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The Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desks in 2021

We're often asked whether a monitor arm is a truly necessary investment. If you're working at a fixed-height desk AND you external monitor has a height-adjustable stand, then probably not. But if you're planning to both sit and stand at an adjustable-height desk the answer is an …

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What’s the Difference between Gas Piston and Metal Spring Counterbalance Mechanisms in Monitor Arms?

There are literally hundreds of ergonomic monitor arms on the market. Of these, there are core differentiations that are clearly visible, like styling, height adjustment range and number of monitors they’ll hold, and then there are those differences that are invisible to the eye—…

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Can I Mount My iMac on a Monitor Arm?

Part of the appeal of an iMac is that it’s a complete functional computer in and of itself—as soon as you buy it, you can use it without worrying about setting up a peripheral monitor. While this design may be iconic for its ease-of-use, it causes headaches in our modern world of…

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imovr zipview monitor arm reviews

iMovR ZipView Single-Display Monitor Arm Review

Our top value pick for use with standing desk converters (X-lift and Z-lift types, specifically), as long as your monitor weighs 17.6 lbs or less. Uncommonly robust features and high quality construction for a monitor arm in this price range, with a 10 year warranty and commercia…

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iMovR Tempo Single-LCD Monitor Arm Review

The Tempo Light and Heavy Duty Tempo Monitor Arms are high-quality products that provide ample ergonomic adjustability for the vast majority of users—and they fit right in with iMovR’s trend towards “easy set-up, exceptional quality.” While tall users might be better served by a …

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iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm Review

The Tempo dual LCD monitor arm is one of the best, most versatile dual-mounting solutions available for standing desk users. It provides more than enough height adjustment for every conceivable user, and its superb build quality makes it a joy to use daily, and for years to come.…

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Ergotron LX Monitor Arm

Ergotron LX Monitor Arm Review

Ergotron makes a darn good monitor arm. The company delivers on promises of quality, range of motion, durability, and just about everything else. Rave customer reviews back these claims. The LX is an excellent choice for a treadmill desker, and the Tall Pole variant may be the…

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Ergotron LX Sit-Stand

Ergotron LX Sit-Stand Monitor Arm Review

The Ergotron Sit-Stand monitor arm is one of the sturdiest and best made heavy duty arms on the market, able to lift iMacs, all-in-one PCs and other heavy monitors weighing up to 25 or 30 lbs. (two versions).

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Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm

Humanscale M/Flex Monitor Arm Placeholder

The M/Flex monitor arm system is Humanscale’s hat in the ring of “command center” monitor arms. This style of monitor arm is designed to accommodate anywhere from two to eight monitors on a single system. The hallmark of a monitor arm system like the M/Flex is the ability to incr…

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humanscale m2.1 monitor mount reviews

Humanscale M2.1 Monitor Arm Review

The M2.1 monitor arm from Humanscale was designed and developed by the company’s in-house design studio. True to their design style, the posh and polished M2.1 arm takes quite a pretty picture. However, our team isn't blinded by glitz: we're carefully scrutinizing the M2.1 in our…

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Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

Humanscale M8.1 Monitor Arm Review

The midline monitor arm in Humanscale's extensive line-up, the M8.1 is suitable for average size/weight monitors for both fixed-height and adjustable-height desks

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Ergotech 320-Series Adjustable Monitor Arm

Ergotech 320 Series Monitor Arm Review

The monitor arm arrives pre-assembled, with and the tension adjustment for making sure your monitor stays where you want it is straightforward and easier than other arms we've seen. Some components feature a nice paint job, and the price is fantastic.

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Innovative Bild Monitor Arm With 8 Screens

Innovative Office Products’ Bild Monitor Mount Review

The Magnificent Eight Bild is a highly customizable monitor mount system from Innovative Office Products, the same people who brought us the Winston with its ingenious hand brake and the Winston-E, one of the first electric standing desk converters (and certainly one of the most …

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