Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter Review

January 31, 2022
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Review Summary

The Uplift E3 Converter fits squarely into the “budget-friendly” category of standing desk converters while ineffectively creating a product to fulfill the consumer’s attempt to improve their functional ergonomics while working. Instead, the E3 Converter offers a highly portable desk exclusive to laptop users who likely won’t be standing long, nor are overly concerned about ergonomic pitfalls.
This ultra lightweight x-lift manual converter comes in at the basement of the converter market price points at an extremely affordable $129. The consumer is unlikely to find a standing desk converter at a cheaper price. Thus, what you pay for is what you get. The converter is extremely light at under 12.5 pounds, speaking to the aforementioned portability, yet weak in its ability to hold weight — 11-pound lifting capacity.

Best Use

As a laptop desk at a temporary workstation (think local library or home dining table).

MSRP / List Price $129.00

15 years

Lift Type

Pneumatic gas piston x-lift

Colors Available

Black, white

Adjustment Range

1″ to 16-3/4″

Weight Capacity

11 lbs


26 3/4″ wide x 13.4″ deep x 1″ tall (collapsed)

Product Weight

10.5 lbs

Shipping Weight

12.5 lbs

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives The E3 compact standing desk converter allows the on-the-go laptop user to convert any library or cafe table into a standing desk without cutting into the monthly discretionary budget. The soft-touch adjustment ability makes it easy to raise or lower. The 26-3/4 inch desktop space provides ample room for a laptop, mousepad, notepad and even a coffee mug.
Negatives Let's start with weight capacity. This converter supports a maximum of 11 pounds. That rules out any type of standing computer monitor. It also lacks the ergonomic features, such as a keyboard tray, to really accentuate the reason for turning to a standing desk converter in the first place – improving your physical health. The x-lift operating system only offers three locking height positions. This converter won't suit users 6-feet or taller.

Bottom Line

For anyone in the converter market, the advice here is to spend a little more money for a device that is going to a) improve your ergonomic posture and b) hold up under the pressure/weight you put on the desktop. So while the Uplift E3 compact converter may be a decent option for the medium-height, laptop using, budget-conscious worker looking for a non-electric and portable desk converter, it’s at the bottom of the barrel for stand-up desk converters for anyone whose leading priority is improving physical health while working 40-hour shifts at their desk week after week.

Though, the Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter is extremely affordable and rather sleek looking in its minimalist design, we were not impressed by either the functionality, nor the mechanics of its design. Not unexpected given its $129 price tag (Amazon has it listed at $149 as of 1/31).

Turning to this converter as a way of improving one’s ergonomic posture at work doesn’t make a whole lot of sense given the lack of a keyboard tray. Without providing a system that allows the user to keep his or her wrists in a straight line with their forearms eliminates any reason to look at this device as a means to better ergonomics.

The Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter at its maximum height. Notice the x-lift design and gas-piston spring system.

A major issue also is the overall mechanics of the pneumatic x-lift spring system. As any x-lift operates, when the contraption folds lower and lower, the ability to hold the weight ends. That is simple physics and – thanks to the cheap gas piston – the E3 converter is also simply not a sturdy system. It will constantly “crash” down as the user collapses it.

Aside from “crashing,” the real problem here is the light support capacity. At just 11 pounds, even resting your forearms on this desktop, coupled with the weight of a laptop and a coffee mug, will make this converter drop out of its locked position. That makes it completely uncomfortable and annoying to use.

Easy to Handle

The Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter at its base height. This converter is only designed for laptop use.

On the upside, thanks to Uplift anyone can find a standing solution to their sedentary professional lifestyle. Due to its lightweight configuration, this desk is highly portable. Going to a cafe, coffee shop or library? Bring the slim E3 along and suddenly you’re working from a standing position while enjoying a hot cup of Joe.

It’s also easy to handle. Uplift designed the E3 so that even the novice mechanical technicians can put it together because it comes ready to operate out of the box. The converter works with a small, gas-powered piston and spring system, allowing users to raise and lower the desk with a light touch. Being non-electric, there is no need to be near an outlet or deal with an annoying cable.

Laptops Only

Considering the 11-pound support capacity, this standing desk converter will not work with a free-standing monitor and desktop computer, let alone any monitor arm mounting system. This is a converter pointed to the mobile, work-wherever type looking to stand for a few hours per day.

A side view of the Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter. It comes in two colors: White and black.

The Details

The Uplift E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter features an x-lift pneumatic manual lifting design with three locking positions. The desk weighs 12.5 pounds, extends from 1” to 16 ¾”, offers 26 ¾” desktop space and comes in two colors: white or black. It can support up to 11 pounds in weight (as mentioned).

The Takeaway

It’s important to note the gentle nature in which the user in the advertisement video on Uplift’s web page is using this product. This isn’t a rugged, stable converter product that will stay at in its locked position as you work away on your laptop. The price point ($129 on Uplift) and weight capacity (11 pounds) should tell you that right away. But, if you have a small budget, desire the portability and like the sleek design, then by all means make the purchase. We advise buying on Amazon for the added peace of mind and customer protection given the company’s liberal return policy.

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