Flexispot Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat Review

Flexispot is offering more high quality products. Their new Flexispot Ergonomic Office and Kitchen Not-Flat Anti-Fatigue Mat is a good bargain for anyone over 6 feet, or if you’re looking for a durable, thick mat with extra support.

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Flexispot Alcove Riser M7C

Flexispot M7C 35” Corner Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot M7C is a X-Lift (Single Lift) standing desk converter, which means its lift mechanism makes an X-shape as it raises, and it features a single lifting arm. Flexispot’s classic series is also an X-Lift design, but they are Dual Lifts, meaning they feature two lifting …

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Flexispot Compact Series 27″ / 32″ Review

Flexispot Compact Series (F3 Series) are two small-sized converters available in a wide assortment of colors, featuring a small quick release removable keyboard tray.

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FlexiSpot Desktop Riser

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Review

The Flexispot Desktop Workstation is actually a series of four standing desk converters made by Chinese office fitness manufacturer Loctek—the M1 (27"), M2 (35"), M3 (47") and M4 (41" Corner Cut). These converters offer extraordinary stability, work surface space, and value for t…

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