premium look and feel


  • Wobbly work surface is a deal-breaker
  • Monitor mount height is not easily adjustable relative to the platform height
Starting at $399

8. HealthPostures Taskmate Go 6300

Taskmate Go Sit Stand ConvertersRead Our Full Review


  • Relatively sturdy work surface
  • Good range of height adjustment


  • Loud lever locking height adjustment
  • No easy adjustment for monitors independent of work surface
  • ‘V-shape’ base allows for more rocking than expected
Starting at $598

*Please note that Amazon prices may vary as per vendors’ discretion.

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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying Post & Base Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Keep these points in mind as you’re comparing Post & Base models.

Do You Use Dual Monitors?

One downside of buying a Post & Base model is that it may require purchasing a special monitor mount to accommodate more than one monitor. You’ll have to look at the specific features of each product, but often times it will run an extra $100-200 for a dual monitor version.

How Noisy is the Unit?

You really can’t go wrong in this department with a Post & Base model. They are almost all extremely quiet during the lifting process, maybe with a slight noise as the gas strut contracts and expands, but nothing that will bother your coworkers.

Is it Ergonomically-sound?

The great thing about Post & Base models is that they have a monitor post built-in. But beyond this, you’ll want to think about whether you can easily adjust the monitor(s) up or down. (Because believe it or not, you’ll want the monitor(s) position slightly higher relative to the work surface when you stand than when you sit.)

You’ll also what to find out if you can adjust the monitors to fine-tune to the right focal depth. No one wants to strain to look at the screens, or, on the other hand, have their monitor(s) so close they feel like they have pixels radiating on their face.

If you want more items to consider when purchasing a sit-stand desk converter, see our article Top 8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Standing Desk Converter.


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