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NEAT Certification

What is NEAT Certification and Why Does it Matter for Office Fitness Furniture?

NEAT certification has an impressive body of research behind it. It regulates manufacturers’ claims and offers the consumer and the employer valuable insight into the proven versus marketed benefits of any given product. Each time the NEAT trademark appears on product packaging, …

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varidesk alternative

iMovR Cadence Express Standing Desk Converter Review

If you're looking for great adjustability and an aesthetically pleasing design, the Cadence Express does it all for a very competitive price. With a five year warranty and high-quality components it is built to last, unlike many of the products in this price range.

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HumanScale QuickStand Sit Stand Workstation

Humanscale QuickStand Sit Stand Workstation Review

In their debut entry into the fast-growing desktop riser category, the QuickStand oozes with Humanscale's trademark modern design aesthetic, making it the best choice for office environments that covet high architectural design. Form follows function with a very elegant internal …

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Standee Bamboo Standing Desk

Standee Bamboo Sit Stand Workstation Review

The Standee's low asking price may persuade those deterred by more expensive options to stand more at work. But without a height adjustment mechanism, Standee users risk different ergonomic maladies that can make their standing breaks uncomfortable and miserably short.

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