FlexiSpot Theodore Standing Desk Review

June 6, 2021
  • First Look

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FlexiSpot Theodore, a standing desk with drawers


Review Summary

The FlexiSpot Theodore is very specifically designed for the person who wants a drawer in their standing desk, and doesn’t intend to install any ergonomic accessories like a keyboard tray or monitor arm. It’s minimalist in performance specs, easy to assemble, and if it matches your traditional office decor, it may be one of the best values out there.

MSRP / List Price $499

Free shipping in the lower 48 states


Frame: 5 years
Desktop: 2 years
Electronics: 2 years

Sizes Available


Adjustment Range

Height range: 29.5”-49.2”

Weight Capacity

99 lbs


Desktop thickness: 4.5″
Drawer size: 21.8″x11″x2.6″

Typical Assembly Time

Once components are removed from the packaging, assembly time should be about 15 minutes. One tool (an Allen key) is included for attaching the lifting columns to the desktop and the feet to the lifting columns. No other tools are required. See assembly video

ANSI/BIFMA Certified


NEAT™ Certified by Mayo Clinic



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Ease of Assembly
Customer Experience
Quality and Aesthetics
Positives It has a built-in drawer with fairly generous proportions. You might like or dislike the appearance, but it's at least something unique and matches a more traditional decor. It's cheap. The three built-in USB ports will be very handy. The assembly process has only a few steps and should go very quickly.
Negatives Because the desktop is so thick it is decidedly not compatible with a keyboard tray or ergonomic monitor arm, so it's more ideal for laptop users and those who simply do not intend to have either a monitor arm or keyboard tray on their standing desk. There's only one size and color available. The 99-lbs weight capacity is on the lower end, but since it's intended for laptop users it's not a huge concern.

Bottom Line

There's a lot to like about this desk, starting with the looks (assuming they match your home office decor). It has a built-in drawer that's bigger than most add-on drawers and three built-in USB ports. It has an easy assembly. All of this comes at a low price. However, it's lacking flexibility. It only comes in one size and one color, plus you can't install a keyboard tray or monitor arm for proper ergonomics. If you like the unique features this desk offers and don't mind the drawbacks, this desk delivers a lot for the money.

This is a “first look” synopsis, as we just received the Theodore in our testing lab. A full review of the FlexiSpot Theodore is coming soon!

We have the FlexiSpot Theodore in our office and are looking forward to building it to test its stability and take a closer look at its quality.

FlexiSpot Theodore

We’re intrigued by many things about this desk. First, the appearance. Some might not like it, but others who have a traditional decor in their home office might love it. And you can’t deny it’s unique among standing desks. iMovR’s Captain’s Desk is the only other similarly-styled desk we’ve reviewed but that’s a piece of solid-wood designer furniture that’s in a very different price range.

The drawer is also cool because storage at a standing desk is difficult and its dimensions (21.8″x11″x2.6″) are a little bigger than basic add-on drawers. Coupled with 3 built-in USB ports, this desk has a surprising amount of user-friendliness.

Like our first look at FlexiSpot’s Comhar, we wish there was more than one desktop size and that the desk had a higher weight capacity. In a time when most big standing desk manufacturers are increasing their warranties, this warranty also comes up short.

There are also drawbacks ergonomically. The height adjustment range is narrow, and because the desktop its lowest position for sitting is 29.5″, too high for shorter individuals. You can’t install an ergonomic keyboard tray or monitor arm. It all comes down to what you’ll use this desk for and if you’re bothered by the negatives. If you’re not bothered, this desk is an amazing value at $499.

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