The Office Fitness Dead Pool

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The Office Fitness Dead Pool

The ‘Dead Pool’

So-called ‘dead pool’ lists are common in the tech industry, where companies launch and die at an exceptional rate. While most of the office fitness industry players are booming in growth along with the rising tide, a few have perished along the way. It is with no great pleasure that after many years following this industry from its nascency we have seen enough companies go out of business that we’re compelled to catalog them here in our own dead pool list for the office fitness industry.

It is our general practice to preserve all of our reviews for posterity, and these are no exception. We do this primarily to help former customers of these companies determine the status of the manufacturers in the event they go Googling for information on warranty service.

If you come across any of our products reviews where you believe the manufacturer is no longer in business please do leave us a comment below so that we can investigate its status.

Anthro Furniture (Ergotron)

Anthro Elevate II Stand Up Desk Review


Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk

Dr. McBabe’s Walking Desk Product Review



InMovement Elevate Desktop DT2 Standing Desk Review

InMovement Integrated Treadmill Desk Review


Signature Treadmill Desks

Signature Treadmill Desk Review



Stir Kinetic M1 Stand Up Desk Review



TreadDesk Treadmill Base Review



TrekDesk Treadmill Desk Review

TrekDesk II Review


Also Mentions

Companies that went out of business before we could finish reviewing their products include Actio Standing Desks.

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