Jarvis Stand Up Desk Review

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Jarvis Stand Up Desk Review

The Jarvis Stand Up Desk is an exclusive standing desk offering sold by Portland-based Fully (fka ErgoDepot). Here's what we know about it.
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A private-label desk product offered only through a single ergonomics products retailer, the Jarvis is based on the most commonly used electric base on low- to mid-tier desks - the Chinese-made Jiecang base (albeit with some modifications to improve its stability). The tabletops offered with the Jarvis are standard fare high-pressure laminates in the usual sizes. But the base gets high review marks on Amazon from DIYers who use their own tabletops. Compares favorably against other bases like Uplift, S2S and Conset; for just slightly more you could get a higher-performing, stronger and quieter Uprise or iMovR Electra electric base.


Up to 12 business days to receive base and top.


7 Years on frame, electronics, and moving parts

Lift Type


Transit Speed

1.25" per second (This figure has not been verified in our labs)


Standard Up/Down switch stock
Digital Programmable Switch available as upcharge

Sizes Available

48" x 30"
60" x 30"
72" x 30"

Maximum Height


Weight Capacity

350 lbs.

Noise Level

60 dB


If you're looking for a low-cost electric base with decent stability and a strong warranty, the Jarvis is a modified Jiecang base that fits the bill nicely.


Tabletops are plain Jane HPL (high pressure laminate) lacking the ergo-contouring, durability and sleeker appearance of 3D-laminated or hardwood tops found on other desks we've reviewed. So far, we've been unable to test the manufacturer's claims of improved stability over standard Jiecang bases, which are normally not recommended for treadmill desk usage or for very tall standing desk users.

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The Jarvis offers a decent value for the customer who wants a good stand up desk without breaking the bank. It uses a customized version of a commonly-used Chinese adjustable-height base and offers some nice tabletop options. What you save on the base, you usually lose on the top and other options. Still, the Jarvis is not a bad choice. If you're willing to drop a little more coin, better options exist.

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The Jarvis Stand Up Desk

The Jarvis is a mid-tier electric, stand up desk sold exclusively by Portland, Oregon-based ergonomic products retailer Fully (formerly known as ErgoDepot). As such it is not a product sold by any other dealers; it is essentially a private label product.

Not being the product of a conventional desk manufacturer we wouldn’t normally expect to have this desk submitted to us for our lab testing and review process. However, because of its unique qualities we have had discussions with the vendor about performing a full lab review. The review below is “forensic” based on information gleaned from Fully’s website and some phone discussions. If the vendor decides to submit their product for review, you’ll see it here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss it or any of the other reviews and advice we publish.

What We Know About the Jarvis Standing Desk

What we can say about the Jarvis desk is that it is based on a very commonly used Jiecang electric base (made in China) and utilizes a no-frills conventional high-pressure laminated tabletop. For about the same money you can get a similar desk from Fully’s direct competitors (e.g. the HumanSolution Uplift 900 or Ergoprise S2S desk) – which are also based on the same Jiecang Chinese base – but the Jarvis does have several customized components that the company claims give it greater stability. For example, they’ve molded their own foot castings to add 4 lbs and a couple of inches of horizontal extension to the feet, lowering the center-of-gravity by 5 centimeters. Without testing side loads on the base in our laboratory we cannot verify this claim at this time, although it certainly sounds like an enhancement over the stock Jiecang product.

In discussions with several OEM customers of the Jiecang base over the past couple of years we have learned that it has gained a reputation for lateral instability at upper-end height settings, in-the-field failures, high noise signature, and overstatement of performance specifications. For example, all desk makers utilizing the Jiecang base parrot the manufacturer’s state 1.5″ per second lifting speed specification – which would put it in the mid-range as far as adjustable height desk performance goes – yet our lab testing of standard Jiecang lifting actuators used in all these desks found it to be a more slovenly 1.25″ per second. This puts the Jiecang base near the left end of the spectrum (only the Geekdesk is slower at 1.1″ per second), while its lift capacity, at 350 lbs., remains formidable. (You can read more about the importance of lift capacity in electric desks here.)

That said, the Jarvis has a good thing going for it in that it has been sold on Amazon for a long time, with nothing but 4-star and 5-star reviews from customers. Most of these, naturally, are going to be from standing desk users, not treadmill deskers – so that’s not necessarily an attestation to its suitability for treadmill desking, but it does support the notion that for a little more money than typical Jiecang products you’ll be getting a much better product supported by an organization well known for its marketing integrity and customer service. We must note, however, that Amazon user reviews for office fitness equipment are typically highly inflated.

For slightly more money you can find other desks with more advanced and higher quality desktop offerings (such as 3D-laminated or lacquered, e.g.), more built-in features, more color choices, longer warranties and factory-direct support. Manufacturers who compete in this tier of electric standing desks include iMovR, MultiTable, and GeekDesk, among others. Check out our reviews of the Omega EverestThermoDesk EliteThermoDesk Electra, Ergoprise UpriseModTable Mod-EGeekDesk and others.

User Reviews

Independently verified user reviews can be found on Amazon.

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  • Justin Valois
    March 13, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    I absolutely LOVE my 72″ Jarvis desk with bamboo top.
    I’m at it 9 hrs + per day.
    My floor is thick carpet. While it does move a little when I am moving around, it doesn’t bounce or jiggle as I would have expected when fully raised.

    All in, I think this is probably one of the best stand up desks on the market (in its price range)

    I give it 5 stars.

  • Steve H.
    June 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    My co-worker bought a Geek desk so I had that to compare against. I decided to buy my own “geek” desk so I did my research before I decided on one. I ended up buying the Jarvis 72″ desk with Oak top and black frame. I also got the programmable controls so i could set my favorite standing and sitting positions. I purchased two grommet holes in the back and the swivel pencil tray for underneath. The instructions could have been a little clearer with better graphics, but I assembled it first time without a hitch. I LOVE this desk. The table top is solid as a rock. The fit and form are great and the movement is smooth. The swivel pencil tray is plastic and at first impression, appeared to be cheap. However, it is very handy and holds what I need. I would get the tray again if I purchased another desk. The shipment comes in two deliveries from two locations but they both arrived within one day. All in all, I got a better desk than the Geek desk and it ended up being over $100 cheaper.

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