Z-Lift Standing Desk Converters

Top Z-Lift Standup Desk Converters – Experts Review

Why are Z-Lifts some of the most popular standing desk converters in the market? They’re all-around high performers.

-They are some of the most stable work surfaces while standing, making them ideal options for those who type frequently at work (like programmers or writers).
-They usually come pre-assembled so you can start standing right away.
-They are quick to lift, making the transition between sitting and standing easy.
-They are often middle-tier when it comes to price, making for a great balance between economy and quality.

Humanscale QuickStand Eco Standing Desk Converter

The Best Standing Desk Converters

Call it a desktop workstation, a sit-stand workstation, or a desktop riser, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ah, well, let’s step back from that a bit and just say that some of these products are on the rose spectrum while others may be closer to skunk cabbage. As a…

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WorkEZ Standing Desk

Uncaged Ergonomics WorkEZ Sit Stand Workstation Review

Review of the WorkEZ Sit Stand Workstation. By far the least expensive sit-stand riser we can recommend, WorkEZ's adjustable height trays are also portable.

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iMovR ZipLift Patriot Standing Desk Converte

iMovR ZipLift Patriot Standing Desk Converter Review

The ZipLift Patriot is a made-in-America standing desk converter by iMovR, based on the highly successful ZipLift+ design.

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best varidesk alternative

iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter Review

The ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter is extremely stable and rock steady. It has tremendous height range adjustability, with infinite stops.

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Ziplift+ HD stand up desk converter

iMovR ZipLift+ HD Stand Up Desk Converter Review

The ZipLift+ HD has three grommet holes for infinite monitor arm options and is rock-steady at the full 20"+ height extension.

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Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 36 Gen2 Standing Desk Converter Review

If you want a standing desk converter manufactured to the highest quality standards and with impressive features, the Eureka 36 Gen2 is a top contender. 

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Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter

Eureka 46 XL Standing Desk Converter Review

Looking for the largest standing desk converter around? The Eureka 46 XL is your choice, with its spacious 46″-wide work surface.

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Ergotron Workfit-T Desktop Riser

Ergotron Workfit-T Sit Stand Workstation Review

Ergotron's Workfit-T sit stand workstation installs in seconds flat and adjusts in height without compromising on office space or ergonomics.

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Varidesk Review

Vari Cube Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

The Vari Cube Corner 48 Sit Stand Workstation features a triangular design and is purpose-built for cubicles and other work settings.

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Varidesk Exec 48 Desktop Converter

Varidesk Exec Series Review

The Exec 48 is specially designed for taller users, solving the problem of inadequate height that's plagued Varidesk since day one.

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VariDesk Reviews

Vari Standing Desks and Converters

We've been reviewing Varidesk standing desk converters in more depth and longer than any other reviews site. Here we bring all the reviews together.

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StandUpDeskStore AirRise Plus

Stand Up Desk Store AirRise Plus Standing Desk Converter Review

The Stand Up Desk Store AirRise Plus Standing Desk Converter has a pneumatic Z-Lift design and unfortunately comes with some big flaws.

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Varidesk reviews

Varidesk Pro Plus Standing Desk Converter Review

This new model has more acceptable ergonomics, while an optional monitor arm provides more ergonomic viewing angles than the Varidesks of old.

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Vivo V000B Standing Desk Converter Review

The Vivo manual standing desk converter is solidly built and priced to move. However, it's so hard to adjust that you may end up with a sore back.

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