under $350

VariDesk Laptop 30

VariDesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation Review

With the smallest footprint of any Varidesk desktop converter, the Laptop 30 is the most compact workstation in Varidesk's catalog.

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Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

Reviews of 18 top standing converters models across all model types, including Z-Lifts, X-Lifts, Hovers, Post & Base, and Electric, under $350.

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Standee Bamboo

Standee Bamboo Sit Stand Workstation Review

Standee Sit Stand Workstation review. The Standee assembles easily but doesn't have a variable height mechanism and lacks ergonomic options.

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Eureka Sit Stand New Generation Converter

Eureka Sit-Stand Desk New Generation (31B) Review

No other standing desk converter in the $199 price range offers the feature set of the Eureka Sit Stand Desk New Generation.

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fully cooper standing desk converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

Fully's Cooper standing desk converter is a well-made product that features an available bamboo top and a smooth X-lift mechanism.

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Halter ED-258

Halter ED-258 Standing Desk Converter Review

Halter's ED-258 features an extra-deep lower tray to hold your laptop. However, this standing desk converter isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Review

Stand Steady's X-Elite Pro is a standing desk converter with a simple X-lift design. However, the simplest solution isn't always the best.

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Versadesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

The Versadesk Power Pro is an electric standing desk converter with strong specs and a fair price. However, build-quality issues raise concerns.

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Standing Desk Converter Autonomous SmartDesk Mini

Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Desktop Workstation Review

The Autonomous SmartDesk Mini, even at $299, is an underwhelming budget electric standing desk converter, and we cover why.

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Vivo V000B Standing Desk Converter Review

The Vivo manual standing desk converter is solidly built and priced to move. However, it's so hard to adjust that you may end up with a sore back.

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