How to Sell a Used VARIDESK

August 6, 2020

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how to sell a used varidesk

We get this question all the time, for several reasons.

Most commonly, users find out the ergonomics of the Varidesk are junior league (despite the high price), and they want to upgrade to a more modern design in a standing desk converter. Almost as commonly, though, they’ve had enough of “converting” and are ready to upgrade to a full sit-stand desk.

So what’s the best way to recapture some of your investment in a $400+ Varidesk? Here are some great tips from our standing desk converter pros.

  1. Try eBay. The good news is there are a lot of Varidesks for sale on eBay. The bad news is there are a lot of Varidesks for sale on eBay. You might wonder why there are so many listed on eBay and none on Amazon. After all, you can usually find loads of sellers on Amazon for any popular product, and the buyer protection Amazon offers is one reason they’re crushing eBay. The reason is that Varidesk controls all its own listings on Amazon, and doesn’t have any dealers or resellers of any kind – they just sell direct. So they have no incentive to sell you a used one when they can sell you a new one at full price. We don’t know where they “dump” their returned inventory, but it isn’t through Amazon, that’s for sure.
  2. Try Offerup or Craigslist. Both have plenty of listings as well, so it’s the same good news, bad news story, but there are generally fewer on these platforms than on eBay. Of course there are also fewer buyers on these platforms.
  3. It’s a lot less hassle to sell locally rather than have to find a good box, pack up your Varidesk for safe transit, and pay the exorbitant UPS or FedEx shipping fees to send it off to your mystery buyer. You can skip all that and just give, selecting just your immediate surrounding neighborhood. The GOOD news here is that there are generally very few Varidesks for sale, and local buyers might be more trusting because they can come look at it in person and make sure it’s in good condition before plunking down their cash.
  4. You can quickly spend a fair amount of pocket change getting your for-sale listings noticed on eBay, Offer-up, et al, so if you’d really rather save the hassle consider giving your Varidesk away to some non-profit organization, like a school, a church, or The Good Will, and at least enjoy a tax deduction for whatever amount you decide it’s worth.
  5. Some standing desk makers offer “conquests bonuses,” just like the car dealers do. All you have to do is send them a photo of your Varidesk (or any competing model), or your original proof-of-purchase if you still have it handy, and you could get a discount on your replacement desk converter for up to as much as $35! iMovR offers a Conquest Bonus to ZipLift buyers, for example.

Bottom line: If you’ve already tried all the easy ways to sell it, or just don’t have the time and patience to even bother listing it online, try donating it for a tax deduction. And if you’re upgrading to a higher-quality standing desk see if you can at least earn a conquest bonus. The best strategy? Do both!


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