iMovR Lander Executive Solid Wood Standing Desk Review

February 13, 2023
  • Lab tested

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imovr lander executive desk
The number of options for standing desks with built-in drawers is really expanding now, with some featuring full-frontage drawers like this Lander Executive.


Review Summary

If you’re looking for the most elegant and sophisticated standing desk available in the market today, you’ve found it. But be prepared to pay what it costs for this kind of quality workmanship and materials as this desk is made 100% of solid wood, and the most premium select cuts of wood at that. This is a truly bespoke product, with 6-8 weeks of artisan woodwork labor to produce it. Even the delivery experience is exceptional. The lifting base is the strongest we’ve ever seen on any standing desk at 540 lbs, as it needs to support the weight of three drawers, the full-length concealed electronics cabinet, and all the desktop equipment and drawer contents that an executive user might add to their desk. The full-length concealed electronics cabinet is a major innovation, as is the optional 1800W Executive Power Bus that goes in it. Like test driving a Bentley (which we actually did in preparation for this review), when we got to test out the very first Lander Executive units, we were blown away by all the little touches that make it a true luxury product.

MSRP / List Price


Street Price

Price ranges from $5,630 to $13,300 depending on size and species selected.


White Glove Delivery is built into the price. The desk is 100% factory pre-assembled and delivered by SEKO Freight. Drivers will unload the desk from the pallet, move it into the room of choice, and remove all packaging materials.


15 years on the lifting base, 5 years on the solid wood desktop

Lift Type

Dual precision motors, robotically-built Linak heavy-duty DL6 lifting columns with 540 lbs lift capacity

Transit Speed

1.0 inches per second


Advanced Linak “gesture paddle” controller with multicolor LCD display and Bluetooth connectivity for the iOS and Android smartphone apps, four programmable height presets

Colors Available

38 different stain and species combinations are available, see for color swatches or to order samples


Super select cuts of solid hardwood, select from eight species: maple, red oak, rustic walnut, select walnut, rustic cherry, select cherry, quarter-sawn white oak, or hickory.
The heavy-duty lifting columns are robotically manufactured in the USA by Linak. All other frame parts are made from heavy-gauge American steel.

Monitor Arm Mounting Options

Center cutout in the rear is specifically designed for monitor arms like iMovR’s EMMA electric arm (that can support up to 6 displays) or Ergotron Trace. While other monitor arms can work, ones with a straight up/down vertical adjustment will look more centered on this desk.

Adjustment Range

Height adjustment range is 24.5″–50.5″
6″ height extenders available for very tall individuals

Weight Capacity

Lifting columns are spec’d at 540 lbs, minus the weight of the desktop itself, which varies by size. Enough to handle any imaginable contents weight, even if adding up to six screens (or 150 lbs) with an iMovR EMMA electric monitor arm system.


All desks are 30″ deep.
Available widths are 59″, 65″, 71″, 77″, 83″, 89″, 95″
Optional Dual Grommet Holes: 3.15″ diameter, compatible with iMovR Rondo, Spectra, and Dyna grommet-mounted power modules
Center Drawer Interior Dimensions:
26.825″ × 16.55″ ×1.5″
Side Drawer Interior Dimensions:
59″ Desk: 10.56″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
65″ Desk: 12.56″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
71″ Desk: 14.56″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
77″ Desk: 16.06″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
83″ Desk: 19.06″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
89″ Desk: 22.06″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
95″ Desk: 25.56″ × 16.55″ × 4.95″
Rear Electronics Bay Dimensions:
59″ Desk: 56.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
65″ Desk: 62.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
71″ Desk: 68.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
77″ Desk: 74.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
83″ Desk: 80.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
89″ Desk: 86.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″
95″ Desk: 92.5″ × 7.5″ × 6″

Noise Level

Despite the very heavy solid wood desktop, the Lander Executive is as quiet as any other Lander desk, which are the quietest standing desks on the market today.

Connectivity Features

Bluetooth connects to iMovR’s Linak desk control app with health coach features

Product Weight

Weight depends on the size and species selected. Rough estimate is 250 lbs (on the pallet) for a 59″ desk, all the way up to 380 lbs for a 95″ Lander Executive. But don’t worry, white glove delivery to your room of choice is built into the price.

Power Consumption

Standby: 0.1W
Full-load: 200W

Typical Assembly Time

The desk arrives fully assembled. If the Executive Power Bus option is ordered then the user needs only to install the grommet-mounted desktop power modules (takes a minute, no tools needed).

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives It doesn't get any more luxurious than this. Not only is the Executive desktop made of 100% solid wood throughout, it is made with only the most select cuts of these beautiful and sustainable hardwood species. While it is rare to see any drawers built into a standing desk, the Executive has three of them: two deep side drawers and one wide center drawer. The completely concealed electronics cabinet runs the entire length of the back of the desk, hiding every single cable behind gorgeous door hatches. All these features allow the use of this desk as a proper executive desk - meaning that it's as elegant from the viewpoint of seated visitors as it is from the front when placed against a wall. The optional Executive Power Bus delivers 1800W of juice to all your computers, monitors and desktop devices through a variety of convenient power outlets inside and on top of the desk. The special cutout to accommodate an iMovR EMMA electric monitor arm (which can hold up to six displays) makes this desk as ideal for power users (e.g. stock traders) as for those who just use a simple laptop. The 540lb lifting columns are the strongest and quietest we've seen on any standing desk ever. The bundled white glove delivery service is a testament to the fact that iMovR knows what luxury purchasers really want in a customer experience. 100% made in the USA and backed by a 15-year warranty on the base and 5 years on the solid wood desktop.
Negatives The Lander Executive is the nicest standing desk in existence, with a tremendous amount of solid hardwood material and skilled artisan woodworker labor required to produce it. But as the adage goes, "if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford it." Having a center drawer also means there's no way to add an ergonomic keyboard tray, so that might compel some users to go with a more traditional simple solid wood desktop version of the Lander.

Bottom Line

The Lander Executive is, simply stated, the most bespoke standing desk ever created. The analogy to a Bentley is apropos. We've lab tested over a hundred standing desks over the years, including some of the nicest solid wood standing desks out there, and the Lander Executive stands far out ahead of the rest of the field in sophisticated luxury, technological features, and overall customer experience. This is a true luxury item, and the first true "executive desk" in the standing desk category, with the kind of built-in drawers and cabinetry that up until now you could only find in a fixed-height executive desk.

The Bentley of Sit-Stand Executive Desks

That’s a big claim for the iMovR Lander Solid Wood Executive Desk, so let’s back that up right up front. This exquisite desk is the very pinnacle of luxury executive desks in the standing desk category, bar none. We can say that with complete confidence because we’ve reviewed them in all in our comprehensive round-up of Executive Standing Desk Reviews. Plus, as you’ll read below, we even went out and test drove a Bentley just to compare the shopping experiences.

imovr lander executive desk
This is the first true executive standing desk we’ve seen in the sense of having so much built-in storage and cable-concealing cabinetry, and artisan handcrafted using 100% of super-select cuts of domestic and sustainable solid wood.

First, let’s define what exactly “executive desk” means, because a lot of furniture manufacturers take liberty with this term. For starters, it’s usually, but not always, a bit larger than the average desk. By design, an executive desk creates an air of professionalism and status. It’s larger size and detailed design touches give a feeling of importance, emphasized by having expansive built-in storage.

iMovR Captain's Desk
The Captain’s Desk is atypically smaller than other executive desks, designed for the laptop user who wants high design and a little storage, but doesn’t work with a lot of computer gear.

In general, an executive desk is sought out by those who need ample surface area and ample storage space, two things that the vast majority of standing desks lack. (Having said that, the exception proves the rule: with so many executives living as road warriors with a laptop these days, it can also be a more compact sit-stand desk with a lot of designer panache and some modest built-in storage, such as iMovR’s Baltic birch Captain’s Desk.)

Of course calling a height-adjustable desk an executive desk also implies a bigger price tag, usually starting at around $2,200 for the smallest ones, and going up to as much as $13,300 at the very largest and most luxurious. And so right there is the most immediate distinction from ordinary, less expensive standing desks: executive desks just about always feature elegant solid wood surfaces. In the case of the iMovR Lander Executive all the surfaces, built-in drawers and cable-concealing cabinetry are made entirely of artisan-handcrafted solid wood. For this desk, iMovR uses only the most select cuts of domestic, sustainable lumber, and honest materials.

bespoke standing desk
Working at a bespoke executive desk can be as transformative and empowering as wearing custom-tailored Savile Row suit.

Sure, we’re used to seeing these desks in corner offices or the “fish bowl” executive suite at the company offices, but increasingly we’re seeing them going into high end home offices, as well. Like donning a bespoke, hand-tailored Savile Row suit, sitting at such a luxurious desk is positively transformative. We’re not exaggerating when we say that working at a gorgeous desktop boosts your sense of confidence and wellbeing, and subtly changes the way you conduct yourself in meetings or on Zoom calls, and even how you carry yourself throughout the work day.

We’ve felt it ourselves every time we’ve had the pleasure of sitting at one of these executive standing desks, it’s really quite a remarkable sensation. A sensation we can all relate to whenever any of us have had the opportunity to put a tuxedo for a wedding or an amazing evening gown for a charity event. We can say without reservation that we’ve never stood or sat at any other standing desk that has exuded this sensation quite like the Lander Executive Desk does.

The Lander Executive Desk looks as good in the middle of the room as it does against a wall, with capacious cabinetry along the back of the desk to discretely hide all cables.

Whether you’re looking towards a more empowered version of yourself in your glass-walled executive suite office, or while working from home in your cashmere PJs with the fireplace crackling in the background, the Lander Executive Solid Wood Desk is going to elevate your mood more than any other solid wood standing desk out there.

Dedicated as we are to describing the full experience of buying a bespoke solid wood executive desk, we just had to take a test drive in a Bentley to compare it to.

Coincidentally, our new offices here in Bellevue, WA are located within walking distance of the Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Lotus, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Cadillac and even Tesla showrooms on NE 20th Street, all serving the nouveau riche of the vibrant tech community that surrounds us. (Around here, the more casually dressed a person shopping car dealerships is, the higher their net worth is likely to be, letting even us get the full experience of shopping like tech millionaires.) So, we’ve actually experienced what it’s like test driving a Bentley Bentayga, and learned all about what buying such a “bespoke” luxury product is like.

iMovR is known for their solid wood desks, including L-desks, but the new Executive Desk laps even further in luxury appointments and, of course, price.

While not a quarter-million dollar SUV, relative to the price of lesser standing desks, the Lander Executive is going to top the charts. In fact, there’s never been another standing desk in this price range outside of iMovR’s own solid wood L-desks and extra-large rectangular desks in the most premiums species selections they offer, which reach the bottom of the Executive Desk’s price tag. A new Lander Executive Desk will run you between $5,600 and $13,300, depending on the size and wood species you select. And you could easily add another $1K-$8K in décor-matching ergonomic accessories and furniture accessories, from desktop-accessed power modules or an iMovR EMMA electric monitor arm to solid wood file cabinets, credenzas, book cases and more. iMovR is constantly adding matching furniture accessory items to their Lander Solid Wood Collection. You can even get a matching Synapse sit-stand conference table in the exact same solid wood finish, if your office is large enough.

Configuring a Lander Executive Desk is a lot like customizing a bespoke luxury car. Everything from the size of the desk and choosing from a selection of 38 stunning species+stain finishes to configuring the optional 1800W Executive Power Bus system involves visualizing how it will fit your space, match with your décor, accommodate your computer equipment, and fit your unique work style. And then, once ordered, you will need to wait a bit, like a child anxiously looking forward to that new bike they’ve been promised for Xmas (if they behaved well). It takes 6-8 weeks for iMovR’s artisan furniture woodworkers in Michigan to hand craft your custom-ordered desk, using an exacting seven-step production process that is necessary for producing a thing of such unmatched beauty and perfection.

The end product is indeed an end product, meaning it is shipped to you fully assembled, with white glove delivery service to place it exactly where you want it in the room of your choice, just like having that new Bentley delivered straight to your garage by the dealership. Given that each desk weighs somewhere between 250 and 380 lbs with all those built-in solid wood drawers and cable cabinetry, this is a serious piece of furniture for which iMovR was wise to include inside delivery built into the price.

It Starts With A Real Design Team

Let’s be candid. At just about every other standing desk manufacturing company, new standing desk models are created by product managers who select a lifting base vendor and a fabricator of desktops, they marry the two together and call it good. The desktops may be rectangular or some other shape, and they may be made from any number of common desktop materials used on standing desks, but there are usually no actual furniture design professionals in the room. Often there are no ergonomists in the room either, so little thought is given to things like being able to mount monitor arms. This is one of several reasons why you don’t see a lot of high-end executive desks in the marketplace. While most manufacturers are in a race to the bottom to compete on price, the upper end of the market has, until relatively recently, had few really nice desk options to offer customers who are less budget sensitive.

The man behind the plan, iMovR’s lead furniture designer, Vincent Leman.

The executive desk category is in fact dominated by iMovR, which is the only one with a lead furniture designer on the team that collaborates closely with real engineers, and the most experienced standing desk product team in the industry. That lead furniture designer is Vincent Leman, who runs the 32,000 sq ft Benton Harbor, Michigan plant where iMovR makes all of its handcrafted solid wood desks. Prior to joining up with iMovR, Leman designed a few exotic pieces for Fully, like the Albright and the Evolve. While both of these desks are beautiful, they were clearly designed without the collaboration of ergonomists and have some practical limitations for all-day desk users. They’re also built on low-quality Jiecang lifting bases made in China, not the high-tech American-built Linak bases that iMovR exclusively uses in all their Lander desks.

According to iMovR’s folks and Leman himself, they spent more than two years prototyping the Lander Executive, which was originally code named the “Admiral’s Desk” when we first started hearing about it in 2020. Leman and iMovR’s team of engineers and ergonomists were charged with designing the first true executive desk, with the following parameters:

  • Use the most select cuts of sustainable, domestic lumber species, and the highest level of craftsmanship on every piece of wood in the desk; use no plywoods or veneer panels, just 100% solid wood
  • Include three drawers, mounted on the nicest soft-close slide rails available
  • Incorporate a spacious cabinet along the entire back edge of the desk for concealing all the cables and power supplies a high-power desk user might have; making sure the desk looks as nice against a wall as in the center of a room with guest chairs facing the user
  • Due to the massive weight of the desk, build a custom steel frame system inside of it for maximum stability, using the most powerful lifting base ever used on standing desk (with 540 lbs. lift capacity)
  • Integrate an optional, highly customizable Executive Power Bus system to support up to 1800W of computer equipment off a single power cord coming up the leg, with numerous desktop power module options, all UL-approved
  • Incorporate design features to optimize installation for iMovR’s EMMA electric monitor arm system
  • Factory pre-assemble the entire desk so it can be delivered inside the customer’s office with white glove delivery
  • Make the desk available in 59″, 65″, 71″, 77″, 83″, 89″ and 95″ widths

A Family Of Complementary Accessories

iMovR’s strategy behind this product line is to offer the same kind of executive suite office furniture that would ordinarily only be obtainable through an interior designer working with a custom furniture shop, and convert that to a fluid e-commerce experience—at a fourth of the price and four times the production speed—all centered around the height-adjustable desk. Indeed we’ve visited with some of these custom office furniture shops in the past; they make great stuff, but it’s pricey, takes forever, and the one thing they’re often not particularly good at is building the desk around a adequately-powered lifting base.

The Lander Executive Desk is one of the four cornerstones of iMovR’s Solid Wood Collection. The idea is to create a selection of matching solid wood furniture accessories to bring together an entire office in the same luxurious finishes, all centered around a height-adjustable executive desk, and including a variety of storage accessories such as the mobile file cabinet, credenza and fly deck shown below. More matching accessory pieces like bookcases, etageres and whiteboard cabinets are coming next year, we are told.

imovr solid wood furniture accessories

The four cornerstones of the Solid Wood Collection are the height-adjustable elements: the Lander Executive Desk we review here, the regular 2-legged Lander Desk in solid wood, the 3-legged Lander L-desk in solid wood (shown below), and the new Synapse meeting table in solid wood (coming January, 2023, shown below).

The Synapse sit-stand meeting table is supremely functional in the executive suite, as well, where they can be produced in the same finishes as the head honcho’s solid wood standing desk, file cabinets and other furniture accessories, to pull the whole room together.

iMovR’s EMMA Electric Monitor Arm system also plays a central role in the Executive Collection. It is the most sophisticated and capable monitor arm ever created, with the ability to lift up to six displays or 150 lbs of VESA-mounted devices.

Given that a lot of executives may be using two, three or more large monitors, or some very heavy panoramic monitors, iMovR designed a special cutout in the rear of the desk to neatly handle the oversized edge clamp and all the power and video cables that might come down from the EMMA. (If you don’t use a monitor arm of any kind the Executive comes with a trim piece to fill that hole.)

The EMMA electric monitor arm and the Lander Executive Desk were meant to go together like chateaubriand and a fine cabernet sauvignon. Every detail of their integrated use was considered in the design of both the desk and the monitor arm array.


lander executive desk with three monitor EMMA system
Rear view of the Lander Executive with triple display EMMA installation.

So with that backstory out of the way, let’s get on with the Lander Executive Desk’s details…

Expansive Frontage

Drawer Space in Lander Executive Desk

Substantive drawers are hard to find on solid wood standing desks, generally due to the fact that they add a lot of weight, especially once loaded with contents. Even the strongest of ordinary standing desks, like the regular iMovR Lander with 360 lbs of lift capacity, would have a challenge with some 200 lbs of wood, drawers full of papers, and a fully-loaded EMMA monitor arm (150 lbs of displays plus 55 lbs for the arm array). iMovR solved this problem by upgrading the base to Linak’s heavy-duty 540 lbs version of the DL6 lifting columns, which isn’t found on any other two-legged desk we’ve ever seen sold through e-commerce.

imovr lander executive desk review ⁣The Lander’s sleek gesture control paddle, with its hi-res color display and Bluetooth interface, is unobtrusively tucked back under the center drawer to let the gorgeousness of the solid wood surfaces steal the spotlight. 83″-wide Lander Executive Desk shown here with Fly Deck and 2-Door Credenza accent pieces.

Ample Stowage Below Deck

With such incredibly easy access, you could even run up to six monitors on an EMMA electric monitor arm and handle all your power and video cables with ease. The Executive was specifically designed to accommodate the EMMA’s large edge-clamp bracket and potentially heavy load of cables, to support anything from a single giant panoramic screen to one or two rows of dual or triple monitors. (Of course you can use other monitor arms with the Lander Executive but note that the edge clamp can only be center-mounted.)

If you don’t plan to use a monitor arm like an iMovR EMMA or an Ergotron Trace, and don’t need such a big cutout in the back, the desk actually comes with a trim piece that attaches to one of the hatch doors so that visitors don’t see too much of the insides of the cabinet. The top of the trim piece allows for some space for cable passthroughs and even some monitor mounts.

Boss Power

Dual 3.15″ (80mm) grommet holes are optional on the Executive. Like on all iMovR solid wood desks, these are completely finished to the same level as the desktop, and can either be used for cable passthrough or for installing any of several optional grommet-mounted power modules that deliver AC power plugs, USB ports and even Qi wireless charging pads to the top of the desk. Like the rest of the desk, these power modules are all top commercial-grade quality, made in the USA, and UL approved. All of these mount easily with just a giant lock nut underneath the desktop, no tools required. (Note that because there is no lip around the desktop you can’t mount edge-clamped power bars (or monitor arms) except where there’s a cutout in the center of the back edge of the Executive Desk.)

We’ve separately lab tested and reviewed the state-of-the-art iMovR Rondo, Dyna and Spectra grommet-mounted modules, all of which are available as options on the Executive Desk. But there’s a new nifty nuance to these. On any other iMovR desk you could simply plug the grommet-mounted power modules into a power strip held up in the cable tray, or run the cord down the leg to a wall outlet (these can normally be ordered with either a 6′ or 10′ cord). But with the Lander Executive Desk, there’s a new optional Executive Power Bus system that’s just wild. The Rondo, Dyna, and Spectra modules are all available with custom cords that precisely match the width of your desk to be as short as possible, and to plug into the special connectors inside the desk rather than the usual AC outlet. (Note that for the Rondo, the version that works with the Power Bus also has an extra AC power outlet underneath.)
The entire idea here is that a single, heavy gauge, and very long cord can bring up a whopping 1800 watts, powering the entire desk as well as everything in and on it. Add an optional iMovR Tucker Cable Chain and even that cord is completely hidden from view behind one of the lifting columns.
⁣The optional Executive Power Bus system is like nothing we’ve ever seen before on any desk, much less a standing desk. Custom wired for the customer’s choice of modules, it brings 1800W of power capacity into the concealed cabinet up through a single power cord. All UL tested and approved before being factory installed inside the desk.

This Power Bus system can be customized to provide from three to eight AC power outlets inside the rear storage compartment, as well as bring multiple AC power outlets, USB-A and/or USB-C ports, and even a Qi wireless charging pad conveniently to the desk surface. The grommet-mounted desktop power modules are all trimmed in black powder-coat finishes to match the black lifting base of the Executive, but if you really want other colors you can order the regular versions of these a la carte from iMovR’s site, and just use your own power cords inside the desk.

Speaking so much of grommets, check out our article on grommet holes, with everything you need to know about the different ways to use them to enhance your workstation, what to look for in your grommet holes, and where to find the desks with the best ones.

A key advantage of the Power Bus is that the cable lengths for all these devices are minimized, for a very neat and tidy arrangement inside the cabinet. All the componentry is manufactured in Michigan with custom lengths so that whether you purchase a 59″ wide desk or 95″ wide, the cables are customized to minimize any slack. The entire system is then tested and certified in a UL lab before being delivered to the wood fabrication team to install the system at the factory. While most standing desk users don’t think twice of daisy chaining power strips to get all the outlets they need for their computers and such, it’s technically a fire code violation to do that. If you’ve got the bucks for the Executive Desk you probably don’t want to leave out this pricey but extremely well thought out and fire-safe Executive Power Bus option.

We’ll be adding a video soon to show this entire system in action, it’s quite impressive.

Artisan-Handcrafted to Heirloom Quality

Handcrafted Finish

Just as with all their solid wood desks, each piece of wood used in the Executive’s massive desktop starts out by being shaped and pre-drilled on advanced, precision CNC equipment, and then hand-finished in a 7-step heirloom-quality process. No other real wood top you can buy for a standing desk is produced to such exacting quality standards. (It should be mentioned that iMovR sells all their solid wood desktops a la carte now from people who want to upgrade their existing desk; albeit the only way you can buy this Executive Desk top is as a complete system, for obvious reasons.)

Also, like all iMovR desktops, the top surface is ergo-contoured, with a ¾″-tangent round-over profile along the entire perimeter, for excellent comfort and wear resistance. Once shaped, the slabs receive multiple passes of hand sanding and staining. The tops are then finished with a GREENGUARD Certified sealant, both top and bottom, ensuring long life by reducing the effects of humidity changes on the wood. This formaldehyde-free finish protects the natural wood from moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and marring while being safe for workers and the environment (reduces exposure to formaldehyde and use of solvents for application and cleaning). For details about the low-VOC stains and sealants iMovR uses, or to find out about the zero-emissions upgrade, click here. See information on how to properly care for your solid wood desk here.

Select From 38 Elegant Wood Varieties

For the discerning customer looking for the very finest in modern standing desk furniture design, iMovR offers no less than 38 species+stain combinations. Made entirely in the USA from sustainable, domestically-grown species and honest materials, these tops are a testament to American quality craftsmanship. All iMovR’s manufacturing processes comply with the most stringent EPA standards, unlike many of the solid wood desks that come from Asia where environmental rules are more lax.

There are 5 tiers of species, each progressively more exclusive and expensive:

  • Tier I:  Red oak, with 8 stain options.
  • Tier IIMaple is iMovR’s most popular natural wood selection, with 10 different stain options. American cherry and hickory species are also offered in a total of 7 stain options.
  • Tier IIIWalnut is offered in three stain options and select cherry shows off the beautiful natural grain of the wood with fewer imperfections than the rustic cuts.
  • Tier IVPremium quartersawn white oak, coveted for its uniqueness and exceptional beauty.
  • Tier VUltra-premium select walnut tops mark the finest in elegant wood finishes.

See full-sized swatches of all the species+stain combos on iMovR’s site

Ultra Quiet, Ultra Powerful Lifting Base

The Lander Executive’s lifting base is robotically manufactured in the USA by Linak to the industry’s most precise tolerances, for many years of reliable operation. This is reflected in the 15-year made-in-USA warranty that covers all base components.

Amazingly, this desk has the same hushed sound signature of the regular Lander, known for being the quietest standing desk in the market. Linak accomplished this by putting in a tighter-pitch spindle in this heavy-duty version of the DL6 lifting columns, and slowing the transit speed down from 1.6 inches-per-second on regular Lander desks to 1.0 ips. With the gesture controller on the Lander Executive, however, a double-tap on the paddle sends the desk either up or down to the next favorite height programmed through the handset or using the smartphone app. So, by the time you’ve pushed your chair back and stood up, the desk will meet you at standing height without having to keep your hand on the handset.

At this time, the Lander Executive’s lifting base is only offered in black. Optional 6″ height extenders will raise the Executive to a maximum height of 56″, creating the most stable standing experience possible for very tall individuals. iMovR is still the only standing desk manufacturer in the industry that offers these leg extensions, which has befuddled us for years given how many individuals (especially executives) are significantly taller than the standard set by ANSI/BIFMA. Note that if ordered for the Executive, the customer will need to flip the desk over and install the extenders between the feet and the legs on their own; the extenders cannot be factory-installed due to the extensive custom packaging that has been developed to keep the Executive from being damaged in freight transit.

Bluetooth-Enabled Handset and Smartphone App

The Lander Executive comes outfitted with a height control gesture paddle that connects to a free smartphone app via Bluetooth. You can use the app to remotely raise your desk, set your favorite height positions, establish custom reminders to stand, and much more.

Height changes can be made manually with a simple upward or downward tap on the sleek paddle, with its high-res, multicolor display. A quick double-tap automatically raises or lowers the desk to your preferred height without having to hold it down with your finger.

All of the functionality of the paddle can also be used through the app, including setting and storing your favorite heights and health coach settings. The built-in health coach reminds you to change posture as often as you set your notification frequency and duration, unobtrusively through either the handset’s display or push notification to your phone, or both. Studies have shown a 117% increase in standing time just by virtue of having this gentle reminder feature built into your desk.

Premium Delivery Included

The Lander Executive is entirely pre-assembled in iMovR’s Michigan solid wood factory. With all that solid wood, it can weigh anywhere from 250 to 380 lbs on the shipping pallet, and is protected by a tremendous amount of custom CNC-cut packaging specific to the size of the desk you ordered. iMovR prudently built white glove delivery into the price. This desk would not be easy to safely move without some very strong friends helping you out, especially up stairs. The SEKO Freight drivers delivering the desk will bring it into the room you want it, set it upright, and remove all packaging debris on their way out. There’s even an app to track your delivery… the entire customer experience with the Lander Executive is just first class.

If you order the optional Executive Power Bus, you will need to spend just a couple of minutes installing whichever grommet-mounted desktop power modules you ordered (no tools required for this). These aren’t installed at the factory to avoid damage in shipping, since the desk is shipped upside down on the pallet. If you ordered the Tucker Cable Chain, you’ll also need to install that once you figure out the cable slack you need to reach the wall outlet. The magnetic plate that holds up the cable chain is already installed at the factory, making the installation process a breeze (there’s a great video guide for this, fast forward to 1:35 to see how the cable chain gets installed). Whatever you don’t use of the 12′ heavy-gauge power cord you can coil up inside the cable cabinet, completely concealed. If you find you need your cable coming up the other leg it’s easy to move the magnetic plate to the other side of the desk.

Warranty and Certifications

The superior quality and exceptional American craftsmanship is immediately evident on the Lander Executive Desk. The base components are robotically manufactured in Kentucky and the solid wood components are hand-crafted by highly-trained furniture artisans in Michigan. This unparalleled quality is backed by iMovR’s industry-leading 15-year warranty on all motors and electronics, and 5-year warranty on the solid wood parts.

The Lander desks already have the lowest field failure rate of any desk line we’ve ever tested, and the enhanced 540lb lifting brawn of the Linak columns and frame upgrades built into the Executive far exceed even their norm for premium standing desks. All of iMovR’s custom-made desks are built with ANSI/BIFMA-certified bases. The heavy-duty base on the Executive well exceeds this gold standard for commercial-grade office furniture. The BIFMA X5.5-2014 standard is relied upon by institutional and government furniture buyers to guarantee that the performance, reliability, and durability of the product meets the very highest standards.

The optional custom-configured Executive Power Bus is the only power delivery system we’ve ever seen for a standing desk that is UL certified for a single cord to come up to the desk with 1800W capacity.

The Takeaway

Test driving a Bentley is a breathtaking experience. Running your hands across the surfaces of a handcrafted luxury coach is part of the experience. And we just got to do that very same thing with this uncompromising executive standing desk. It is not just flawless in its precision production, it’s packed with design nuances that we’ve just never seen on any other standing desk.

If you have the purse for this kind of investment, there is simply no finer standing desk made anywhere in the world. And the ever-expanding collection of matching accessories mean you can really build out an astoundingly impressive office without needing to hire an interior designer to run a project. While it does take 6-8 weeks for a bespoke Executive Desk to come out of the factory, that’s a fraction of the time it usually takes to get furniture of this caliber custom made.

We thoroughly enjoyed the time we had to test the two Executive Desks you see in the photos here (an 83″ in Regent Cherry and smaller one in Natural Maple). If you ever get the chance to drop in on iMovR’s showroom you have to check out this phenomenal beast of a desk.

As is often the course for iMovR, we expect they might eventually release the same design in a 3D laminate finish, although that’s not something the company is currently working on, we are told. But they will monitor customer feedback and if there’s a demand for a much less pricey version not in solid wood, they’ll bring it to market.

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