Corner Standing Desk Converter

Top Standing Desk Converters for Corner Spaces – Experts Review

Corner standing desk converters feature curved work surfaces designed to fit optimally on full-sized corner desks and l-desks. Their angled edges fit snugly in the back corner of your desk so you can maximize usable desk space, leaving plenty of room for your papers, devices, and other work accessories.

Looking for a full-sized corner standing desk or l-shaped standing desk instead, not a converter? See our round-ups of the best corner standing desks and best l-shaped standing desks.

The key benefits of buying a corner standing desk converter are:

  1. To optimize space on your corner desk or l-shaped desk.
  2. Deeper work surfaces. This is especially important if you have a large monitor or dual monitors. (Shallow work surfaces may keep you too close to your screen(s) for comfort.)
Humanscale QuickStand Eco Standing Desk Converter

The Best Standing Desk Converters

Call it a desktop workstation, a sit-stand workstation, or a desktop riser, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Ah, well, let’s step back from that a bit and just say that some of these products are on the rose spectrum while others may be closer to skunk cabbage. As a…

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Electric Kangaroo Desktop Riser

Electric Kangaroo Pro Desktop Riser

The strong Kangaroo Pro Desktop Riser has a heavy-duty motor with 150 lbs. lift capacity guarantees a standing workstation, no matter the workload.

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iMovR ZipLift Corner 42″ Stand Up Desk Converter Review

The key benefit of a corner stand up desk converter is to make use of space that would otherwise be underutilized, or not used at all. 

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Ergotron WorkFit Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Ergotron deviates from its traditional Z-Lift frame architecture to offer a highly-stable, spacious corner converter based on an X-Lift frame.

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Eureka 28” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Probably the best compact corner standing desk converter in the market. Robust build quality, top notch stability, and precision height adjustment.

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FlexiSpot Desktop Riser

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot Desktop Workstation is actually a series of four standing desk converters made by Chinese office fitness manufacturer Loctek.

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Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter

Versadesk Power Pro Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

Like its relative, the Versadesk Power Pro, the Power Pro Corner looks good from a glance but has issues that detract from the overall impression.

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Varidesk Review

Vari Cube Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

The Vari Cube Corner 48 Sit Stand Workstation features a triangular design and is purpose-built for cubicles and other work settings.

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MountIt Corner 48” Standing Desk Converter Review

It's very inexpensive, but we urge strong caution before purchasing a MountIt corner standing desk converter because it has a series of fatal flaws.

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VIVO Corner Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V000VC) Review

Attractive due to its low price point, the VIVO Corner Standing Desk Converter is a classic example of ‘you get what you pay for.'

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VIVO Electric Corner Standing Desk Converter Images

VIVO Electric Corner Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V000VCE) Review

A low-cost entry into the growing field of electric standing desk converters, the VIVO Electric Corner Desk Riser combines value and ease of adjustability.

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