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Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

Best Sit-Stand Desk Converters Under $350

If you're looking for a standing desk converter for under $350, you're in the right place. We've compiled a list of the top 18 models across all model types, including Z-Lifts, X-Lifts, Hovers, Post & Base, and Electric—as long as a desk converter is under $350, it qualifies. Of …

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Ziplift+ HD stand up desk converter

iMovR ZipLift+ HD Stand Up Desk Converter Review

Extremely stable; extremely ergonomic. Height range adjustability allows for infinite stops and accommodates users up to 6'7". Comes with a built-in adjustable-angle keyboard tray unlike most desk risers on the market. Three built-in grommet holes make it easy to add any monitor …

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Varidesk Soho Sit Stand Workstation Review

Varidesk Laptop 30 Sit Stand Workstation Review

With the smallest footprint of any Varidesk desktop converter, the Laptop 30 is the most compact workstation in Varidesk's catalog. Its height adjustment mechanism looks identical to the easy-to-use lever locking system of the original Varidesk and, unlike other Varidesk models, …

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Eureka Sit Stand New Generation Converter

Eureka Sit-Stand Desk New Generation (31B) Review

We normally only see this feature on higher end standing desk converters—it’s unprecedented territory for a $199 standing desk converter.

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fully cooper standing desk converter

Cooper Standing Desk Converter Review

The Cooper is a well-made product overall, featuring an elegant bamboo work surface not seen on too many other standing desk converters. It’s easy to operate and feels like it’s more than the sum of its parts. While not without its faults (chief among them the lack of an ergonomi…

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Versa Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Standing Desk Converter Review

Our biggest concern with this product is its fully-exposed scissor lift mechanism, and consequently user safety. The scissor lift creates some pinch points that can pose a safety risk because the forces are high enough to produce serious pinch/sever injury.

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Vivo Standing Desk Converter Review

If you’re short or if you have back trouble, this is not the converter for you. The handles are located pretty far back from the front of the work surface, meaning you’ll have to lean over it to get any leverage and adjust the height. The heaviness of the converter, in combinatio…

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Standing Desk Converter Autonomous SmartDesk Mini

Autonomous SmartDesk Mini Desktop Workstation Review

Autonomous probably figured their millennial audience will be wowed by the cool factor of electric, and won’t likely research how much more assembly effort and success risk the Mini might entail. Our advice? Stick to the more ergonomic, proven models already out there, and recogn…

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Halter ED-258

Halter ED-258 Standing Desk Converter Review

The Halter ED-258 is a perfect example of a product that looks good on paper, but simply does not work as advertised. Our model collapsed under the weight of 40 lbs. Additionally, the handles are the worst we’ve ever seen, requiring a very tight grip to unlock the height-adjust f…

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X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Review

It may look pretty, but the X-Elite Pro is simply not an ergonomic solution for anyone looking to type at standing height. You’ll end up straining your neck or your wrists if you plan on typing on this thing for an extended period of time. It’s not a good decision for your wallet…

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Standee Bamboo Standing Desk

Standee Bamboo Sit Stand Workstation Review

The Standee's low asking price may persuade those deterred by more expensive options to stand more at work. But without a height adjustment mechanism, Standee users risk different ergonomic maladies that can make their standing breaks uncomfortable and miserably short.

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