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Top Stand Desk Converters | Electric Models


Like a full standing desk, just smaller. If you want a luxury sit-stand solution, but for whatever reason can’t replace your whole desk, try one of the top-of-the-line electric stand desk converters. These models offer the easiest height adjustment around. All it takes is the press of a button. You can even program your favorite standing heights to make adjustment quicker.

Most electric standing desk converters use a Post & Base structure, which means they come with a monitor post built-in. No need to purchase a monitor arm separately, and that’s part of what accounts for their higher price–as well as the electric motors of course. (Monitor arms are used to keep your screens at an ergonomically correct position while you sit or stand.)

Most of the electrics come with options for multiple monitors, but not all do, and you’ll want to be sure your model comes with an easy way to adjust your monitor height for when you’re standing. Workers tend to need their monitors slightly higher when they stand versus when they sit, and since that adjustment needs to be made every time you sit or stand, it’s one you want to be as easy as possible. We’ll cover all this and more in the detailed reviews you’ll find below.

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Best Electric Stand Desk Converters by Ranking
Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Stand Desk Converter
Do You Use Dual Monitors?
How Noisy is the Unit?
Is It Ergonomically-sound?

Best Electric Stand Desk Converters by Ranking

Electric Stand Desk Converter Pros/Cons Price

1. Innovative Winston-E

Winston-E Sit-Stand Desk ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Polished, refined aesthetic
  • Electric lift mechanism with programmable positioning for sitting and standing
  • Innovative monitor focal depth adjustment for superior ergonomics and screen-sharing
  • Stable work surface for typing
  • Models available for 1, 2, or 3 monitors


  • It has a price tag to match its state-of-the-art capabilities
Starting at $936

2. Ergo Desktop Electric Kangaroo

Ergo Desktop Electric Kangaroo Desk ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Heavy duty motor with 150 lbs lift capacity
  • Robust, stable work surface minimizes shaking
  • Models available for 1 or 2 monitors


  • Slat-rail look may not be aesthetically-pleasing to some
Starting at $699

3. Ergotech One-touch

Ergotech One Touch Electric Sit-Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Can accommodate up to four monitors
  • 100 lb weight capacity
  • Easy one-touch electric height adjustment is quiet and smooth


  • Monitors are somewhat difficult to tilt/pan/rotate
  • Aesthetic is a little bit industrial, with motor and cords exposed
Starting at $1,069

4. TaskMate Executive

TaskMate ExecRead Our Full Review


  • Comes with two tablet/document holders
  • Adjustable keyboard tray for better typing ergonomics


  • All metal, quasi-military look isn’t going to win any beauty contests
  • Assembly is difficult
Starting at $1,159

5. Versadesk Power Pro

Versadesk Power ProRead Our Full Review


  • Variety of colors and finishes
  • Four monitor pole support


  • Abrupt stopping motion may cause converter to drop on top of the table
  • Keyboard tray depth is shallow
Starting at $390

6. Autonomous SmartDesk Mini

Autonomous Smartdesk Mini Electric Sit-Stand ConverterRead Our Full Review


  • Inexpensive


  • Cheap construction, complicated assembly
  • Loud height adjustment, limited surface space, low weight capacity
  • History of poor customer experiences with SmartDesk
Starting at $249

* Please note that Amazon prices may vary as per vendors’ discretion.

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Top 3 Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Stand Desk Converter

Keep these points in mind as you’re comparing Electric converter models.

Do You Use Dual Monitors?

If you do, you’ll have to pay extra for a model that accommodates multiple monitors. The Winston-E holds up to 3 monitors, and the Kangaroo Electric holds up to 2 monitors. Some models do not accommodate dual monitors at all, like the Autonomous SmartDesk Mini.

How Noisy is the Unit?

Noise is a factor you should keep in mind when comparing electric standing desk converters. They don’t make any noise when they latch into place (like many Z-Lifts and X-Lifts) but they do make a quiet hum with their motors. In some cases, it may be enough to irritate your coworkers. 

Is it Ergonomically-sound?

Most Electric standing desk converters use the fundamental design of a Post & Base model. This means they have a built-in monitor pole to keep your monitors at an ergonomically sound viewing position. However, making subtle adjustments to your monitors is another story; some models make tilting, panning, rotating, and changing the focal depth of your monitors much easier than others.

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